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From what i see, most of you guys that are posting on my blog consider themselves very straight. However it is common belief that it’s a sign of homosexuality if a person is attracted to shemales. So, i want your honest answer, how do you self-identify yourself?

Pick “straight” if you’re only attracted to persons of opposite gender and shemales, “gay” if you prefer same-sex and trans-sex partners and “bisexual” if all three genders are good for you.

Thank You for your opinion!


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60 Responses to “What’s your sexual orientation?”

  1. nemei says:

    I really love girls, but I love shemales too they are my dream

  2. gary says:

    I really want to meet a shemale and have the best orgasm with here

  3. joe says:

    im straight i think but looking at some of these hot looking shemale really turns me on. i just wanna try being with one just once. icould really get off pretty good if i did get with one

  4. Tony says:

    I prefer Ladyboys than girls and if that makes me a gay guy then so be it.

  5. Brain says:

    I’ll be happy to have sex with women, shemales, men or any combination of men and women. I’ve had sex with both and love it all! Yes I’ve had a man screw me on more than one occasion and I loved it!

  6. josh says:

    idk i love women but i just love shemales i wonna fuck one really bad but does that make me gay?

  7. jack Jean says:

    I am an in the closet ladyboy . I dess ansuck and fuck anyone. Love to swallow and bareback LOVE BLACK DICK MOST

  8. josh says:

    when i watch some shemale shit after i feel really bad like ive done something wrong but my dick dont lie it knows what i wont

  9. mojo says:

    I love women but can’t stop looking at shemales

  10. hotboy says:

    i don’t like guy men i love some shemales

  11. bottom boy says:

    I love my transgender lady.I’ll never date real women ever again.I like my ladies with something special..

  12. tlover says:

    nothing beats a pretty girl with a tight curvy figure, i really love fucking girls, tits, hips, pear shaped arses, their great, and hot wet pussy, and eating them out, i could never get enough,
    but I’m starting to become obsessed with pretty fat cocked shemales. I’ve always wanted to suck a nice clean fat cock with a big throbbing purple bell end, and lick and suck a tight spunk filled ball bag and taste some hot spunk squrting in my mouth, that would be great, but i just don’t get turned on by men at all. just the cock.
    i find men a big turn off yuk!
    so a shemale is the perfect answer, and for most of us hear i reckon.
    anyone know where i could meet a decent one I’m in the UK.
    i’m desperate to suck shemale cock. now!

  13. vibesfan says:

    I love any very attractive female or shemale. I do not find males attractive. To me there is nothing more exotic than a beautiful girl with a large cock. I appreciate female beauty in any form. Have made love to both genetic females and shemales and enjoyed all very much.

  14. translover says:

    A beautiful body, nice feets, nice legs,nice and curvy ass,a tight hole, nice belly, nice tits, beautiful face and hair and a beautiful cock…. yes thats the answer, a feminity with a beautiful cock. if it means i m gay yes i am gay but i don’t like men, i can’t fall in love with a man. i like and love girls but i can love a ladyboy and i would like to do it …

  15. jay says:

    I can honestly say only shemales turn me on…….i don’t like men, but I do love cock. Only if it’s on a girl with lovely breasts though…..weird, huh……?

  16. BenF says:

    I love girls. But I found myself attracted to ladyboys, I had sex with them and enjoyed it. I thought I was bi-sexual but I really couldn’t have sex with a guy. Only feminine looking shemale would arouse me. Where does a guy like me fit? :) Bi-sexual means he likes guys and girls, but I don’t like guys..
    The feature that attracts me most about a shemale is her face. The more feminine the better. Girls like Amy of LB69 or Bianca Ferier from brazil or Victoria in the movie Transexual beauty queens #9 are real knockout examples. I guess all I am looking for is an attractive girl with something extra :)

  17. alb27 says:

    I’m straight! I love women big time! but I also love femenine looking shemales. Once I saw this petite girl pretty dusky skin voice was girly very smart funny then she showed me her love pulse she seem even more atractive. I’m hooked on Tgirls.

