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Ashley George getting her cack and balls caressed

Ashley George is the young brunette you see in the picture gallery and she’s the one that gets played with by the other tgirl babe in black lingerie. The two of them have adorable fun together and it seems like they have great chemistry. Perhaps they’re lovers outside of this picture gallery. They don’t actually fuck in the set though; it’s more like Ashley gets played with and it’s surprisingly erotic so you should give it a chance to amaze you.

Young Ashley has a small tgirl cock and balls and she likes it that way. She wants to be as girly as possible. She is stripped nude and you get to see her small tits and her smooth ass and plenty of the cock and balls. The other chick leaves her lingerie on and she plays with her friend throughout the arousing set. She caresses the cock and balls and rubs a hairbrush around like she’s going to fuck the ass with the handle. Then she brings out a device to give a spanking. She brings it down on the ass and thighs of her sexy friend and it looks like it hurts a little bit. That makes it more fun to watch, of course. Join Ashley George’s site and find out what more she is capable of.

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4 Responses to “Cute tgirl Ashley George playing and getting spanked for fun”

  1. Greg says:

    I am Rock hard and would LOVE to Lick her from head to toe. I would love to suck her and fuck her!!

  2. Rhon says:

    I m very happy… To see u’r pic n thats make me want t0 d0 it..

  3. chengo says:

    cute chicks any one in mombasa ?

  4. Francis says:

    I hope she never get breast implants like Bailey did. Her small beast and that small penis is all I need. I will love to suck her dry. Same as Hazel Tucker. I love those little cocks they have. I will allow them to come in my mouth because they actually only let a bit of clear precum, even if they have an orgasm. Men, only thinking about it it arouses me a lot!

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