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[07:49] Tim: Ok
[07:49] Tim: Nice to say hi
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Webcam ladyboy playing with her dickI can’t find the proper words to describe how much I loved the webcam show of this awesome ladyboy, FucksyTGurl. Just to say that she’s a great performer and a caring lady would be an understatement, she just went out of her way to impress me.

She started off with her legs spread wide, massaging her half hard dick which was slowly rising from small flaccid member to a lovely 6 incher. Her foreskin was slightly covering her swelling head; she pulled it back to reveal her dick head fully, it looked so yummy, just begging to be taken in mouth.

So, she wetted her fingers with her saliva and started wanking her dick and fingering her little bung at the same time. It was a sensational sight: her curly long hair flowing upon her shoulders, her beautiful body quivering with pleasure, her nice ladyboy balls bouncing in her tight little sack… She then moved closer to a camera and presented her asshole for viewing. First she slid her finger in, then took a long cudgel and started ramming it in and out of her ass!

Ladyboy shoving a baton in her assI was truly amazed. She was so versatile, so willing to please. Many webcam t-girls I chatted with before don’t have the moves like this one does. Imagine how it would be to get her on her knees before you, pull down your trousers, and drain your member dry!

As usual i have recorded our whole chat and you can watch a small part of it.

Unfortunately FucksyTGurl is not available for chat anymore, but if you would like to some other hot shemale come on in to private chat and that tgirl will make all your dreams come true.

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