  18. hafznabil says:

    love shemale and ladyboy so much

  19. Harri says:

    I,d have to agree, I love being screwed but the idea of some guy don,t do it for me. SO when I went to Thailand last year (my third time there)I said what the heck. I really loved it it felt so good and she was such a sexy thing, sweet, petite, smelled so nice, and a ladyboy really what knows what feels good for a man. SO its the best sex ever.

  20. Ihearttgirls says:

    I love tgirls and my friends are perplexed at how I can love shemales but don’t find men even slightly attractive. If I see a trannie cumming or jerking I’m turned on, but if I see a guy do it, I feel nothing. I’ve been watching trannie porn for a while now and now am seriously considering dating one because I heart them.

  21. jake says:

    I love shemales and females. I love when shemales are so hot and feminine you never would be able to tell they have something extra. I haven’t had sex with one but fantasize all the time. I have a girlfriend-female, who I love and I don’t think I could ever tell her that I am also attracted to shemales. Even though I love her and would never want to cheat on her, I still would love to have sex with a shemale. Any ideas on how I could get both??

  22. Nathan says:

    I love shemales and females too. With a female I love their body’s but pussy’s dont do it for me. With a shemale i love their tight asshole,sexy curves, great breasts, nice cock and their beautiful smiles, I’ve been looking at shemale porn for about 3/4 years now and I absolutely love it.

  23. drummerboy says:

    I am a happily married straight male who adores woman and love pussy , i am not attracted to men and would never watch gay porn ever.For the past couple of month though i have been now and again watching she-male porn clips on the net aswell as flirt with them on live web cam sites.I’d never fuck one but i do find them hot and masterbate to them but that’s as far as it goes , the idea of being fucked with a dick or suckin one makes me sick.I am a huge pantyhose fetishist and love hot woman in them , on the forum i’m on which is for pantyhose fetishists like myself.A few months back they put a men , she-male , TV’S section in pantyhose.I clicked into it out of curiosity and got strangely aroused , that led me to she-male porn but am am gonna get cured and get it the fuck out my like as it’s starting to freak me out that i like it.

  24. fisher says:

    I have been with a shemale a few times here in Ireland v hot sex she he is thai and gorgous

  25. billbob says:

    i think shemale are so sexy b nice if i could find one i let then sit on my head tell me that they going to freed for some time to come before they let me go i wish it was true

  26. ftonto says:

    i’m a stright guy.the first time i saw some of these pretty shemales with pretty tits and a nice body, i realy like them.i would love no how it would feel to be with one.i would love to be with one so i could suck on her tits and jerk off her cock to watch her cum all over self.when i watch these ts jerking there cocks my cock gets hard so i have jerk off my cock.i have been with a lots of wemon i my life an had a lots blow jobs but,but i think a ts would give the best blow job a man want.while writing this letter and thinking off a ts my cock is getting hard.i love shemales. thanks frytonto

  27. ftonto says: there any way that i could get a feed back from one those pretty shemales and picture. thanks

  28. Juanito Vidal says:

    I’ve travelled the world and fucked loads of chicks, lots of threesomes and group sex and I have had a shit load of anal. But I must say the best sex I have had has been with shemales, maybe it is just the kink factor, I don’t know. I regard myself as straight as they come, I don’t find men or masculinity attractive, or for that matter “butch” shemales. I like feminine shemales and I also like to suck them just the same as most men wish they could suck themselves. In my opinion they are exclusively a straight mans fetish.

    My girlfriend (She is Bi) knows I like them and we have been to ladyboy bars together to chat them up, but so far we haven’t experimented together with them as yet, she is somewhat apprehensive. Although she says me sucking a man would turn her on, but not a ladyboy, so go figure!!

