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[07:49] LadyboyLover130: well its my bedtime... chat another time TIm
[07:49] Tim: Ok
[07:49] Tim: Nice to say hi
Open chat
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Animation from InnocentDickGirlsDo you still remember the review of InnnocentDickGirls that i did some time ago? So, recently i had a talk with Karbo, the leading cartoonist of the site, and he had some good news for me.

First of all, he announced that he started doing animations for InnocentDickGirls and so far they look promising. This video of a girl pumping a huge throbbing shemale cock was in 800×600 resolution and it looked really amazing. I had to resize it to use here though, but it’s enough to give you some basic idea.

Secondly, i got Karbo’s permission to create a small shemale futanari portal at Trans Ladyboy where You can preview some of the comics from Innocent Dick Girls’ members area. Check it out for some lovely works from Innocent Dick Girls.

That’s all for now

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Mint in school girl uniformSome of you may already know that everybody’s all time favorite ladyboy Mint has started her own site. The name of the site is Long Mint, which is not a big surprise, and You can be pretty sure that you’re going to see some serious shemale cock as a member. 😉 I checked out the tour before doing anything and was pleased to find Mint’s nine inches of fuck stick protruding from her pelvis. Combine that with her ridiculously slim and trim body and her big tits and you have what many would call the perfect ladyboy. At the very least I’m sure she’s the answer to many of your dreams. If you’re a size whore she’s the lady for you.

They’ve kept the site design consistent as member’s area uses the same colors and basic look. The most recent update and the next update are featured at the top of the page along with links to the content sections. Once again, she’s not kidding when she calls herself Long Mint. This lovely ladyboy is fucking huge and she’s obviously fully functional. That big dong gets fully erect in every set and because her body is so small it looks even bigger than its nine inches.

Long Mint’s site has been around for just a few months and already she’s produced a fair amount of sexy big shemale cock content. There are 17 sets, each with a picture gallery and a video, although they list them separately. That should be plenty of tranny babe entertainment for you, especially if you like ladyboy cock.

Members area of LongMint

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A girl and a shemale caessing each otherIf a woman can’t quite commit to being a lesbian but she still loves women then she should turn to a shemale. They have all the qualities of a woman while still retaining the ability to fuck. A strap-on cock just isn’t a replacement for a real dick, so a shemale is the only way to go for a bisexual babe that can’t live without cock. The girl in this fine gallery from Shemale Yum knows that very well, which is why she’s been dating this sexy shemale for months now.

When we join the ladies they’re just beginning foreplay with a passionate French kiss. The camera pushes in close to capture the romantic action and then the girls start stripping. They gently caress each other’s bodies, suckle each other’s nipples and eventually make their way down to the private parts. The girl has a beautiful pair of tits and her pussy looks inviting. The shemale also has not natural tits and a beautiful, perfectly sized cock. She feeds her dick to her female lover and then the ladies engage in a sixty nine. This scene has great promise and it pays off at Shemale Yum.

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This hot shemale story was sent to me by our forum member Leeya and i’m anxious to share it here with everybody. It’s a classy story about a guy who went to an Asian country on a business trip and met a very beautiful womain in a very romantic atmosphere… Little did he know that this young voluptuous lady was a ladyboy.

Thanks for this story Leeya. As a reminder to all others, if you have a story suitable for this section, by all means post it either here as a comment or at our forum, and i will publish it for thousands of other readers to enjoy.

Disclaimer: all the characters and events are made up, similarities are coincidentail. No intent to offend anyone.

You were still eyeing your new Swiss wrist watch which you just purchased from one of the duty-free shops at your local airport. You glanced outside of the window, where the blanket of clouds was covering beautiful lands. Staring at the clouds, thoughts about upcoming presentation and potential questions that could arise were targeting your mind. It’s been only 6 hours after you saw your wife and you were already missing her. Her beautiful eyes, body: Oh how your heart was always up beating when she was smiling at you.

A slim stewardess interrupted the thought process with a question of what would you prefer today, chicken or beef. Slowly chewing pieces of chicken, you could not help but thinking how important securing a major contract with investors from Asia was essential for your company’s future, but you are a professional, you knew you would do the job. Success- and you are the new CEO, failure- well, you’ll be stuck with your job for few more years.

Upon arrival to the airport, getting the luggage and catching a cab to 5star hotel, your head was pumping with all the thoughts and a terrible headache. The moment you put your head on the pillow it was all gone away, and your mind went into its own world of dreams.

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Just a quick note to all 3D shemale porn lovers, that i have build a small hub around that hot subject. So, if you’re looking for high quality computer rendered girls with dicks, look no further than 3D Shemale Archive

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Nude shemale thruwing mud all over herself on a beachThe beach is the sexiest place on Earth. It always makes women feel free and wild and hot, especially if they’re young and beautiful. If you ever find yourself on an abandoned beach with a beautiful girl (or shemale) I promise you won’t have much trouble getting her to go topless.

This gallery from Shemale Club is a case in point. The sexy tranny on the beach is wearing a sexy blue bikini that she seems very eager to take off. She drops her bottoms almost immediately and her top follows shortly thereafter.

The first thing she does upon getting nude is throw mud all over herself. She looks so good when she’s all messy and when she finally takes a dip in the ocean she looks super hot because she’s all wet. The finest picture of the gallery comes when she stands up and raises her hands over her head. It lengthens her body and allows us to see every inch of her beauty. Doesn’t she look amazing? Don’t you wish you were there on the beach with her? A visit to Shemale Club will bring you as close as you can get to that dream.

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It’s been quite some time since I posted a new shemale story here. Hope all of You who have experience with shemales will finally have some courage to write about it and share it with us. Let this sizzling story by Tommy be an inspiration to You. Who wouldn’t want to be in his place in this crazy foursome? 😉

I gotta tell you about a great night at Nana Plaza a few months ago. I’d called into a few bars and almost hooked up with a hot looking Tgirl from Casanova, but felt like getting some fresh air. I wandered around Nana and was thinking of heading home when a muscly Korean guy – first time there, asked me if I would show him around the place. Well, it’s almost my home away from home so I said I would have a beer or two with him and show him the ropes.

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When i published the review of Ladyboy Pussy i didn’t expect it would draw so much attention of our readers. Generally, this blog was built about chicks with dicks, however it seems like many visitors wouldn’t mind to check out chicks WITHOUT dicks too! This got me thinking, how many of you wouldn’t turn down a tgirl if you realized she was post-op? Imagine, you pick up a hot shemale, take her to your place, then she undresses for you, you even see a hint of a bulge in her knickers, then WHAM, you get a face full of her ladyboy pussy!

What would you do?


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After spending time at Ladyboy Pussy, that new post-op shemale site, I naturally became more interested in getting more information about post-op tgirls, since it’s not very often that you see them on Internet. My searches brought me to one popular forum (not mine) where a guy who obviously knew his subject was writing about how post-op ladyboys were different from genetic girls. This is some interesting piece of information and it definitely deserves to be published here.

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If you love ladyboys then you’re certainly familiar with Ladyboy Gold. It’s one of the best sites in the business with a well deserved reputation for high quality content and even higher quality ladyboys. The folks behind that site have another site they’d like you to check out: That’s right, it’s an entire site filled with post-op ladyboys, including one of the girls from Ladyboy Gold, Wawa.

Screenshot from members area of Ladyboy Pussy

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