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[07:49] LadyboyLover130: well its my bedtime... chat another time TIm
[07:49] Tim: Ok
[07:49] Tim: Nice to say hi
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Luana Dias likes to walk on the wild side. In this episode Luana starts off in a collar and leash, pissing on the floor. After she finishes she goes to bed with her ass in the air. A lit candle drips hot wax onto Luana’s ass cheek. Luana loves the painful pleasure and her black g-string is pulled aside to show off her cute asshole. Luana is finger fucked and starts to deep throat the waiting cock. She takes it all the way down, making the shaft slick with her throat spit. With the cock ready Luana squats above and lowers her ass downward. Her TS ass-pussy swallows the whole cock inch by inch. Luana relishes the thrill of bareback sex and bounces on the raw cock cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions. Luana is fucked in multiple positions, each time the cock is pulled from her wanton anus she makes sure to keep it lubed with her lips. Luana strokes her nice prick and spurts a load over her pumping fingers. She wants to fully satisfy her POV lover and see him cum. Luana loves seeing the cock start to spurt, then shoved back inside for a pushed in creampie. She can feel the warm load slide into her bowels. The excitement of it makes her anus tingle and twitch with desire.

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With her cap still on and that getto look, Many is perfect for a dick sucking session, especially since her big blue eyes keep contact while her mouth is busy sucking. Her pantyhose quickly left some room for her ass to be slowly drilled with a hard thick cock while she moans with pleasure and asks for a deeper penetration. She had to tear up her pantyhose so she can play with her cock while her ass is being stuffed with cock. After her insides were stretched out good and she got fucked in all position, her desire to cum was so much that she wanted to fill cum from both sides, her face and her own cock.


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Busty Blonde British bird Mia Maffia gets banged

Mia Maffia is an absolutely gorgeous TS escort and porn star that I have been wanting to meet since she arrived on the scene. She shows off her massive rack, bubble butt, lovely tan, and long blonde hair in this awesome new bareback scene. Christian has a fantastic time exploring every inch of her body in this energetic & passionate romp only on Pure-TS – enjoy guys :)

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Goddess Venus Lux returns to TS Seduction and she is more powerful than ever with her gorgeous looks, powerful domination and hard pounding cock!

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Anime Story: TS Cock Surprise

I’m the type of guy in the club that you either hate or envy, you know the good looking guy, bit cocky – that knows his way around women. Guaranteed to score a chick every Friday and Saturday night. Oh well, if you are part of the hater group you’ll be pleased to hear last night I stroke out, invited the girl out for a smoke and made my move to kiss her. Least to say she did not appreciate that.


The guys that usually hate me would probably get a good kick out of this. But you know I consider the hunt a game.. sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. With my balls still hurting, I make my way back into the club.


Heading back to meet up with the boys, I feel someone bump into me. I can tell it’s a chick, her big soft titties gave that away. My manwhore senses are tinkling, did she change her mind? did she feel sorry for me? Pitty sex is better than NO SEX at all, right? 😉 .. or perhaps it’s one of my old flings who’s horny and looking to get laid. But no, this time I got it all wrong. Instead it’s a gorgeous Brunette dressed in a slutty blue denim dress with high heel stockings… “Hi, what’s your name handsome” and she’s flirting with me! Has the hunter become the pray? I like where this is heading.


This has to be one of the easiest scores ever, she basically picked me up. She seemed in a rush to get going and I was not going to complain about that. Just look at her, those perfect curves, can’t wait to see her titties. Wonder what’s beneath those panties of such a horny girl..


She slowly walks to the shower, as if she’s walking on a catwalk fashion show and asks me to join her. As she’s washing down her gorgeous body, big tits and.. a big stiff cock?!! Oh my god, she’s a tranny? I can’t believe this is happening, it kind of makes sense now.. but how can this be? How couldn’t I tell.. she’s drop dead gorgeous, has a feminine voice, wears super tight dresses and G-string panties. God damn. There’s so many thoughts going through my head… run away, this is wrong, is this gay? I slowly walk over to her and can feel my cock growing hard from excitement, my heart pounding in my chest. I want to say something but can’t think of anything that would be fitting.. as I come closer she puts her finger on my lips and tells me it’s alright.



Her hand reaches around my cock. As she goes down to suck it I just close my eyes and enjoy the moment thinking it’s a girl. What a great performance, this has to the best blowjobs I’ve had in my life. All of the sudden she stops and says she doesn’t want me to cum yet! At this point I’m so horny the rest is history.. we fucked all night and it was one of the most amazing experiences I have had in my life. Of course, I got a picture of her pretty feminine upper body side so I could show it off to my friends that night in the club. Everyone envied me for scoring such a hot chick, and hey – My cocky self wasn’t going to admit it was a transsexual who picked me up instead! Would you?

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Hot TS babe creampies Saunsa Slut

Jonelle and Bella are both at the sauna for the same reason. They are here to find a stranger to fuck. Everyone comes to this sauna looking for the same thing. Raw fucking and taboo internal Creampie finishes.

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Endless free galleries from LadyboyInc & FemboyJoy

Today a very special update from your friends at TransLadyboy: Endless free galleries from LadyboyInc and FemboyJoy! How does it work? It’s very simple: Everytime you click on the logo of your favorite site a new gallery will appear! Just keep clicking until you find what you like.. :) Enjoy guys :)

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TS babe Juliette Stray fucked hard

Juliette Stray is a slutty blonde bimbo and she doesn’t care who knows it. She shows up at Christian’s hotel room looking to get a hard cock in her tight hole. And guess what, that’s EXACTLY what he gives her!

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