Pizza for a ladyboy

A hot ladyboy ordered a pizza. A delivery guy cut a hole in the bottom of the pizza box and put his cock in it. Wondering know what happened next?

Hard cock in a middle of a pizzaThe lovely ladyboy from Extreme Ladyboys is wearing a black bikini that appears to have been sewn specifically for her body. It fits her perfectly and enhances her sexiness in a way that all women will be jealous of. She’s also wearing a pair of black knee high socks that add a youthful flair.

She has ordered a pizza and poses for a few shots while she waits for the delivery man to arrive. Her plan is to seduce him and given that she’s going to open the door in her bikini I don’t think she’ll have much trouble. As it turns out it’s even easier than she thought.

The pizza man obviously came prepared (most likely he heard about her from a friend at the restaurant). He cut a hole in the bottom of the pizza box and shoved his cock through it. When she opened the top to inspect her pie she saw his dick waiting for her and she simply couldn’t resist. After all, that’s what she called for in the first place.

Can you imagine how great it would be to deliver a pizza do a slutty ladyboy looking to get laid? He gets to bone her in a variety of positions as well as fuck her ass with a dildo. He finishes the scene by cumming on a piece of pizza and then feeding it to her. Wanna do it yourself? See more of this scene at Extreme Ladyboys.

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