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Ladyboy Water Volleyball 2015 (Thailand’s biggest Transgender charity event)

Enjoy these original photos from the 2015 LBWVB (Ladyboy Water Volleyball) charity competition. The 4th year of the contest which has now grown to be Thailand’s biggest one day charity event fund raiser was held on November 6, 2015 at the Areca Lodge hotel in Pattaya, Thailand. 5 teams, consisting of Ladyboys from TJs Bar, Check In Bar, Kings Bar and Cockatoo Bar and all proceeds going to charity. Winning team was TJs bar in Nakula. For more pictures, videos, information & donations visit the official site http://lbwvb.com

Are you planning a vacation in Thailand for holidays?

Thailand can be on fun place to spend your winter holiday and if you can start early, why not? It’s not loike you’re gonna get bored there…
Here’s a short list of what you need before you pack your luggage and go:

Visiting Thailand as a Tourist

When you visit Thailand for the purpose of leisure, sight-seeing and personal enlightenment, you are a tourist. A tourist visa is a stamp or document needed so you can stay in Thailand for a specific period of time, on the purpose of tourism. It is stamped on your passport upon arrival at the airport in Thailand, or it can be obtained in your home country through the Thai embassy or consulate located there. The tourist visa can also be extended if necessary. There are certain countries who made agreements with the government of Thailand so their citizens can benefit from the visa exemption when entering Thailand as tourists.

When applying for a tourist visa, certain documents and fees are needed to obtain one. The documents and the fee are subject to change anytime and without prior notice, so it would be a good idea for an aspiring thai tourist to inquire for the right information before flying off to Thailand.

Documents required:

  • Passport or travel document with a validity not less than 6 months
  • Visa application form (filled out)
  • One(1) recent 4x6cm. photograph of the applicant
  • Round-trip air ticket or e-ticket (paid in full)
  • Proof of financial means (20, 000 baht per person/40, 000 baht per family)

Don’t forget that consular officers reserve the rights to request for additional documents when they deemed it necessary, so it is advisable that you present yourself when you are in a good shape and state, together with your papers and documents.

Visa Fee:

  • US $ 30.00 per entry or equivalent. The tourist visa fee is subject to change without the prior notice, so it is a good idea to be updated by visiting the nearest Thai Embassy or consulate in your area.

The validity of a tourist visa ranges from 3 months to 6 months, depending on the number of entries you make across the land border, or from the airport. If you arrived on Thailand through an international airport, you will be stamped a 30 or 60-day permission of stay depending whether your country made a bilateral agreement on visa exemption with Thailand.

If you enter Thailand via land border, you will be stamped a 15-day permission of stay as a tourist in the immigration post, after which you will have to exit the country again on or before the expiration of your permission of stay. However, the tourist visa can also be extended if you wish or need to stay longer in Thailand.

These rules however are subject to change and it’s always a good idea to check them on thayembassy.com

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The Ladyboys Bars of Pattaya, Thailand

The Ladyboys Bars of Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya, the “Extreme City” is also known as the brothel of Thailand, housing over 5000 bars, massage parlors, stripclubs and freelance discotheques. If you are looking for a fun night out, you will find it in Pattaya City. Now, back to the Ladyboys. If you like ladyboys, you will also love Pattaya! There’s a unique side to Pattaya nightlife including a handful of Ladyboy bars throughout the city. Below is a random selection of some of the best reviewed bars in the city:


Often referred to as THE LADYBOY BAR in Pattaya, Sensations is located in Action Street just of Soi Bukaow. It’s been open for over 3 years and known as a place to meet fellow Ladyboy lovers in a relaxed atmosphere surrounded to employ some of the hottest girls in Pattaya. Sensations has become a destination, thanks to multiple appearances on SkyTV for the Ladyboys tv show. The bar has a mix of freelancers and paid staff, all of which should be available for barfines. The girls at Sensations are trained to not be aggressive with customers, so you will need to initiate the girl to come over to you by motioning her over and buying a lady drink. The fun will go from there. Action Street is a secluded complex on the South end of Soi Buakaow housing about 12 beer bars so will have alot of opportunities for variety. If you fancy a LB friendly venue, multiple pool tables, sisha in a low pressured (for drinks / barfines) atmosphere feel free to come by for a drink at Sensations. Highly recommended. Barfine: 300. Open from late afternoon until LATE.

Click here to watch a video of Sensations on YouTube or Visit the Sensations-Bar.com website

Kings 2

King’s Bar

King’s Bar 2, now known as King’s Bar is a popular Ladyboy bar on Soi 8 located directly next to Dragon Bar. Upon entering the bar it may feel aggressive, as all of the Ladyboys stand outside luring in customers. But once inside there’s a different vibe with friendly staff.

Upstairs in the bar is a private pool table and a floating dance area. On the occasions LB’s are dancing up there in short skirts it gives a nice opportunity for an upskirt view. The bar is known for it’s easy access to the upstairs shorttime rooms, with at least one room having love swing. And there’s no shortage of girls who would love to show you a good time in it. The girls at Kings are generally extremely versatile. So if you want to top or bottom these girls will make your fantasy a reality and do it in spades. Some of the Ladyboys are especially kinky, indulging in watersports and other fetish activities to please.

The girls are more than willing to show you a great time in the bar. For the price of a Lady drink they’ll be some of the best company you’ve had in your entire life. Great parties are held at this bar, complete with food, outfits and a jovial host. Definitely worth a visit when visiting Pattaya.

hornybar Horny Bar

Horny Bar has been a mainstay on Soi 6 for years. Normally this bar has a collection of cuties. With the opening of Fantasy Bar on Soi Buakaow many of the previous stable has move over to the new bar. The good news is this frees up spots in Horny bar for new blood. Fresh new Ladyboys are always a welcomed addition to the Pattaya scene!

