Update: Ladyboy Gold Review

It’s been awhile since the LadyboyGold review has been updated. You can easily say it’s been too long: approximately six years (6th of May 2008) since it’s last update and yet I found the website to be online, improved and more importantly still updating content on a steady schedule. Over the years LadyboyGold transformed itself into a premium ladyboy brand presenting seven exclusive Ladyboy websites for the price of one. Today’s main focus appears to be the exact same as in it’s opening year: Showing you the hottest and sexiest ladyboys from Thailand or as directly quoted from the LadyboyGold website:

“Welcome to THE sexiest collection of kathoey superstars anywhere on the internet! We have handpicked only the hottest, freshest, horniest ladyboys to feature. From young femboys to seasoned pros, LadyboyGold has the hottest ladyboys on the planet. Thousands of exclusive hardcore ladyboy sex videos are available inside to members of LadyboyGold! The hottest kathoeys in the world get dressed up for your fantasies and then spread their legs and open their tight assholes for pleasure!”

Let’s start off with some pictures of the sexiest and latest LadyboyGold models below:

The LadyboyGold brand and website have become widely known, in my research in preparation for this re-review I found that their social media accounts (for example) Twitter @LadyboyGold, Facebook LadyboyGold, and xHamster LadyboyGoldcom combined over 30.000+ fans, likes and subscribers. More than any other ladyboy website I have encountered so far (please do correct me in the comments below if I’m wrong).

Today LadyboyGold features over 284 (and growing!) exclusive ladyboy models from all over Thailand including Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya. There’s too many models to name really and from what I’ve seen they are incredibly HOT: from petite femboy fuckdolls, cabaret show girls, Pattaya’s walkingstreet and Phuket’s soi crocodile freelancers to outright superstars from the famous Bangkok Nana Plaza Ladyboy Agogo’s such as Cascades and Temptations. LadyboyGold sure has come a long way from it’s original line up of 8 ladyboys Amy, Em, Kai, Noon, Paris, Lee, Moo and Wawa.

Individual model profiles show live video and picture previews which can be downloaded instantly after beocming a LadyboyGold member on any device.
There’s also no download limit, and let me ensure you there’s a ton of content to choose from: an incredible 1193+ Original Ladyboy Movies & 1497+ Original Photo sets. Preview the niches and categories sections below:

The LadyboyGold website has transformed itself into a network of seven sites which you will gain access to as well including LadyboysFuckedBareback.com, LBGirlfriends.com, LadyboyPussy.com, LadyboyWank.com, Ladyboy-Dildo.com and LadyboyTube.com. With 4 updates a week on LadyboyGold alone the network ensures a minimum of one update a day throughout the year Check out the free tour for an exclusive discount. Regular memberships are $29.94 a month yet you’ll get a $5 monthly discount coming through our link!


Ladyboy Gloryhole

Ladyboy gloryhole: ladyboys sucking big black dicks with wild passion. You’re getting some of the best hardcore ladyboy fucking you’re ever going to see.

Ladyboy Gloryhole is a combination of wonderful things. They bring in the most beautiful, sexy, and arousing Asian shemales possible. Then they put them in a bathroom with a big gloryhole cut in the wall. On the other side of the hole is a black man with a big cock and these sluts are going to suck that dick and get fucked by it, making themselves available for screwing at the leisure of the ebony gods. The previews alone are arousing, especially when you see the big black dicks fucking the tight assholes. These petite ladyboys get stretched!

Ladyboy Gloryhole: a snapshot from members area

Now, to the members area. It turns out the tour is not a perfect representation of what actually happens inside. If they call the site Ladyboy Gloryhole then they should have gloryhole content, right? As it turns out, less than 30 of the 121 scenes inside feature gloryhole sex (I might have missed a few gloryhole videos, so that number could be a little higher, but it’s not going to be much higher). Everything else is just regular ladyboy sex. That’s certainly not a bad thing but it’s also not what You would hope to find inside.

