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[07:49] Tim: Ok
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Japanese ladyboy rubbing her dick against your cockThe year 2008 is almost over and I have a special exotic treat for you for New Year’s eve. There’s a beautiful Japanese ladyboy sitting in the hot tub. She has perfect tits, an awfully pretty face, cute red hair and a long body that looks good enough to eat. The only thing you can’t see is her crotch because it’s obscured by the bubbles. Perhaps she’s not a ladyboy but a beautiful genetic girl? She looks so pretty and as you’ll see this is a ladyboy with a lovely little cock between her legs and a tight asshole that loves to be penetrated with hard cock. The gorgeous Japanese gal is smiling at us as she plays with the white bubbles and you can see there’s desire bubbling in her body as well.

When she steps out of the tub the bubbles slowly wash away and we’re exposed to the rest of her lusty body. Start with the toes and slowly work your way up the long and lean frame and you’ll learn that she’s a mighty fine looking Japanese ladyboy with a set of heavy balls and a tight asshole that would no doubt love to be probed by a horny man. The hot ladyboy photo gallery is designed for you to feel like you’re there, like you’re the man she’s trying to entertain with her sultry looks and the way she sways her body back and forth. Do you want to be that man?

Emiru is her name and she’s a ladyboy worth having fantasies about. Her titties are wicked perky and when finishes teasing you with them and the rest of her sexy body she steps forward and finds your cock waiting to be played with. In a moment of sheer arousal she rubs her own Japanese ladyboy dick along your shaft and that gets you going just as you would expect. Suddenly you’re nursing a big boner and this naughty girl is smiling shyly because she knows you want her.

She wants to give you a blowjob and when she takes your big cock down her throat she expects you to get hard and shoot your thick load. Her ladyboy blowjob skills are excellent and she manages to work your dick enough that you explode, leaving her face sprayed with jizz.

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4 Responses to “Some Japanese ladyboy meat for New Year’s eve”

  1. ED says:

    MY newsyear date was a no show so i went out myself.the club was busy with both men and women.iwent into the ladys bath room ,after a bit a older woman come in. she had to much to drink,she told me how much she liked my bl full fashion seamed stockings.she wanted to feel them and to see my garderbelt.i lifted my dress and let her run hands up and down my was after a bit she seen my hardon,and hereyes lit up with suprise.she asked me if it was real and could she feel it.i said yes and she started to play with didnt take long before she was sucking away.two more women came in and were watching her,and they started in play with her .had herdress off and started to eat andsuck on her and me.great new years day

  2. Sylvia Sin says:

    I am a little shaved sissy bitch who dreams of being with a beautiful newhalf/ladyboy like this gurl. To kiss her sweet ass, suck her sweet toes lick and fuck her smooth ass would be heaven. To paint each others nails, lick each others panties and suck each others titties would be bliss. To kiss each others balls, fuck each others mouths and swallow each others juice is a beautiful fantasy. Lovely newhalf baby, mmmmmmmm, yummy

  3. peter says:

    New Years Eve with a bang. I can see my load of blow all over this lovely girl.

  4. Gravious says:

    This Japanese ladyboy’s a dream. Instantly attracted to her. Love to suck her member.

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