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[07:49] LadyboyLover130: well its my bedtime... chat another time TIm
[07:49] Tim: Ok
[07:49] Tim: Nice to say hi
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Shemale Mov claims to be the biggest collection of shemale movies on the net, which is pretty bold. There are a lot of shemale sites out there and it would be hard to beat them all, but even if this isn’t the biggest one they definitely have tons of tranny porn inside.

Screenshot of the VIP area

I know that because I just finished watching the preview trailers they make available on the tour. They have 28 just sitting there waiting to be watched and waiting to turn you on. If you’re at all curious you’ve got to check them out. Get all chubbed up before you join and witness the wonder that is the member’s area.

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It looks like there’s some nasty news coming out about Propecia. This is largely unconfirmed but it’s fun to talk about so we’re going to push forward. Just keep in mind that it might all be bullshit. Word has come down through various sources that if a woman has Propecia (finasteride) in her blood system when she’s pregnant that the child may be born a hermaphrodite. That’s one hell of a genetic anomaly and it seems like if there’s any risk of this you should really keep off that shit when you’re trying to get your wife pregnant. Apparently you can transfer some of the drug to her through your semen.

I know what some of you are thinking: what a great way to create an army of sexual performers. However, hermaphrodites may be nearly as sexy as you might imagine. Generally one of the sexual organs is hidden or severely underdeveloped, which leads to a lot of confusion and very little sexiness. Nevertheless it’s fun to pretend that we might suddenly have an army of shemales on our hands. How great would that be? A little Propecia in the vagina and suddenly you’re giving birth to the future shemale pornstars of the world. We can dream, can’t we?

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Lovely shemale Camila sliding a finger into her buttThere’s nothing quite like skinny dipping, whether you’re the one taking a dip or if you’re merely in the audience watching with baited breath. In this case we’re the audience members and we’re watching as this lovely Latina tranny Camila Sampaio (it goes without saying that this sweetie has a good chance for becoming one of my favourite tgurls) slides down the ladder and lets the water envelope her body. While she’s in there it’s hard to tell that she has a cock, but that all changes when she steps out and relaxes by the side of the pool.

First off, she starts stroking that cute tranny cock of hers and it starts growing for us. She knows we’re watching and it turns her on. Before she gets fully hard the beautiful t-girl takes a finger and slides it right into her cute shemale butt. The camera zooms in tight on that one and with good cause because it’s wicked hot. What’s better than watching a hottie finger herself? I guess watching her cock grow to full length could be better. Visit her at Latina Tranny and find out which you like best.

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Another little hot story from our forum. A guy who goes by nick Stephen54 writes about his very first experience with a hot CD, getting and giving his first blowjob and having anal sex for the first time.

Hello. Was wondering what peoples first time experience was?

Mine was back in the 70’s, dropped out and was travelling around Europe with a friend. Funnily enough the night before I had that first experience we had got drunk and during the night my mate tried to grope me, I was having none of it and slept outside,next morning lots of embarrasment and we forgot about the incident.

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Ladyboy Soft Candy Boobs exposing her hard cockThe first thing you do is visit the ladyboy’s webcam information page to see what she looks like and what she says about herself. This girl’s name is Soft Candy Boobs and she definitely has great tits. They’re big but not overly large and they look soft, as she says they will. There are a few hot pictures on the page as well as plenty of information about the beautiful ladyboy. She’s 21 and her fetishes include anal penetration, lingerie and stockings, smoking and slaves. Sounds like it should be a fun webcam show (as usual, you can watch the fragment of it here before actually getting to talk with the girl via her cam).

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A guy from our forum that goes by nick BallsDeepInAss shares his first experience with a tgirl. Good for him for finally putting his cock balls deep in shemale ass!

I recently had my first shemale experience. I met her on an online dating service, she was waiting for me at the door in a seethru dress. I entered her house and we quickly got down to rubbing and kissing each other.