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Ladyboy Player, an amateur style ladyboy porn site

A review of Ladyboy Player, an amateur style ladyboy porn site. It’s rather new, but already has a beautiful collection of stunning ladyboy porn!

They have this rotating image thing at the top of the tour page for Ladyboy Player and there are 12 pictures in it with new ones being shuffled in all the time. It’s a nonstop slideshow of ladyboy porn and without seeing anything else related to the site I know that I’m going to have a good time because those pictures are really fucking hot. There’s one of a huge ladyboy cock that was shot from below and it looks utterly magnificent. I had visions of wrapping my lips around that dong the moment I saw it and I love a site that inspires those kinds of naughty fantasies.

Members area of Ladyboy Player

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Shemale Sissification – sissy boys turned into women by dominant shemales

Shemale Sissification is a site featuring dominant shemales that turn their sissy boys into dirty whores and fuck them in the ass!

Have you ever seen a shemale site where the guys are sissified and fucked by a hot chick with a big dick? Has anyone even tried to do such a site? I have plenty of experience in the niche and Shemale Sissification is the first site I’ve come across that does it well. If you’re wondering what I’m talking about you should really visit the tour and have a look. There are free videos playing for the most recently added scenes and they look pretty fucking fabulous. At the very least you’ll have a good idea of whether or not this kind of shemale porn turns you on.

Shemale Sissification

There’s no question that Shemale Sissification is for submissive guys. The men that start in these scenes are being turned into women in most ways by dominant shemales and that’s not for everyone. However, those of you that are aroused by such thoughts are going to find this site deeply satisfying. They hit the mark in almost every way and should be applauded for going somewhere very few sites have been willing to go.

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Extreme Ladyboys

Extreme Ladyboys specializes on showing lovely ladyboy cocks in action and has tons of hardcore ladyboy sex scenes. Visit Extreme Ladyboys if you love watching ladyboys fucked by guys.

Lovely ladyboy Amy gets creamed onSince the moment this site was launched, I wanted to post a review of it and here it finally is. There are a lot of ladyboy sites out there but there don’t seem to be many that feature tons of hardcore ladyboy fucking. Sometimes you want to see the ladyboy cock in action or at least see her getting fucked. This is what Extreme Ladyboys offers. They’ve packed the site with tons of hardcore ladyboy sucking and fucking and if you’re looking for a taste of the action I suggest a visit to the tour where you can watch streaming videos from some of the steamy recent additions. Seriously, once you see the action they have inside you might not be able to resist joining.

I know I couldn’t so here I go into the member’s area to check out the stunningly hot action that was promised. They make you agree to a terms and conditions before entering the site and then you’re dropped into the content and left to run free 🙂

Members area of Extreme Ladyboys

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3D shemales

All models at 3d Shemales are fabulously beautiful, their tits, nipples, legs look very realistic. Their cocks are best of all, with swollen veins and shiny cock heads as though covered in precum

If you visit my blog regularly, you should have known that a new shemale 3d cartoon website has recently started up. I have wanted to do a review of it from the very moment it was launched but then decided to go off the beaten path and ask one of the forum members to help me with that. Big thanks to Ila for his efforts and the trouble I caused him (if spending good time at such a kick ass site can be called “trouble” ;))!

3d shemales was launched back in February of this year. The site is all about computer drawn shemales, as is apparent from the name. The home page has the disclaimer that all the 3d shemales are created to be 18+, which is a good thing because the models created are young looking. There are also the usual previews of what is inside. Click in any of the preview models and you get taken right to the “how would you like to pay for this” page. This is standard practice and neither detracts nor adds to the overall site.

3D shemales members area

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Review of Shemale Mov – a huge tranny porn video archive

Shemale Mov boasts a huge tranny porn video archive built from DVD scenes. Tremendous number of categories, including couples, solo, threesomes and group sex, shemales fucking guys, fetishes, pornstars and ladyboys.

