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There was a very unusual comment that i received to an earlier post about ladyboy Areeya performing on a webcam. It was obviously written by another webcam ladyboy who called herself Anita (and i was surprised that she spoke good English) but unfortunately there was no information about how to reach her. No webcam nick name, no yahoo or msn address, nothing. Anita, if you’re reading this, please leave your contact details as i’m sure there will be many guys who want to have a cam chat with you 😉

My name is Anita, I am a 25 year old well hung little lady. Looking at me you would never believe with my perfect girlie body what I have in store for you. The things that I can do and teach you would blow the mind of the most advanced sex addict. Look close at my perky titties and run your hand down feeling my feminine curves, a little lower come on lower, lower, STOP. So you like what you feel? I do! Yeah that is right I have a shemale cock with balls. I am a little different from the other trannies, not only am I beautiful and have a gorgeous ladyboy body, I will please you in the privacy of your bedroom. See, I have set up this webcam and I get kind of wild in my bedroom. I am looking for love here, so if you want some come on in.

A little about me, I have lived my life as a female and only a handful of people knew that I had a cock bigger than most men. In high school I had this hot friend that I was always thought was really hot. I knew she was crazy about guys cause she fucked everything with a dick. This chick loved sex and had the reputation. Anyway I had never had sex and was kind a scared about it. You know how girls sit around and talk about girlie things, I brought up sex and asked her what it felt like and what she liked the best. She looked up at me and said are you hitting on me? I couldn’t believe that she fucking knew. How the hell, did she know that her tight little pussy was running through my mind? I was so scarred I didn’t say anything. My friend came over to me and put her hand on my lips, with her other hand she grabbed my tit that the nipple was poking out. I tried to tell her that I had a dick, but she pushed harder on my lips and twisted my nipple till I screamed. After some kissing she ripped my short off and took my nipple into her mouth. Her hand ran her hand down past my belly button and by this time my thighs were quivering. I started to tell her again, I have a, she pushed her hand on my mouth and grabbed my crotch. She looked at me and smiled. She started laughing and said you have a cock? Is it real? I couldn’t even say anything I just stood there like a whipped school girl. My first experience was absolutely breath taking. She did things to me that I had not even been able to imagine. Since then I have fucked guys, girls and just about anything else that will stand still long enough. So, ok crawl off, I like to fuck!

So what do you like to do? I bet I know. You like my cock and can you believe that I can suck my own dick? I will let you watch me. If you want I can turn on my webcam and we can pleasure each other. I like you to watch and I know you will get off. You better get you a cock ring because when you see my big bad monster you will have to fight off Cumming all over yourself.

I like you and want to talk to you some more. If you want to come in, I will do whatever you ask me to. I like to be dominated, you can watch me spank myself or pull on my cock until the cum shoots the webcam. I like it when my cum spews and I can hear you moan wishing you could get a taste. I am here for you, my goal is to please you. If you want me just say so that is all you gotta do for me.

So you gotta girlfriend? I do so please don’t tell. Our little secret, ok. My girlfriend was fucking freak out if she knew that I let you watch me suck my own dick. I like to eat my cum and it drives her wild, she thinks this is only for her. Shit, I just like sex and she doesn’t please me. I have cheated on her cause I cant get enough. Please come watch, you can help me fulfill my fantasy while you get off too. I know you are not happy either. When you’ve been with someone for a while it gets boring, plus they don’t have a pussy and cock like I do. I am every man’s fantasy. You can see what it feels like to be fucked and then turn around and fuck me.

What ya gona do. Come in and learn more about me. I have so many stories and fucking experiences to tell you about. How about I tell you how I got out of a freaking speeding ticket a couple of days ago. You won’t believe it, he sure as hell didn’t. I want you and I know that you want me to. I like to fuck and do what you ask but I also like to talk and want to develop more.

Come on in, I will turn on my camera and you can watch me do my nasty little tricks. Your momma warned you about me – baby! Look just look you know you want to. I am a tease and I like to strip, yea that is what I do, I strip. I dance on poles and have plenty feeling more than what they were expecting when they grabbed my crotch.

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