  29. Luis says:

    I started fantasizing about shemales as soon as I saw them for the first time on the internet…I had sex with a shemale prostitute 4 years ago and it was great… For me it was like being with a woman… She was nice and sweet…

  30. Joey says:

    For me, personally, masculinity turns me off…BIG TIME! I always watched porn, from a young age, but was browsing some porn sites on the net about 5 yrs ago and came across a shemale category. I clicked one of the pics and I must say…it was a turn off. The chick was too manly. I thought that was wack. Then, later on in the months, while watching porn on a site with thumbnail views, I saw a beautiful shemale/transsexual and clicked the pic. She was HOT! I’ve been hooked ever since. I love women, but a hot chick with a nice, fat dick is too much to say no to. What can I say…they peak my interest.

  31. winston says:

    I love woman, but i want to try one of these beautifull shemales just once, i always look at the web sites and if the chance arrises i will hook up with one and have a beautifull nite

  32. Kevin says:

    ive been married for 11 years and i think women are 1 of gods greatest gifts.acouple years ago we started messing around with toys and see did me with a strapon.since then i have been very turned on to shemales. but they must be the type that could fool you when they have there clothes on. since then i have looked at thousands of pic. and videos of them.would i do one if i had a chance? you bet i would. i’d love to have my wife teach me how to suck a cock.

  33. David says:

    Unlike a lot of you straight ladyboy lovers, I’m really not interested in cock, neither sucking it nor getting buggered by it. But I love fucking assholes — and unlike a genetic girl, a pre-op TG will never ask “Why don’t you fuck my pussy more often?”

  34. peter says:

    My dick always hardens at the sight of a gorgeous woman with a stick. Goes limp at the sight of a guy, but a woman with a dick! Hardest hard-ons!

  35. other peter says:

    well, it’s good to know many straight guys like to fantasize with those beautiful dicked godesses. I guess it’s just that since men are so visually aroused, a picture of something that looks 95% woman wins over that 5% man. I like girls and i am happily married. I confessed to my wife about my fetish for shemales, she says i’m not gay at all.

    P.S. however, since i see more and more shemale sites popping up into the net, that’ll teach women that we men have alternatives in case they start pricing their bodies too high.

  36. ??? says:

    man i love both women and shemales, but sometimes i wish i didnt love shemales, because that shit aint normal. Plus the BIBLE said that homosexuality isnt allowed. So what can i do and im 16, i first saw a shemale when i was about 12 or 13. And for some DAWN!!! reason it really turned me on, i feel really shameful…..

  37. BRIAN says:

    I wish I was multiple duplicates of myself so that I could fuck myselves! I would love to watch two or more duplicates of myself ass-fuck themselves while I jerk myself off watching them!

  38. Snow says:


    I am a female with a boyfriend who love shemales. I suggest you tell your girlfriend. Not sharing that info gives it more power than it deserves, especially if you love her. Explain that you wouldn’t cheat or have sex with one…it is just an erotic stimulation. I love my man just as he is…tranny lust and all. It is about trust. Hope that helps.

  39. jason says:

    Crap I just had a sex with thai ladyboy last night in Bangkok… She or he was insisting that wouldnt charge a penny because she just liked me a lot..
    I was very drunken and shoot she looked very hot….
    I feel like a gay now..
    I d never had a curiosity before…
    Ah shit… does it make me a gay?

  40. Finbar says:

    I’m bi, and I love fucking shemales–can’t get enough of them…

  41. steve says:

    I have a beautiful Thai Transgendered girl friend, I will never date a girl again. My girl is sexyier than any girl i have slept with and I have slept with a lot. She’s got a sexy ass and natural little tits and her cock is really sexy and effeminate. Girls are horrible.

  42. Dude says:

    I’m glad to see I’m not the only straight guy who feels attracted to shemales/ladyboys. I’ve never actually been with one, though. I’d love to go to Bangkok and check out the tranny scene.

  43. keepit says:

    I am a straight female and i love shemale never had one but they are beautiful.

