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[07:49] LadyboyLover130: well its my bedtime... chat another time TIm
[07:49] Tim: Ok
[07:49] Tim: Nice to say hi
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Shemale on a webcam sucking her own cockThis tranny can do what many men can only dream about. She can suck her own 12-inch cock on a webcam! She’s very well endowed, and her dick is indeed tremendous! Just look at what this shemale can do! Remember ladyboy Mint who can suck her own dick? This shemale can do exactly the same on a webcam! Yes, she wanks off and sucks her own huge cock!!

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Talk to this hot girl with a huge dick!

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A lot of guys will say “no man, i’d never suck my own dick!” but they openly jack off. What would the reason be not to suck your own dick, aside from it being dirty or diseased? I mean, if you jerk it you certainly feel your dick is clean enough to grab with an open hand. And you certainly would accept a blowjob from your partner, so you feel it’s clean enough to be sucked, so what is the difference?

Those guys are going to save face because they’re afraid people will think they’re gay. But in fact, the only difference between jerking off and sucking your own dick, is your using your mouth instead of your hand.

What do you think guys?
If you wonder how it looks like, you can always see ladyboy Mint who can suck her dick! It surely looks hot!

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shemale has sex on a carHave you ever dreamed of having a car sex with a tranny? Like when you two are kissing on a back seat of a car and then you put your hand on her lap and move it upwards until you find something big, burning hot, hard and pulsing in her panties. Woudn’t you want to experience this?

Some guy hired a sexy swarthy girl to wash his luxury red car. However she was better off sunbathing and rolling on his car topless. 😉 Not wonder when a guy saw this, he found a better use for her than carwashing. Like, sex! He fucked her in the ass while she was laying on a hood of his car!

I loved this gallery. The quality of the pictures is far from perfect, but they are obviously taken from the movie, which is also available for the members. Become a member of Shemale Mov and see this set in full motion, as well as lots of other shemale sex DVDs.

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cute asian wild fuck shemale on a webcamThis new asian webcam model calls herself Wild Fuck Shemale. And although she might not be very experienced, she delivers what he promises – some hot wild fuck!

Sweet as a strawberry, hot like Hawaii sun! She was so sexy and cute and even had her friends join in during the show. They did so hot things that i was spurting goo like crazy. Unforgettable webcam show! Your dick will thank you for talking to this hottie! Do yourself a favor by chatting with WildFuckShemale!

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Fat ShemaleToday America celebrates Thanksgiving. I wish You, my readers, all the best and have a special shemale turkey for You! Just look at that fattie i have found at Black TGirls (i wonder how she appeared there, she doesn’t look too black.. hehe). I know there are guys who love big fat women (so called BBW), so there also most be ones who love big fat shemales (is it BBS?).

Anyway, this gallery will either turn you on or give you a good laugh. Watch her posing and jerking off! I am not a big fan of round belly and lard ass, but it would be fun riding this hottie 😉

Happy thanksgiving guys and gals.
Have a nice one!

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A guy who wants a shemale to fuck his wife wrote his true life story. I’m always glad to see my readers sharing their fantasies, so i’m publishing it so you could read it too.

I’m a married guy and I’ve had this fantasy of a shemale fucking my wife for quite some time! She is a very attractive lady. She has been hesitant in the past to try new, kinky things, however, lately, she has begun to get into what initially was my self-imposed chastity. However, she quickly shoots down any attempts at my trying to bring up her having sex with real tranny

I’m just looking for suggestions, because i know that she would be much happier if she had a real tranny with a huge she-cock, pleasing her. And I know I’d be in heaven serving the both of them, sucking her big shemale cock and cleaning my wife’s pussy after she creampies her.

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I wonder if many readers of my blog are actually happy husbands dreaming of something more than their wives can offer them 😉

Please vote on my poll, that would be an interesting statistics.

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It’s hard to beat an offer when the price is good, isn’t it? What if someone is offering you something for free? Like, how about getting one week access to a leading Asian transsexuals erotic site for free?

The poll i held at my side has shown that only about 17% of surfers are ready to pay for access to erotic sites. Millions of people hit the web each day in a search for free erotic galleries. Countless times I’ve been asked to give out free passwords to paysites i write about.

Here’s the chance for those who are yet reluctant to pay for adult entertainment online to get SOMETHING for NOTHING. I don’t know what’s driving these guys at Ladyboy 69, but they announced another promo. They’re offering free one week access to their premium paysite to anyone who can make a fan sign of themselves and send it to them.

Simply send them your photo incorporating the site name, “LB-69.COM” in an interesting or unusual setting and you could win a week’s access to the LB-69 paysite. To participate, write the name “LB-69.COM” on a piece of paper, and find an interesting backdrop for the photo.

I am sure this mad promo won’t last for long (in private chat the representative of a paysite told me they’ll shut it down without notice when they have enough fansigns sent to them). So, if you have wanted to get free access to lb-69 for a long time or are just curious what this is all about, TAKE YOUR CHANCE!

Anxious to get your free password? Click here to read their original post at LB-69 forum and find out where you shall send pictures to.

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Our reader, Monk, shared his experience about giving a blowjob to a shemale for the first time. It’s surely a fascinating read!

I’ve been fantasizing about a shemale cock for a long time. Get me right, I am a straight man and all, but somehow the idea of sucking a girl’s dick always turned me on. I’m not a big fan of anal sex and I don’t think I’d love someone’s cock in my ass, I’d rather prefer to give shemale a blowjob.

So I put an ad in a local newspaper and got several replies. One of them was from a tgirl who called herself Kelly, she was very feminine looking on a photo, so I called her and set up a date.

Read the full post…

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Shemale Fabyana dildoing with huge dildoIt’s amazing what shemale Fabyana is doing with her dildos! She has one hell of a slutty ass, in fact she misses a stunt cock so much that she stretches her anus with huge, even enormous dildos!

She slids her little fingers between her ass cheecks ans starts rubbing her hole delicately. Gradually she gets more and more horny, finally she gets a fat white dildo and starts sucking and licking it all over passionately. It’s incredible how such huge dongs can fit in her ass. See the size of a device she holds in her hand, she can’t even embrace this monster with her fingers!

What i loved the most is the look of two dildos in her ass… How I wish i could take one of them out and shove my cock it. It’s unbelievable what those ladies from Ass Toyed Shemales are capable of! Enjoy it!

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