Shemale Mov claims to be the biggest collection of shemale movies on the net, which is pretty bold. There are a lot of shemale sites out there and it would be hard to beat them all, but even if this isn’t the biggest one they definitely have tons of tranny porn inside.

Screenshot of the VIP area

I know that because I just finished watching the preview trailers they make available on the tour. They have 28 just sitting there waiting to be watched and waiting to turn you on. If you’re at all curious you’ve got to check them out. Get all chubbed up before you join and witness the wonder that is the member’s area.

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Latina Tranny

Latina Tranny has over 400 models and they are adding new shemale photo set each day

TGirl Nikki,  the webmistress of Latina Tranny (on the left)Why does a man join a particular tranny site? What makes him choose one over the other? In the case of Latina Tranny I joined for a couple of reasons. Mostly, it was because I knew the person who runs the site, Nikki. She’s a hot tgirl herself and I couldn’t expect anything else but to see tgirls equally hot on her site.

Speaking of Latin countries, it seems like they have more trannies to choose from in South American countries like Brazil. How do they produce such beautiful shemales down there and how much does a plane ticket cost? There are a few pictures on the tour of a shemale named Mariana Cordoba and she has one of the biggest dicks I’ve ever seen on a tranny. Also I know that Latina Tranny has Bianca Freire, Sasha, Sol, Carla Novaes, Laisa Lins, Camila Saens (and of course Nikki herself) in its collection, so I just HAD to join and see more of it 🙂

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Shemale Club, the site that offers huge amounts of shemale porn

A review of Shemale Club, one of the best tranny porn sites stuffed with tons of excellent picture and video content

Lovely tgirl Bianca Freire sucking some cowboy's dick at Shemale ClubWhen I joined Shemale Club I think it was mostly because of Bianca Freire, a hot Brazilian t-girl that I’m obsessed with. I was looking for pictures of her all over the net and as it turned out Shemale Club had one of the most impressive collections with a total of 14 picture sets and videos. Needless to say, that kept me busy for a very happy 14 days.

After I was through with Bianca I decided to check out who else they had on their site and I was pleased to discover a really huge shemale database. As of now there are over two hundred different t-girls awaiting you inside. And by “different” I mean Brazilian, Chile, Argentina, American, Ebony and Asian tgirls…

It was quite some time ago that I joined that site and I can proudly say I still love being a member of Shemale Club. This fantastic site delivers the best value for your money and it’s a true pleasure for me to do a review of it. Let us get started…

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Innocent Dick Girls

Innocent Dick Girls, the site with toons and comics of beautiful girls that not only have lovely wet pussies to bang, but also got huge meaty cocks

That cock is too big!In my opinion, the internet is becoming saturated with poorly drawn shemale cartoons in an attempt to make money off a niche that lacks content. This is why it is always a pleasure to find something as special like that recently opened futanari site, Innocent Dick Girls. While the site is new and thus has one or two minor con’s, its pro’s outweigh them by far.

To begin with, let me just explain what I love about the site. The girls featured there have not only lovely wet pussies to bang, but also huge meaty cocks that they put into use readily. You may, like me, have wondered how these dick girls are possible? Alright, so its fantasy which is perfectly fine with me, and I understand that, yet some deep residing part inside me really wants to know how dick girls are possible? It’s anatomically incorrect, yet this is part of the beauty of the site. “The Story” link at the top, explains exactly how the dick girls receive their impossibly huge anatomical parts, and while it may lack a little in originality and resembles the story of Peter Parker, the Spider Man, the graphics are superb and you get a full resolution comic for free.

In addition to this preview part, the home page of the site features a couple of stories that you will find inside it as you scroll down the page. The nice thing about this is that if you click one of the pictures, you’ll get taken to the thumbnails so you can get a good idea of the quality you’ll get once you’re a member of the site.

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