I reached down and rubbed her already swollen cock and balls, she groaned and I could tell she really wanted me to do something with it….. I grabbed her panties and pulled them down exposing her erect cock (5in or so). I leaned down and sucked the head into my mouth, my first time ever to suck a cock and it tasted and felt good. We got on the bed and I continued to suck her, while she moaned and groaned really loudly and pulled my head into her balls. Then she wanted to suck me, so she deep throated my cock and licked it all over…..if felt damn nice. After a bit of this sucking etc, we both decided she needed my cock in her ass!!!

She lay on her back and spread wide her legs and ass. I pushed my hard cock up her and we fucked hard, until she wanted to flip over into doggystyle where we fucked until I came deep up her ass. It was a great experience and one I can’t wait to repeat……

my first taste of cock and it felt good….perhaps next time I’ll suck her till she comes….

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Laisa Lins from Shemale Club in soccer outfitHave you ever met a transsexual soccer star? Well, you’re not going to meet one today but you will meet a transsexual hottie Laisa Lins from Shemale Club dressed in a soccer outfit. There’s something about chicks in athletic outfits that I’ve always found sexy and this babe is no exception. I love the soft satin look of the material and it looks pretty great on her sensual frame. She doesn’t keep her uniform on for long; instead she pulls up the top and shows off her shemale tits, which are beautiful looking.

She also whips out her famous carrot shaped dick and it’s the perfect size for fucking. It’s not too big so it’s not going to split you open when she fucks your ass, but it’s also not so small that you’re not going to feel it. It’s just right and if you ever meet this sweet babe she will happily pound your backside with her shemale dong and give you a big load in your ass. Of course, she’s a super sexy tranny slut so she’ll let you fuck her ass as well. She even shows off her booty, shaking it at the camera while she cups her balls. C’mon over and visit this hottie at Shemale Club.

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This horny story was posted at our forum by a guy named Capablanca who seems to have finally admitted he prefers playing with shemale cocks over playing chess. 😉

I have already described my first encounter with a shemale – an amazing experience. One thing I’ve been looking for since that first experience is a shemale who would cum in my mouth. Now one might think that this wouldn’t be too hard to find, but in fact it is a bit difficult. First of all, the only shemales I’ve been with have all been escorts (I’ve seen five different ones so far, all in Toronto). I’ll mention by the way that I really wish I’d gotten into escorts when I was younger -I’m well over 40 now, and I don’t think I could get a shemale for free to save my life. Sad, but true. Anyways, escorts don’t like to orgasm with a customer until their last of the night – they have to keep themselves a state of arousal through the evening. And I’m not a late-night person. So when you add all this together, I was having no luck at all in my ambition – until this Saturday.

I was allegedly at the office working – in fact, I did come in and do some work. But I foolishly logged on to the web, and surfed through the Red Zone, Eros and so on, looking at various shemales. The urge hit me, and in no time I was on my cell phone, looking to see who was available. I made an appoint with A___ (I won’t give her name here). And off I went to downtown Toronto for some fun.

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Another work of art of a shemale lover. Props for this wonderful romantic story go to our forum member Ila.

It’s a cold, windy, and snowy evening. My lady and I are in the bathtub together. The water is still very warm and the scent of bubble bath still lingers in the air. I have just bathed her and now I am shaving her legs. She loves the attention I pay to gently washing her and at the same time massaging away her aches. The bath has relaxed her and as I finish her legs she leans over and kisses me in anticipation of what is to come.

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Ladyboys take turns sucking each others titsIf you’ve ever wondered what’s better than one ladyboy I have your answer: two ladyboys! In this fine gallery provided by Ladyboy-Ladyboy we have the perfect sexual combination. At first they’re both wearing bikinis and it appears as though two beautiful girls are going to have a hot lesbian experience. They passionately kiss each other, their hands roam all over and they take turns sucking each other’s tits. It’s not until their dicks emerge from their bikini bottoms that you begin to get a sense of what’s really going on.

These ladyboys are going to fuck each other and we’re going to watch. Imagine how fabulous it would to have a bedside seat in this hotel room. You could watch these sweet girls go at it, and if you were lucky they’d invite you to join the fun and see what it’s like to experience a tight ladyboy asshole. Watching from the comfort of your home is pretty good too, especially when the photography is so high quality. The shots of anal and oral penetration are beyond awesome. There’s a ton more at Ladyboy-Ladyboy if you’re interested.

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