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[07:49] LadyboyLover130: well its my bedtime... chat another time TIm
[07:49] Tim: Ok
[07:49] Tim: Nice to say hi
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Black shemale - male couple in 69 oral sex actionHow is it to you to see a beautiful voluptuous black shemale? Are you in a mood for some dark chocolate tonight? Then I’m sure as hell you’re going to love this hot scene with a black shemale and a black guy sucking on each other’s cocks. The tranny definitely loves to suck cocks, just look at her in that picture where she gobbles balls of this lucky guy. These big juicy lips would make balls of any guy happy, and it turns me on so much to see her sucking on his nutsack as if it was mine.

There is no anal scene in this picture set, so when she’s done sucking him off, the black dude decides to reciprocate and takes her big black hairy shemale cock in his mouth, making it an exciting 69 blowjob action. There’s something in it to see big ebony dude gagging on a cock of a shemale that you just can’t help but start stroking your own dick. See more black shemale chicks from Black Tgirls and I know you will have just as hot a time with them as I did.

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I couldn’t fall asleep tonight and was just sitting before my PC reading news. This one made me burst out laughing. When the students of the University of Washington opened a time capsule that was sealed 50 years ago, among other things, such as newspapers and audio tapes a surprise was discovered – 1980s porn, dirty underwear and a condom.

All these 50 years the capsule was stored inside an interior wall of a building, so it’s very interesting how they managed to add those nasty things. Only hope it was shemale porn, LOL!

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My previous poll was a great success, and with over 700 people having voted on it so far, it’s evident that the most desirable places on a shemale body that you would like to stain are her ass, mouth, cock, face and tits. Now answer the reverse question. What about yourself? Imagine, she pounds your ass real hard and you’re already feeling that glorious moment is imminent. She yells “I’m cumming” and her swollen cock starts blasting thick loads of wad. Where do you want her to cum?

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Fan sign of Jamie CoxxOf course You all know Jamie Coxx, that 20-something years old transgender and fetishist from Dallas. I got in touch with her and she was so much impressed with my site that she gave me a fan sign. And, hopefully, she’ll share some pictures of hers to post here. Envy me! LOL! and keep in touch 😉

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Wild shemale fucker on camIf you’re feeling horny, You should check out a webcam of TS Foxy Fucker, this shemale is one of a kind and a little wild if you ask me. She is thin, with long black hair, very pretty. I like ’em wild, but this tgirl takes the cake. This chick on webcam is a seasoned professional. She leaves nothing to the imagination and loves to play with her tits, balls, and average sized dick. Her shemale dick looks very nice on a webcam, and it’s certainly one of a kind that would give you much pleasure being stuffed in your mouth!

She likes to fuck and amazingly she likes to play out these little fantasies. We worked out a little fantasy I’ll tell you about. We set up the scene of me jogging in the park, she was patiently waiting on her prey positioned on the park bench. As I jogged by our eyes met and my life changed forever. While performing for me on the web-cam she did everything I asked and even more. When I was at a loss of words, well you can guess why, she knew exactly what to do. It made me even hotter and we ended up cuming together. Hot, I can cum the same time as my chick.

She doesn’t mind at all, what ever you want, you get. All you have to do is ask. Her face is sweet, titties are perfectly round, gorgeous body and even better personality.

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Ladyboy Paulas paintingI have seen many ladyboy sites, good and crappy, but this one definitely blew my mind. It’s about ladyboys, but not posing or having sex, it’s about them painting images. What’s so special about it one may ask? Nah, they are enema paintings.

I didn’t believe it until i saw the video demonstrating the whole process. A ladyboy fills her anus with watercolor and then creates a work of art with a stream squirting our from her asshole. Quite creative, isn’t it? Unfortunately they’re having problems with drying, since enema paint is difficult to dry witout cracking. So the pictures are not available to public. And the blog itself hasn’t been updated for a while, but i think the idea is brilliant and is worth looking at.

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Being a girl and only fucking me, I wondered what it was like to be with another girl. I am attracted to girls but the problem is that I really like the way that a cock makes me feel, especially when it fills my pussy with cum! The bigger the better! While sharing this dilemma with a friend she suggested I try out a shemale. A what? A shemale, a chick with a dick. Where do you find a shemale? Look on the internet, there are hundreds right here in our town.
Read the full post…

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Post-op asian shemale with lovely body and tight pussyThis asian shemale from AsianTS was just meant to be a girl, there is nothing in her look that even remotely resembles a man. Dark hair, long legs, firm breats, sweet asian face, petite body, this shemale is all perfect. To bad she chose to get rid of her dick but her brand new pussy looks nice too and I believe what has stayed in place is her sex drive of a shemale.

Of course, this post-op asian shemale can’t give you assfucking or fuck your mouth, but what she’s really good at is giving blowjob. And, being experienced at that, this would be a blowjob of your whole lifetime. She would suck on your swollen manhood, licking and gobbling your knob until you shot a load of your sticky goo down her throat, then she’d turn over and let you deep fuck her asian pussy too. Yes, she’s not a 100% shemale in terms of having a cock, but i’m sure as hell she’d give you an incredible fucking and leave you pleading for more!

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Asian shemale Nikki and her first Brazilian TSAs You know, ladyboy star NikkiTSFun and her husband are in Brazil now, shooting new sets with Brazilian tgirls for their site. And, i must add, they’re doing nice job, only on April 14-th there were 5 new sets added. Now here is a great way to never miss anything that Nikki does for years to come! Here’s the message that Nikki posted for her site’s members:

Life Time Memberships

It’s simple…we spent all of the money we have made from the site to get down and set up in Sao Paulo, Brazil …I have enough for 10 shoots…but want to shoot as many as I can…and am asking for your help… The cost to shoot a scene with a Brazilian Tgirl or Girl is $300 US Dollars. If you would be interested in Sponsoring a shoot we will give you “Life Time” membership to our site.

If interested, You can contact us at or Yahoo Messenger: Nikkitsfun

If you like what Nikki does and want to see more hot pictures with her, you may want to get in touch with her and Mike, and maybe you can work something out together.

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A great post by TLover about his passion for hot fat cock of Sasha Davidson. The only question I naturally had on top of my mind after reading this was, who is that Davidson? I never heard of her before. Enjoy reading!

I don’t fancy men, but i love the idea of being seduced and dominated by a rampent, sex mad beautiful shemale, with long dark hair, pert little tits, slim slender tight body, sexy tight curvy ass, big kiss lips and that extra somethig no other girls can match, a big fat juicy cock between her legs, for me to suck on. That must be heaven.

I think i’m in love with Sasha Davidson, she’s almost the perfect woman, she can rape my arse, and spunk in my mouth every night, shes fantastic with her beauitul looks, tight little body and tits and perfect fat bendy big rock hard cock and tight spunk filled balls. I have some great fantasies about her.

Would like to read others fantasies, and what do you think of wonderful Sasha. ho! Fuck me sash, fill my arse with your hot fat cock and creamy hot spunk, i need you bad.

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