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The 6-th Miss International Queen 2010 beauty pageant’s winners were announced yesterday in Pattaya, Thailand. Out of 23 contestants from 15 different countries, the first 3 prizes went to Mini (Korea), Ami Takeuchi (Japan) and Stasha Sanchez (USA).

Miss International Queen. Ami Takeuchi from JapanMiss International Queen 2010. The contestants

Miss International Queen 2010. The 1-st runner, Ms Mini from KoreaMiss International Queen 2010. Ms Mini's tears of disappointment

Miss International Queen 2010. Crowning the winnerMiss International Queen 2010. Stasha Sanchez, the 3-rd runner from the US

My friend who attended the Miss International Queen show and who took these pictures, wrote the following to me:

the contestant from Korea was clearly the most beautiful one, however most of the spectators applauded to the ladyboy from Thailand.
This was a big surprise to Ms Mini and even made her burst into tears.
Although it was clear she was going to win.
A ladyboy from Japan won the 1-st prize last year and of course they were not going to make it again.
The ladyboy from Thailand was weak.
But the Korean was just right.
And, of course, the black shemale was really exotic, and got her well-earned 3-rd prize.

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Saturday November 20, 2010 is the Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDoR). The TDoR originated from the November 28, 1998 murder of Rita Hester. Please take a few minutes this November 20th to remember the transwomen and transmen who were killed due to anti-transgender hatred or prejudice.

For more information please visit these sites:

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Somjit Songjaeng (42), a Thai ladyboy, is to marry two of her boyfriends at once on November 13-th. She has lived with her 1-st boyfriend for over 6 years, and met her second boyfriend just one year ago. All three decided they could all get married live happily together. The bride expects both boys to attain a prosperous life and the first step for them would be to get a higher education.

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Ladyboy Crush getting penetratedThe long-haired ladyboy Crush from Extreme Ladyboys wears a short and sexy denim skirt and a tank top as she starts her arousing bedroom gallery. There’s a man waiting off camera and she’s trying to turn him on while she does her picture gallery for you. Her lips are particularly hot since she spread red lipstick all over them. Don’t they make you want to whip it out and stuff her face? As you would expect her gallery is a striptease where she brings out her perky, sizable ladyboy tits and teases with the lump in her panties but never quite lets you see it until the end.

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