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One of our readers, Meety, wrote this great story of his life, how he first downloaded a shemale porn by mistake and then eventually got addicted to it.

I am considered to be very straight. I don’t look at guys and think “Gee I’d like to suck his dick” or anything like that. I seperated from my first wife about 5 years ago. After seperating I got on line and downloaded a hell of a lot of porn. I am talking hours of porn.

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Thanks again, Meety, for this post.

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This time a guy and two shemale doctors go a little farther. Of course, all three are horny to fuck and be fucked. First we see a guy being fucked in the mouth by one shemale while another one nails his ass. Then the girls decide to switch the fucking holes, so the brunette starts nailing patient’s ass while another shemale doctor probes his throat with her wonderful thermometer. In other words, she fucks him in the mouth! :)

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For those of you who love (even if this is a love for shemales) and are loved, i wish a happy Valentine’s day. :)

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A colleague of mine, LB-69, who occasionally shoots (and even fucks 😉 ) many asian ladyboys, shared this thought about the smell of ladyboys.

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