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[07:49] LadyboyLover130: well its my bedtime... chat another time TIm
[07:49] Tim: Ok
[07:49] Tim: Nice to say hi
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Transsexual TV star Candis CayneMost of you have heard about that TV reality show, “There’s something about Miriam” featuring a Mexican transsexual girl. Now there’s another TS actress, Candis Cayne, who is making TV history. As of October 2007 she played transgender mistress Carmelita on ABC’s primetime soap Dirty Sexy Money making her the first transsexual to play a transsexual on a primetime show. Besides making a good career as an actress, Candis is obviously a very beautiful woman and I’m wishing her success in her new endeavour.

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Two beautiful tranniesIt’s double the tranny fun today as two beautiful chicks with dicks pose together at Shemale Club. At first it seems like this is going to be a hardcore gallery with trannies fucking, but it’s actually just a posing gallery. Nevertheless, two trannies are always sexier than one, even if they’re not doing anything naughty to each other. These two are fully naked when the gallery begins and that’s the way the rest of it goes; they’re very sexy girls.

Strangely only one of them makes a point of modeling her cock for us. Maybe she’s the only one that can get an erection? She’s definitely got an erection, too. It’s rather enormous actually and watching her gently stroke her shemale cock is a pleasure. I like the shots where she leans back and spreads her legs so we can see her heavy balls and the full length of her cock. I’d like to think that the guy taking the photos got to jump in and have some fun with these lovely ladies when the shoot was over. As usual, the full scene is available at Shemale club, go see it now.

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Lovely ladyboy posing in sailor outfitI heard that in Japan the sailor outfit is a big sexual theme. The guys go crazy for it, probably because it’s been modified heavily and it’s more like a naughty girl sailor. I mention that because this fine gallery from Shemale Allure features a lovely ladyboy posing in that very outfit. The top is loose fitting and still very sexy and her skirt is incredibly short and with just a little bit of movement she finds herself completely exposed to the world. That’s how it’s supposed to be and that’s how she wants it. I like it when she spreads her legs and we can see the bulge of her cock pressing against the fabric of her panties.

When she does that we also get a chance to see her sexy ruffled socks and her black patent high heels. This girl has chosen the perfect outfit and watching her pose in it gets me going in a big way. Even better is when she begins stripping from it. First she pulls out her ladyboy cock (or is it bollard as they sailors say?) and strokes it to half size. Then she takes off her top and we get to see those big round tits and ogle them to our heart’s content. Go ahead, visit Shemale Allure and dream about what it would be like to fuck that sweet body.

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Did you know that there are ladyboys in Thailand who use their mouths in a very peculiar way – for singing? It’s the invention of Sony Corporation, Thailand, who thought that the pop music lovers should have more to choose from than just girl/boy bands and it seems that “Venus flytrap” (this is how the band was called) become the second ladyboy band in the world. The girls are hoping that their music will be enjoyed by everyone: children, teenagers, adults and grandparents. Their music is said to be somewhere between the likes of Electronic House, New Wave and Eurasian Pop Sound.

Venus Flytrap, ladyboy band   Worlds second ladyboy band
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The idea for this poll was suggested by our forum member, slutty shemale Anna. Imagine that you had a reverse tranny surprise, i.e. you pick up a hot shemale, really cute, super sexy n charming, you make out, go back to her place, she gives u an amazing blow job, you go to return the favour, she pulls down her panties, and you get a face full of hot wet pussy!

What would you do?

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Long legged tgirl MandyAt Frank’s T-Girl World they look for the finest chicks with dicks the planet has to offer and they shoot them in high quality picture galleries and videos. Today transsexual is our old friend tgirl Mandy, a good looking dirty blonde with an all natural body. Her legs seem to go on forever, stretching for miles and giving her a decidedly feminine shape. That’s especially apparent when she puts on a pair of heels. She has one very non-girlie characteristic, that being the shemale cock hanging between her legs.