Rooms upstairs and a new flock of dickgirls makes Horny Bar one to visit. It’s location makes it a great stopping point. It’s located near Pook’s Bar and So What Bar and you can watch the wild happenings of Soi 6 while sipping a frosty beverage. That’s before heading up to the loom for a romp with your girl of choice. Normal prices are 1000 baht all in for the girl, barfine and room. Of course the girls also appreciate extra tips for “extra” service.

Like most Soi 6 bars don’t be surprised to have the girl play with your cock in the bar or bathroom, and you with hers if that’s your desire. Soi 6 is a magical street and is a must visit on any trip to Pattaya.

litas Lita’s

Soi 15 (also known as Soi BJ), Walking Street

UPDATE as of December 2014: The bar has reopened on almost the exact location as previous. Still employing many sexy ladyboys. New addition is the pool table, the upstairs shorttime rooms are nice, spacious clean and come with showers. It’s a small venue and it can get crowded / aggressive in here fast.

Hours: 6pm-3am. Lita’s bar is a brand new Katoey bar located slightly off of Walking Street. Located on Soi 15 (same Soi opposite Blue Ice), Lita’s seems to be a good mix of young and sexy Ladyboys. The bar is cozy and approximately 10-15 Ladyboys are hanging out at any given time. I’ve been told that 20-25 different Ladyboys work at Lita’s bar.

There are a couple of advantages for Lita’s. Drink prices are very reasonable, with bottle beer and house spirits right near 100 baht. The best advantage of Lita’s is the proximity to short time rooms. You can bar fine and be rising the ladyboy of your choice within 2 minutes.

Bar fine will run you 300 baht and the short time hotels nearby will be between 300-400 baht. In all I’d recommend Lita’s Bar as a hidden Ladyboy hunting spot.

La Bamba La Bamba

La Bamba is still a fairly laid bar with ladyboys. Since they moved locations (opposited side of the street) they added on shorttime rooms to list of possibilities, an excellent addition to this bar. Employing some super cute Ladyboy WOMEN which are always ready to take the party upstairs. Barfine of 300. If you think you can handle her La Bamba is home of the famous Nancy who possesses one of the biggest dicks in Pattaya. She’s more than happy to face-fuck or top you into obilvion until you’re howling in painful pleasure. Enjoy yourself in this bar which is also known for it’s many parties. Note: It can get crowded in this bar on party nights.

Near new years day La Bamba moved location to the opposite side of Soi 13/1. It’s only 20 meters from the previous location and now also has a guesthouse with very economical room. Visit their website to make booking reservations and more details at the link below.

The new bar is slightly larger with plush couches. There’s a small group of girls working, maybe 7 or so on staff but the caliber of these girls is AMAZING. Pattaya big dick legend Nancy and Cindy are there along with new teen superstar Will (aka View / Wii). Open until the last customer leaves with reasonably priced drinks. Bottled beers and quality mixed drinks. With rooms upstairs and a very relaxing attitude and it’s proximity to Stringfellows makes La Bamba a highly recommended stop on the Pattaya Ladyboy hunt.

This is only just the start.. there’s a handful of other bars including:

Lucky Love Bar, Pook Bar Soi 6, So What, Obsessions, Pook Bar Soi Buakaow, Linda Bar, Hi Boss, Stringfellows, Malibu Show Bar, So What, 69 Bar, Hot Tuna / My Way Bar, Baby Boom, The House, Fantasy Lounge, Walking Street, Beehive, Blue Dragon are all Ladyboy bars in Pattaya! If you adore these mysterious sexual creatures called Ladyboys, schedule a visit to Pattaya on your next trip to Thailand. You will not regret it

Today’s free pictures from Shemale Japan

Today’s free pictures from Shemale Japan

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Endless free galleries from LadyboyInc & FemboyJoy

Endless free galleries from LadyboyInc & FemboyJoy

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Deborah Tavares – Elastic Asshole Barebacking

Deborah Tavares – Elastic Asshole Barebacking

Deborah Tavares

Deborah Tavares

Deborah Tavares

Deborah Tavares

Deborah Tavares is built for SEX. Her gorgeous TS body barely covered in a skimpy pink furry bikini. The thong of the bikini rides between Deborah’s incredible ass cheeks then is pulled aside to reveal her immaculate asshole. Perfectly wrinkled and lovely, two fingers enter her most private of areas. With a big beaming smile Deborah turns around and immediately engulfs and hard cock with her mouth. She deep throats effortlessly giving endless pleasure with the lips of a goddess. Deborah gives a long blowjob session, making sure the raw POV dick is ready to erupt once it enters her sweet Shemale honeypot. She strops off her bikini and lowers her smooth buns down on the hard cock. Deborah’s ass opens wide and accepts the cock to the balls. She bounces on the hard cock, peering over her shoulder enjoying the pleasure she knows she’s giving. Reverse cowgirl, doggystyle, cowgirl and missionary are all the way Deborah gives pleasure. She’s hard the entire time, stroking her meat and effortlessly fucking simultaneously. The view from the rear is heavenly when Deborah grabs her buns with both hands. The pistoning bareback cock pounds into her bring pleasure to both parties. Deborah wants to see the POV dick cum and opens her mouth wide. She strokes her cock fast and spurts a small load from her foreskined meat. With her mouth open the POV dick spurts jizz at the piercing on Deborah’s tongue and onto her lovely TS breasts. Deborah kisses the dick with strings of messy sperm dripping. She then goes outside and pisses a golden stream from her pretty cock onto a stone wall. A wild barebacking session with Deborah Tavares and proud to present it exclusively to our viewers only on TSraw.