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[07:49] LadyboyLover130: well its my bedtime... chat another time TIm
[07:49] Tim: Ok
[07:49] Tim: Nice to say hi
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Two asian ladyboys kissing and stroking cocksToday you get to watch some hardcore ladyboy action presented by good old Ladyboy-Ladyboy site. Take your seat over there in the corner and keep your eyes on the two ladyboys on the bed. They’re going to perform for you and it’s going to be beautiful. Both girls have exceptional bodies and they want to show them off, to let you observe them as they make sweet love. One babe has gone the plastic surgery route and her tits are huge and round. The other is all natural with practically no tits at all. That way you get to enjoy whichever look you prefer. Their main goal is to make sure that you’re happy at all times.

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There was a very unusual comment that i received to an earlier post about ladyboy Areeya performing on a webcam. It was obviously written by another webcam ladyboy who called herself Anita (and i was surprised that she spoke good English) but unfortunately there was no information about how to reach her. No webcam nick name, no yahoo or msn address, nothing. Anita, if you’re reading this, please leave your contact details as i’m sure there will be many guys who want to have a cam chat with you šŸ˜‰

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Police Ladyboy Noon in a sexy provoking uniformDo you like ladyboys in lovely police uniform? If so I think this gallery is a good place to bust a nut. The beautiful ladyboy Noon is wearing high heels, a police cap, a naughty short black skirt and a matching pair of panties. Those little lacy undies couldn’t hope to contain her baton though and removing her top is enough to get her hard so soon enough her ladyboy cock is trying to break free. Is she going to let it out? Will she play with it for our pleasure?

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The masturbation tips that i published almost 3 years ago have always been a very popular read with over 300 responses to them as of now. I equally, if not more, enjoyed reading all the comments of our visitors, however what our reader Kenny have recently posted deserves to be published as a separate article. Thank you Kenny for such a thoughtful and thorough insight into ways to masturbate šŸ˜‰

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Webcam ladyboy eating her cumHer name is Luscious Kim and she’s easily one of the prettiest ladyboy webcam hosts I’ve ever seen. You can find her on LiveJasmin and a show with her is going to be a fantastic experience guaranteed. She’s a totally hot webcam ladyboy and she knows how to put on a show too. If you like a nice pair of natural tits hers are fantastic and after a little bit of teasing she shows them off in this sexy webcam show. They’re so perky and cute and you know they would be fun to suck on.

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The lovely and talented shemale Kalena Rios is the star of this amazing video from ShemaleMov (in a few moments you’ll see what is so amazing about it)! She gets the party going with a great blowjob for her lover. She knows how to use those shemale lips to suck a guy to a full erection and he can’t believe how hard he gets in that warm mouth. He’s thinking about how it’s going to feel to get fucked by her and fuck her and he’s just thrilled to have a shot at hooking up with this gorgeous gal.

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Black shemale star Jade getting her cock sucked by her bf SteveSeveral days ago I posted a video of a black shemale Jade fucking her buddy and promised to throw in a picture gallery with the beginning of that episode. Of course, You’ve all been good boys and girls, so here’s your reward. Enjoy watching.

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I was taking a shower today when i had this funny idea for a poll. Assuming you are male, you pee standing up and you don’t hold your member while peeing (like in a shower), which direction does your pee go?


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