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[07:49] Tim: Ok
[07:49] Tim: Nice to say hi
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Mandy sucking on guy's cock with his wifeA young couple is watching television when tgirl Mandy Mitchell shows up with a box of Girl Scout cookies. She wants to sell them some tasty treats, or at least that’s how it seems. What she’s really interested in is playing with the hot couple. She wants to fondle the husband’s cock and she wants to let them both suck on her yummy tranny meat. Most of the gallery is consumed with Mandy playing with the wife and she has a great set of titties sitting high on her chest so you can’t blame the photographer for wanting as many pictures of it as possible. Mandy is a beauty too so watching them kiss, caress and fondle is awesome.

When Mandy’s hands grope the tits it’s a breathtaking experience. She gets lusty because she’s feeling the pleasure rush through her body. Later hubby brings out his cock and they move on to another level of pleasure. The two chicks start sucking on his dick and they look fucking awesome. He gets to feast on Mandy’s tranny dick too and does a fine job of it. He’s there to make sure his wife has a good time and if that means sucking tgirl dong he’ll do it. Mandy even gets to eat some pussy before the set is over so this gallery has it all.

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Ladyboy Helen spreads her logsHung Helen is all dolled up in beautiful black lace lingerie and she’s inspirational. The top is a bustier of sorts made from what looks like leather. It has lace trim around the cups to draw your eyes to her breasts. You’d probably be doing that anyway since this tasty ladyboy has marvelous knockers. The skirt is all lace and Hung Helen has that typical look of pure lust on her face. You know she’s feeling a little bit naughty and a whole lot dirty. Maybe you could show her a good time?

The gallery finds her in her black lingerie for two thirds of the pictures and considering how sexy it is that’s a smart choice. To go with her outfit she’s wearing high heels and they lend her set an extra bit of sexiness that makes you think you could have a damn fine time with her. When the sexy ladyboy does her striptease the first thing you’ll see is the perky breasts. They really draw a crowd and will likely inhibit your ability to concentrate. That’s a good thing though. Those beauties look fantastic.

She gets her name Hung Helen because she has a particularly impressive ladyboy dick between her legs. The gallery is one big tease until she whips out her cock, which happens in the very last picture. She spreads her legs and we see her delicious dong there and it’s definitely big. She has earned her name and she will earn your desire too.

Do you think about sucking that cock or feeling it inside you? Do you dream about giving her a good fucking while you grope her tits? They’re all good fantasies. See more of ladyboy Helen at her very own site, Hung Helen.

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Beautiful ladyboy Lidia ass fucked

The lovely ladyboy Lidia from Extreme Ladyboys is decked out in white and she looks irresistible. The outer layer is a robe that she pulled from the bathroom and it keeps her warm while teasing us because we don’t quite know what’s underneath. You can see a little bit of lace peaking out around her crotch and you know you’re going to see more of that later. The sheer white gloves are a nice touch and make her seem extra elegant, which is always a good thing. They’ll inspire you to think about the handjob this ladyboy might give if your cock was anywhere near her.

You might also want to take some time to appreciate just how feminine and beautiful ladyboy Lidia is. She’s going to model the white lingerie under her bathrobe and along with appreciating that you should look at her flawless face and imagine spending just a little bit of time staring into it from across the table or while you’re on top fucking her asshole with your cock. This is what ladyboys should look like and she has clearly worked hard on being beautiful. The ladyboy gallery features hardcore sex and that’s easily the best part. The hot chick hooks up with a guy wearing stockings and a garter belt and his dick is rock hard for the chance to pound her anus. He lines it up and thrusts it deep inside for a powerful screw.

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