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Hello guys and gals.

I’ll be honest, i’m very glad that our forum is getting off the ground, with so many members already after 4 months from the launch. At the same time, it’s a pity that all discussion moved over there and the number of comments i’m receiving on my blog posts has reduced, which is again, a pity. The more new readers and, specifically, posters, we have here, the more interesting it will be here for all of us.

So I am asking You for your help. Yes, would you please help me make this place more popular? For example, you could bookmark TransLadyboy at one of the social networks (hover over the button in the header of this post to see the complete list) or mention TransLadyboy at some another forum you participate at, or if you are blogging too, write a couple words about us at your blog or myspace page or whatever.

Thank You.

Yours truly,

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