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Shemale Anna Alexandre posing in a schoolgirl outfitI have mixed feelings about today’s gallery, after all the tgirl featured there, Anna Alexandre, is not with us anymore… But boy, does she look beautiful in this gallery! When was the last time you saw a tranny this beautiful? Have you ever seen a tranny that looks like Anna? In this gallery from Shemale Club she’s turning up the heat by posing in a beautiful schoolgirl outfit, and I do believe it’s one of her best sets. Her top is sheer and it lets us see her lovely tits underneath. She’s also wearing a short plaid skirt and a sexy pair of white knee high stockings. The outfit is finished off with a pair of ruby red shoes.

Anna is pretty much perfect looking and I can say with certainty that she’s one of the most beautiful shemales in such a sexy costume. She’s sitting on the stairs in her cute little outfit and she starts to strip for us, which is the point of a gallery like this. We want to see this cutie in the buff! Eventually everything but the skirt comes off and she’s not wearing any panties underneath it so we get a glimpse of her cute and delectable shemale cock

Let this post serve as a tribute to the memory of Anna Alexandre, she was a true superstar and will be missed. More of this set can be found at Shemale Club.

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9 Responses to “Anna Alexandre in a schoolgirl outfit”

  1. sarah says:

    I want to meet you. I like everything! I travel everywhere
    i whant fuck you this is my address

  2. Paul says:

    You fool should better read the text before writing stupid comments about a tgirl who is not longer alive.

  3. Big_Willie says:

    The link is not working for me. :(

  4. ella says:

    how did she die?

  5. naffoff says:

    Anna died in a car accident in Florida. Google “Anna Alexandre Florida”, first hit.

  6. 007inches says:

    did she also go by the name madison? i saw her in ts prostitutes #20 and came so hard. she was beautiful.

  7. wolf says:

    you are very beautiful

  8. Sean MacCormack says:

    I’d love for her to spray every drop of her cum in my mouth…everyday!!! I’d sell that Loblaws!!!

  9. chip says:

    She was very cute and awesome. Rest in peace, sweet princess.

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