Jamie Coxx now has her own blog

TV star Jamie Coxx writes about getting a blogjob while driving in her new blog

TV Star Jamie Coss posing for Trans Ladyboy blogWhen i was offered an oportunity to get a fan sign from Jamie Coxx, i got pretty much excited. It’s been quite some time since i visited the site of Jamie Coxx and it was a pleasant surprise for me that she has recently started her own blog where she shares the news and her stories along with the latest pictures.

The blog is new and while I’d still like Jamie to update more often, she’s surely doing a nice job. I’m sure you’re going to love one of the latest stories from the blog of Jamie Coxx about her getting a round of oral sex from a porn starlet Megan Murray on her way to Hollywood CA. Here’s the passage that I loved the most: After about three minutes of the softest, wettest head you’ve ever felt I threw caution to the wind and began controlling the experience by grabbing the back of her head and applying force when necessary… Read the full story at Jamie’s blog!

28 thoughts on “Jamie Coxx now has her own blog”

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