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[07:49] LadyboyLover130: well its my bedtime... chat another time TIm
[07:49] Tim: Ok
[07:49] Tim: Nice to say hi
Open chat
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2006 is almost over. I am happy so many readers joined us this year, and it was a fruitful year indeed. So many new hot galleries, so cool tgirls to jerk off to 😉

thai ladyboy, legendary areeyaTo finish the year, here’s a gallery of Areeya, not that new but still lovely. You will see her laying on a bed and jerking off. For those of you who already know and love this tgirl, this gallery will be a nice surprise, since it’s packed with photos of her dick. So many closeups of her lovely lollipop, so sweet and yummy.

Those who don’t know Areeya, this will be your first chance to get acquainted with her luxurious body. Beautiful face, slender sensitive body and an arorable member….

Happy new year guys!

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Another great story from our reader who didn’t even leave his name. He lost to a ladyboy in a wrestling match and she made him her slave. Not to say, he protested much…

I have been a slave to a ladyboy in thailand. I challenged her to wrestling match to see who is dominant and she won and sat on top of me nearly naked with her cock hanging over my face, and proceded to taunt me, and made me suck her cock and submit to her.

Then she strapped a leash on me and told me how thais are dominant and wanted me to lick her feet clean. She says “you like licking a thai ladyboys feet?” and I did that for at least 20 minutes. (She also made me get on my knees and suck her cock while she taunted me). First time I sucked cock, or licked a shemales feet. She came in my mouth and held it there till i sucked it dry.

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Shemale nun sucks dick of a priestI can imagine how the dialog went on in a confessional booth…
“Forgive Me Father for I have Sinned…”
“Tell me about your sins, my child.” (he didn’t know she was a tranny)
“I’ve had fantasies about performing fellatio upon a man.”
“I will worgive you my child. But first you must kiss the holy staff!”

She quickly glanced around and slid her hand under father’s robe… And what a surprise, she discovered a throbbing empurpled priestly phallus there!
Suck the Dick of Redemption!”, thundered the Father. And the nun took his staff into her mouth and began to lustfully gobble it (feeling her own cock growing between her legs).

What a naughty confession it was!

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Dude takes a long black tranny cock up his assWow, this black shemale surely likes to dominate white guys. And to her luck she found a guy who worships her cock and takes it in all possible ways.

First she gives her a deep full blowjob, while helping himself with another hand by jerking off her rod and playing with her balls. Then she takes her cock fully up his ass from behind and then lays on his back like a dirty bitch with his legs up and spread wide while his shemale mistress fucks the brain out of him! And finally when she’s about to cum, she unloads rigth on his chest! See her white sticky goo shooting from her monster dong!

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It’s a christmas time! There’s nothing special i have to with you tonight… Get some booze (if you still haven’t) and have a nice one. If you’re looking for your true shemale lover, ask Santa to bring you one!

Merry Xmas guys ang gals!

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xmas ladyboy angelaIt’s Christmas tomorrow. A good Sunday morning to spend in bed, isn’t it? My morning was definitely lazy. I just lied slugging a bed thinking of the great xmas party I had the evening before (with a shemale of course).

The trade malls are crowded and the girls on live cams have a busy time too. Many of the people who had a nice time with webcam models over the year come to wish their favourite tgirls a merry xmas (what an irony, most of the ladyboys on webcams are not Christians.. hehehe) When I realized that none of my favorite tgirls is available for a talk, I thought I’d talk with the one who looked the most beautiful. All girls looked sort of hot and funny in Santa costumes, so I picked MADPOISON1. Before videochatting with her I watched her promo movie and I loved the way she moves and smiles. So I thought I’d give her a try.

I was surprised she speaks quite good English, and indeed, she became an xmas present for me yesterday. Her name was Angela, and I though she was a real christmas angel. Smooth tanned skin, magnetic eyes, nice looking cock (although cut). When you see it you will want to give her a full blowjob! She was very sensual and erotic, and it was so kewl to see her gorgeous smile when I showed her my erected dick! I made her hot and I believe she enjoyed the show as much as I did!

So, if you want something special for yourself for Christmas, have a sexy cock-hardening talk with Angela. She’s so nice! Also, other girls are there for you too, so if you feel like you want to wish them merry Christmas, it’s time to do it.

Have a nice one!

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ladyboy takes off schoolgirl uniformDoes school uniform turn you on? Then you’re going to enjoy this gallery of hot ladyboy taking off her school skirt. She’s a big eyed gazelle with amazing slender body and delicious tits. I felt like i wanted to fondle those while kissing her on her neck…

She shows only a little bit of her penis, but even this makes you horny to taste it. What a beauty…

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This is a story about the shemale adventure written by a girl. Not too many ladies fantasize about having sex with a shemale, even fewer of them actually get some. Well, Kimmi seems to be the lucky one of the few. Enjoy her story! It’s called “My Lesbian Shemale Adventure

My name’s Kimmi and I used to be a stripper. Guys liked me because of my long blond hair, slender build, and sense of humor. They also liked my 36C breasts :) I danced at a place on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood. The stage was gorgeous, had a generous runway, and beautiful lights. I loved dancing there, and I loved working with all the fun people – especially the D.J. I also made friends with the boyfriends of one of the other strippers. The three of us used to hang out – and that’s where this story starts.

Read the full post…

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sweet hispanic shemale Yrry performing a cam showThis Hispanic shemale grabs your attention as soon as you see her. Her name is Yrry, and she’s so pretty and cute, isn’t she? She is a great performer and when I ask her to do something she gets right down to action. And it’s a breathtaking action, I gotta tell you. You’ll admire it when she starts stroking her dick and it starts to get bigger and harder. She’s very responsive and it’s indeed a lot of fun talking to her.

I’ve had an awesome experience with Yrry. Great body, lovely juicy tits… The dick could be bigger of course but still, this one is becoming her 😉 Talk to YRRYKAMxxx and have a great jerk off!

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Shanti Soundarajan, the indian runnerAn Indian runner, Shanti Soundarajan, who won a silver medal in the women’s 800 meters at the Asian Games failed a gender test and lost his medal. The test reports have revealed that Shanti does not possess the sexual characteristics of a woman. The official said Soundarajan had more Y chromosomes than allowed.

Judging by her picture, she looks more like a man to me. What do you think?

The origin of the article can be found at ESPN.

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