Mandy is wearing an odd outfit in that she has combined a pair of bike shorts with a white corset. It doesn’t seem to fit together naturally but she actually looks pretty good in it, so who am I to complain. I just like seeing her strip and she does that, taking off her shorts and pulling down her corset so we can see all her naughty parts. Her cock is the perfect size for fucking and You will have no trouble imagining it sliding into Your ass and filling You with pleasure. 😉

This full picture set of Mandy can be seen at Frank’s T-Girl World, then of course you may also want to visit her very own site, MandyTgirl to double the pleasure!

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Our forum TS star Fran seems to be able to crank out admirable shemale stories in record time! I welcome you to take delight in another story written by her, it’s a real jewel 😉

It is one of those lazy days, clear skies, warm, but I have things to do. I should take my car in for service. (could use a little service myself ) I put on a mini skirt; loose fitting blouse and step into my open toed high heels. Hey, I’m dressed for the day!

Head on down to the car shop. They can check my car but it will be a while. I didn’t want to wait so they gave me a loaner, an old Pontiac Firebird. Well, it will do. It’s bright red and it is a convertible. So off I go, top down (on the car silly!) hair blowing in the breeze. Downtown I spot ila, pull over to the curb and blast the horn.

Read the full post…

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Ebony TS Sexxxy Jade fucks her white slaveFans of shemale domination are going to be thrilled with the gallery I’ve found for you. These videos come from TS Seduction and they’re some of the finest the genre has ever produced. The shemale with huge perky tits in this scene is a very well known and equally well hung ebony babe Sexxxy Jade and she’s in total domination mode. She has a bag over the guy’s head and she’s going to use him as her personal sex slave with no consideration for his feelings or desires. He’s there to serve her needs and that’s it.

Jade wants to keep him a little excited so she starts the fun by fingering his asshole while sucking his cock. That gets her going too and after having her fun she makes him get on his knees and suck her cock. She basically fucks his face with her tranny schlong and he takes almost every inch. Next up he gets on his knees on the bed and she pushes his face into the covers and fucks his asshole. He looks damn good getting boned and the scene ends with Jade jerking off into his mouth.

Imagine being this guy and getting to experience this incredible, lusty babe in all her dominant glory. Visit TS Seduction and see the whole scene now!

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This story was posted at our forum by a tgirl that goes by nick franalexes and although, a certain “ali” is mentioned there, anyone having even a little bit of clue will understand who really the story was about. (my humble assumption) 😉

It is morning. The pine trees cast their long shadows across the lake. The sun finds the pin holes in the curtain and needles my bedroom with its rays. Slowly the sweep and one finds my eye. Awake dear Fran! It is another day.

But it is so warm under the blankets. I roll and discover I have the whole bed to myself. The blankets and satin sheets are in disarray giving testimony to the night before. My ali, where is he? He must have risen early. I should find him. I roll out of bed, step into my flip-flops and go to the window. Throw open the drapes and there is my ali down by the lake asleep no less in the lounge. He lies there in the warm morning sun, his radiant copper tan skin, and the envy of most. He wears the bikini I got for him. It is a satin black string tie. A fem style but he likes it. It keeps him “tucked” in. A little trick I had to show him myself. I should go to him and greet him for the day.

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TV Star Jamie Coss posing for Trans Ladyboy blogWhen i was offered an oportunity to get a fan sign from Jamie Coxx, i got pretty much excited. It’s been quite some time since i visited the site of Jamie Coxx and it was a pleasant surprise for me that she has recently started her own blog where she shares the news and her stories along with the latest pictures.

The blog is new and while I’d still like Jamie to update more often, she’s surely doing a nice job. I’m sure you’re going to love one of the latest stories from the blog of Jamie Coxx about her getting a round of oral sex from a porn starlet Megan Murray on her way to Hollywood CA. Here’s the passage that I loved the most: After about three minutes of the softest, wettest head you’ve ever felt I threw caution to the wind and began controlling the experience by grabbing the back of her head and applying force when necessary… Read the full story at Jamie’s blog!

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