  44. RJ says:

    Well, at least I’m not alone as a gay man with loves ladyboys.

    I personally think ladybodys/shemales are different from TS; TS feel they are totally women and strive to becomes that physically as in addition to mentally/emotionally. ladyboys/shemales are something different, a proud “third sex” or “other” if you will that’s mentally some percentage both man and woman and striving for that physically. I’m attracted to ladybodys, not TS girls.

  45. sifka says:

    i m bisex men 41 year verry verry nice engeneer single love trael sea summer swiming dancing and need and love shemale or tranny white or black and old mature too i am verry verry sincerly and verry email

  46. Mark says:

    I have always liked women but some really small feminine ladyboys turn me on. I don’t feel like I’m gay because guys don”t do anything for me, but I would definetely bend over a sexy little asian ladyboy and maybe suck her cock if it was not too bag and clean looking. I’ve personally come to the conclusion that straight guys like ladyboys because they look like women but we get to try some cock touching without a disgusting guy attached to it.

  47. NELSON says:

    I’ve been with over 100 women, about 8 to 10 men as both a top or a bottom and DAMN it was awesome!!! But I have to say that of all the pleasure I have had, nothing compares to what a shemale can do for you!!! So I’m telling you guys out there to keep your options open. if not then theres more out there for me!!!

  48. Lance says:

    I am not into other guys but I would love to be in an orgy with all shemales.

  49. happy mark says:

    i love ladyboys,they are so sexy and the ultimate turn on.they look like women but have cocks[the perfect combination]

  50. Ashley bell says:

    I am a guy but shemales make me hard I would like to suck A hard cock with a pretty face & big Tits

  51. hey says:

    i’m a guy and would like to fuck a shemale.

  52. john uk says:

    hey all. ive been straight all my life but i slept with a thai ladyboy out of curiosity about a year ago. since then ive had 2 affairs with ladyboys and i got to say i’m hooked. they are by far the best lovers you can ask for and i have no regrets. i’ve now fallen in love with a ladyboy in Thailand and i plan to marry her. unfortunately i know nearly all my friends will disown me for it, but so be it. and for the record, the thought of doing anything with a man makes me feel very sick!

  53. jmad says:

    I am married, my wife is the only woman I have sex with, anybody else has a cock, I believe asian ladyboys are the most beautiful sexually attractive human-beings I have ever laid eyes on.

  54. boab scotland says:

    been married and had kids,the thought of sex with a guy repulses me,even my own personal space being invaded by another male makes me feel very uncomfortable……I would say im straight with no homosexual tendencies but i love ladyboys and find them the most beautiful attractive people on the planet,Ive been dating a Filipina transsexual for the last 3 years and visited a few times,we’ve both fallen madly in love and plan to have a civil ceremony in the near future.

    @john uk…….I wouldn’t worry too much people who are true friends wont disown you all my friends know and although they don’t understand no one has disowned me.

  55. gary says:

    I liked wemen but now I’m only atracted to shemales they are soooo sexy and hot but I would love to be one to so I guess that makes me gay to

  56. gary says:

    Love to meet a shemale but can’t make later

  57. gary says:

    I also think that they are so sexy but I also want to be one my would be great being a a transexual being with another

  58. gary says:

    I mean I would really love to be a shemale myself

  59. gary says:

    I also believe TS are wemen beautiful wemnen and would bend over for them anytime.I’m defentily a bottom

  60. Michelle says:

    I’ve always wondered if I’m bisexual. Because I like the idea of being with a woman, but I don’t really find myself attracted to the idea of having sex with another vagina. I love breasts and I love how soft women are, I’d far prefer that over how hard and rough men usual are. But, I love cock. I’m frustrated that there isn’t much Shemale-Female porn around. It all seems to be Shemale-male porn. Anal doesn’t turn me on. I want to watch a hot, sexy woman be fucked by a hot, sexy Shemale. And I’d love to have some lady dick in me. It’s one of my greatest wishes.

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