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[07:49] Tim: Ok
[07:49] Tim: Nice to say hi
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Michael led the way out to the car. The front of his pants was bulging visibly; in anticipation of what was to come. Right behind was Gina who was caressing Michael’s tight ass, with one hand. Outside Michael put one arm around Gina’s tiny waist and the other around Rachael’s equally curvy waist. They stopped at the passenger side door and Michael kissed both of the girls before unlocking the car. Rachael’s lips were incredibly soft and sensual. Michael felt his cock rising again as Rachael probed his mouth with her tongue.

Gina and Rachael climbed into the backseat together while Michael went around to the driver’s side. By the time Michael got in and sat down Gina and Rachael were locked together in a passionate kiss. Their arms were around each other and they were oblivious to everything else. Michael had seen Gina kiss other women before, but this was more exciting than anything he had ever witnessed. He started the car, put it into gear, and was out of the parking lot and headed home just as fast as he dared. The passion in the back seat was urging him on. He wanted to be in on it too.

The moans from the back caused him to look in the rearview mirror. Rachael’s blouse was open and Gina was sucking Rachael’s puffy pink nipples. Rachael was obviously enjoying it as her head was tilted back and her eyes were closed. She had pulled Gina’s dress up and was fondling her sweet firm tushy. The next time Michael got a look he almost came in his pants and drove off the road. Gina was sucking Rachael’s cock. The scene lent new urgency for Michael to get home.

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Today we’re publishing the first part of another lovely story written by our reputable forum member Ila. I believe You’ll love it too and reading it will surely make you horny! Come back soon for the continuation of the story. 😉

Gina stepped from the shower and grabbed a towel. She quickly dried herself off and then turned towards the oversized bathroom mirror. She turned left and right examining herself with a critical eye. Gina was satisfied with what she saw. At a petite 5’ 4” and a featherweight 116 pounds her body was perfectly proportioned. Gina was pleased to notice that her 34B breasts were still firm with not even a hint of droop. She examined her sensitive nipples which Michael, her husband, loved to fondle, caress, and suckle.

Gina now faced the mirror and ran her hands across her smooth firm tummy. She could feel her underlying toned muscles that helped to shape and define her tiny waist that flared out to her elegant hips. Gina let her hands slide across her smooth, hairless, tight pussy; a pussy that Michael loved to tongue to ecstasy. She shivered in anticipation of feeling Michael’s eight inch long, thick, hard cock sliding in and out of her. That would be much later right now she had to finish getting dressed.

Before picking up her hairbrush, Gina gave her cute tushy a quick once over. It is still smooth, firm, and round with not even a hint of jiggle. It’s no wonder Michael adored her and her body. Gina started brushing her shoulder length, wavy, medium brown, silky hair that was shimmering in the light.

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Japanese ladyboy Maria showing her cockThe sexy Japanese ladyboy Maria looks amazing in her outfit. It’s a little black dress with a black and white coat over it and she is pure arousal. She is bound and determined to get you hard and she starts by bending over and letting us admire her big, soft ladyboy breasts. They are quite the sight to see and they look so soft and sexy as she fondles and caresses them. She has really sexy legs with nice thighs too so make sure you get a view of that.

After doing the bend over and tease thing this Japanese new half will sit and spread her legs. That allows us to look between them and see her sexy black and white panties. The design is so delicate and delicious that it will spark a fire of arousal in your brain that runs all the way down your spine to your cock. You’ll be thinking about what she’s hiding behind her panties too and she’s nice enough to give us a little ladyboy show later in the set. First she’s going to show her ladyboy tits though and those are really perky and pretty so it’s fun to watch.

Her nipples are hard because she’s aroused and her lips are pursed because she’s feeling pure arousal. She wants to fuck and she wants you to be the one to deliver the cock. She seems to get hard without even touching her ladyboy cock. That must be nice. Her dick is cute and sexy and would be so much fun to play with thanks to the perfect size. She is all about turning you on and she is so good at it.

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