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I was taking a shower today when i had this funny idea for a poll. Assuming you are male, you pee standing up and you don’t hold your member while peeing (like in a shower), which direction does your pee go?


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5 Responses to “Which direction do you pee in?”

  1. jo says:

    Left, but I have a theory on why…

    Since I masturbate, and I am right-handed, the basic curvature of my penis has angled itself such that my member conveniently cradles itself into the palm of my [right] hand. It’d be easier to explain with diagrams…

  2. BRIAN says:

    I would like to suggest a new discussion. What it be like to have two identical duplicate normal-sized side-by-side fully sexually function penises? What would it be like if I had two identical erections and both of my penises ejaculated simultaneously?

  3. skyler says:

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  4. brownsuger says:

    Hay Brain lv to see your 2 dick that sound good to fuck

  5. jmadaf says:

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