Bianca Freire, the Ultimate tgirl

Lovely Bianca Freire with her nice big tits, a slim waist, flared hips and a plump ass, simply the Ultimate Tgirl

Bianca Freire appearing at Ultimate TgirlFor me, the ultimate t-girl is one that appears in every way to be a woman, with the exception of the cock hanging between her legs. She’d have nice big tits, a slim waist and flared hips. She’d have a plump ass but not a huge ass; I’d like it to be smaller than mine at least 😉 . On top of all that she’d have a nice functional cock so we could have some fun in the bedroom. What’s amazing is that I’ve found the girl of my dreams, Bianca Freire, and she makes her home at Ultimate T-Girl, the site dedicated to exotic chicks with dicks.

I can’t help but admit that Bianca is mind blowingly beautiful in this gallery. Tell me that you wouldn’t hit on this girl if you saw her in a bar, even if you have no desire for chicks with dicks. She’s incredibly beautiful with a stunning female body including the aforementioned slim waist and flared hips. Her tits are big and perky and when she takes all her clothes off there’s a beautiful cock waiting there. She even manages to get her cock most of the way hard so you know if she needed to she could certainly give you a good fucking.

Bianca is certainly one of my favourite tgirls, and you can dig the archives of this blog to prove me right. Also, you should certainly check out her goodies at Ultimate Tgirl, i just love her at that site.

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