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[07:49] LadyboyLover130: well its my bedtime... chat another time TIm
[07:49] Tim: Ok
[07:49] Tim: Nice to say hi
Open chat
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Our readers left some very interesting comments since yesterday that i believe more people would be interested to see. So, what i’m going to do it to start “Your feedback” column at Trans Ladyboy where i will publish your most interesting comments for everyone’s easier access.

quartra writes…
I have been involved with a tgirl in a relationship. It was just like dating a genetic girl, except when we were in bed. I am bisexual, I love women and I desire men. I am more comfortable in th man-woman dynamics of a relationship.

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Dickgirl gets her face slapped by a huge cock while riding another guyThe women of this futanari gallery from Innocent Dick Girls have been infected with a radioactive liquid that has caused them to grow huge dicks. Now they look like beautiful babes but they have huge cocks swinging between their legs. What a predicament! At least they’re not sad about it. Instead the newly well hung babes are using their cocks for pleasure. The sexy sluts are finding out that having a dick can be great fun because you get to be the one that does all the thrusting and you can stroke your meat while someone is fucking you.

If you have read my earlier review of Innocent Dick Girls and visited their site, you know that all their drawings are done very skillfully. The girls are beautiful, drawn to perfection like the finest looking ladies you’ve ever seen. Their dicks are the epitome of perfection as well with each measuring an incredible length and being used for all sorts of naughty pleasures. There’s guy on shemale, shemale on female and shemale on shemale action. I particularly like two pictures where the shemale takes it up ass from one guy while getting face slapped by another huge dick and where the shemale blows her load into a condom and pulls it off, showing a wad of semen collected in the tip. It seems so real I can’t help but get a kick out of it. Go visit Innocent Dick Girls for more!

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I’m very proud and happy to publish another jewel today, a story about two shemales from 26-th century, Emily and Jane. Props for this truly delightful story to our forum member, Ila. Excellent work bro!

It is the 26th century. Human genetics has advanced to the point where anyone born male or female can change to a shemale without undergoing surgery. The change is not reversible, can only be done once, and must be done before age 20. I was born male, but always knew, from an early age, that I wanted to be a shemale.

At age 18 I underwent the procedure to be a shemale. My name is now Emily and I am 20 years old. I am 5′ 8″ tall. I have long blonde waist length hair, hazel eyes, and sensuous full lips. My measurements are 36C-23-34. I have a 7″ long circumcised cock, a bum that looks like Vaniity’s, and long shapely legs that just won’t quit. I love to dress in a loose skirt, halter-top and high heels. I never wear a bra or panties. I prefer shemales to the other two sexes, but I also have a weakness for beautiful females. My favourite activities are sucking cock and having a cock fuck my ass.

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Asian ladyboy getting his asshole fuckedThis guy at Ultimate Tgirl has got a sexy ladyboy in his bed and they’re kissing passionately. She has a beautiful bob haircut, lovely perky tits and a tight ass that will soon be wrapped around his cock. It’s their kiss that really gets me going though. You don’t normally see such passion in a porn flick and while it’s short it’s still very sexy. I want to see more hot action like that. Anyway, after the kiss is over he gets on his knees and guides his cock into her mouth.

She gives him head dutifully and soon enough he’s hard and ready to fuck her ladyboy ass. His dick slides inside without resistance and soon enough he’s fucking her tight ass over and over again. First he does her in the missionary position and when he pulls out we get to see her asshole gaping open, like it desperately wants his cock back and will do anything to get it. I’ll bet it would be fucking great to bone this beautiful chick. Just look at how hot she is and how passionately she screws him…

Yeah, what a lucky guy. Head for Ultimate Tgirl to see even more! Yum!

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Ladyboy Mint at LB-69Happy Easter Sunday everyone! To those who will have egg hunting contest tonight i wish happy hunting. Those of you who rather prefer to read Trand Lasyboy blog, should also be very happy because I finally heard back from Rami (from lb-69) regarding that ladyboy Mint’s interview I sent him long ago. I know, i know, it took them ages to actually sith with Mint and write her answers, since she’s been travelling all around Thailand all that time. But anyway, here we finally are, with the long awaited answers to our questions.

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Tgirl Mandy without panties onIt appears as though Mandy T-Girl forgot to wear panties today. Also, I’m not sure if she knows but her dress is riding up her legs and when she spreads them we can actually see her lovely small dick. She’s the consummate t-girl entertainer so she probably knows that we’re looking at her cock and i’m pretty sure she loves it. After all, she’s a super hot slut and those kinds of girls like everyone to see their dicks, right?

Would you like to see even more of Mandy? Well, although her little green dress is very sexy she’s going to take it off for us. After giving us plenty of great looks at her cock, which is so little and cute, she stands up and starts to strip. She unbuttons it down the front and slides it off her shoulders. Then you see another great thing about Mandy T-Girl, which are her lovely tits. They’re natural A cups and quite perky. All tranny lovers will appreciate those little beauties.

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Looks like LustyLucy and SexyTranny, two tgirl mistresses, had some fun today in our chat room. There was a guy, Jack, who wanted to go the whole way, and did he get his fair share of fucking tonight! Enjoy reading!

jack: hey
sexy tranny: hi jack
sexy tranny: whats up
jack: nm u
sexy tranny: same
sexy tranny: tell me about yourself jack
jack: uh what do u wanna know lol
sexy tranny: u interested in being a tranny
sexy tranny: or just curious
jack: no i like being fucked by them
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Wendy Williams fed with cockWendy Williams is well known within transsexual loving circles and she has her own website where she publishes picture galleries and hot videos of her sexy mouth sucking cock and her asshole being stuffed with dick.

She’s no stranger to fucking herself but today’s picture gallery is all about Wendy performing for her man. At first it’s about her doing a sexy solo show to help turn him on. He watches her pose in pink lace lingerie and play with herself and then he steps up and she goes to work on his schlong.

She pulls his cock from his pants and wraps her lips around the cockhead. She must have one hell of a skilled mouth because he’s hard in moments. Her lips are wonderfully plump and I’m sure it’s a delight when they wrap around cock so I can understand why he gets so rock hard for her. She lets him fuck her ass doggy style after he gets fully erect and then she brings her own cock to orgasm through insistent stroking and desire.

Wanna watch more of Wendy? Visit her site then! 😉

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Shemale Dayane Callegare in a Brazilian carnival headdressHave you ever seen videos of those Brazilian carnivals where scantily clad girls dress in elaborate headdresses and shake their booties while walking the streets? If so then you’ll recognize the outfit this sexy babe Dayane Callegare is in when the photo gallery from Shemale Club kicks off. If not, then check it out anyway and learn something new. I promise you’ll be amazed by the grandeur of it and you’ll probably dig the thong she’s wearing. After all, doesn’t everyone love a sexy thong.

Anyway, eventually she takes off her headdress and stars modeling for us. Dayane is a sexy tranny and she’s here to entertain. The entertainment begins with a look at her tits, which are big and beautiful. It continues with a look at her shemale cock, which is remarkably hard. She gives us a great look at the five inch beauty when she poses on her knees and if you’re not thinking about sucking that sweet lollipop then perhaps you’re not a tranny lover. I know I can dream about little else when I see her naked.

She IS hot as hell, so why don’t you go see more of hers at Shemale Club? 😉

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Tonight I’ll continue publishing the chat logs from our chat room! It’s so much fun reading them and pretending you’re taking action in that too! Like in today’s very hot chat between two tgirls, Jennifer and Allison…

Jennifer: Hi
allison: hey baby
Jennifer: hi sweetie
allison: whats new
Jennifer: nothing
Jennifer: i’m still horny from last night
Jennifer: with you
allison: i thought about it all night
Jennifer: me too
Jennifer: i had a big hard on
Jennifer: all night
allison: what r u doing right now
Jennifer: since u came on
Jennifer: playing with my cock
allison: yes
allison: thought so
allison: me too
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