Rui Matsushita – A room with Rui

THE EXQUISITE Rui Matsushita rounds off another week of blistering updates here on the home of naughty newhalfs. A girl who is no stranger to the lens having notched up an impressive 24 appearances, Rui is a girl who seems to blossom with every shoot and never fails to make sparks fly in her work. Joining us today in a combination of red pvc and heavenly white lingerie she treats us to some sensational solo sexy time as she spreads those long legs and begs to be ravished! Your something for the weekend is the gorgeous Rui Matsushita!

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FemboyJoy – Rose, Squirting At Ya

Back by popular demand, Rose gets right down to business by stripping out of her tiny jean shorts, spreading her willing shemale fuck hole, and teasing everyone with her fat ladyboy cock. She twitches her cock up and down without the assistance of her hands, then continues to stroke off until she blasts a hot load right at the camera. You may not catch it until we play it again in slow motion, but she cums right at the camera, or all over your face… whichever you prefer to think about. It’s a great pop shot, proving once again that Rose always delivers. ** You need to watch the video to see her amazing cum squirt!

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Oiled up Mint wanks her tremendous cock

Ladyboy Mint puts lube all over her body and cock and strokes it vigorously

Ladyboy pornstar Long MintSkinny, hot, and hung ladyboy pornstar Long Mint plays solo today and as usual she looks hot. She wears black lingerie in the opening clip from the video gallery and it’s a little piece that hugs her body in all the right places. She’s armed with lube and she’s not going to restrict it to use on her cock. The oil is meant for her whole body and if you’ve ever seen an oiled up babe you know that’s a good thing. A shiny, slippery chick is always great and she looks better than most thanks to the insane tightness of her body. She must work out all the time to stay that slender and fit.

Once she’s naked she goes wild rubbing the oil all over her body. That ideal look of slickness is soon achieved and the camera makes sure you get a great view. She has a sexy tattoo right under her belly button and the piercing there is an attention grabber that will have you staring and possibly drooling in lusty desire. Nothing will do that quite like her big shemale cock though. It’s the most impressive dick in the business and even when it’s flaccid it looks enormous.

It wouldn’t be a Long Mint gallery without her cock in a rock hard state and this one is especially arousing because she’s using so much lube and it all looks fantastic. The lubed up, sexy babe strokes her fat shaft with vigorous pace and the camera captures it from all kinds of angles so you can really get worked up for her. As always, her big Asian shemale cock is utterly breathtaking. Has there ever been a better or more beautiful tranny cock? She looks particularly feminine in the face today and it makes her video extra sexy.

Long Mint in sexy stockings and lingerie

Ladyboy Long Mint in a gorgeous pink dress brings out her huge fully erect dick

Ladyboy Long Mint about to bring out her huge dickWe all know that Long Mint has a really big ladyboy cock. It’s gigantic, especially when you look at how slender and thin her body is. That’s part of what makes her so amazing. Mint is capable of more than just showing off her big cock though. She does plenty of sexy solo striptease sets that manage to arouse with ease and this is a great example. She’s in bed wearing a gorgeous pink dress with a wide belt and a pair of stockings. She has high heels all over the bed so it’s perfect for those with a bit of a high heel fetish.

Combine your lust for ladyboys and high heels and you’ll get off in the Long Mint picture set. Under her dress she wears breathtaking black lingerie and you can expect to see plenty of it. It’s a teddy and it holds her cock firm, keeping it soft and small. Licking the high heels turns her on though and shortly after bringing her dick out she has it at the full, amazing length. The enormity of it is breathtaking as always and you’re encouraged to spank it while she looks into your eyes with lusty desire. Do you want to have a fun time with the pretty girl?

Ladyboy Nam wanking her cock in a hotel room

Ladyboy Nam wanks her cock and faces the camera with her tight ass

Ladyboy Nam showing her beautiful booty and cockLadyboy Nam is dressed like a hot hooker and she’s in bed showing everyone her beautiful body. Her tits are perky and her waist is nice and slim. She’s wearing a little shiny top that she has already taken off most of the way. The bra underneath is really sexy and her small tits are easily hidden behind it, just teasing you with the possibilities of their tastiness. Her little white shorts are sexy too but nothing beats the shiny black latex boots.

They brought her to this hotel room so she could masturbate and she will do that in the hot pictures. She will play with her dick and make it hard. She has a fairly sizable piece of ladyboy meat swinging between her legs and you should consider yourself lucky that you get to see it. The rest of her body is really slim and tiny so her dick looks even bigger. Her natural tits are tiny with small nipples and her legs are slim and soft and trim.

While playing with her cock she manages to make those balls tight and that’s one of the best parts of the set. They’re practically hugging her body and they look so good. Wouldn’t you like to get in there with your tongue and run it all over her nuts? You could give those beauties a bath and taste her essence. The final few pictures show the lovely ladyboy masturbator on her hands and knees with her ass facing the camera. That’s when you can see her asshole and that’s when you can think of the fun you’d have banging into her.

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Ladyboy Rose plays with her dildo

Ladyboy Rose playing with her cock and shoving a massive blue dildo up her lubed ass

Ladyboy Rose dildoing her assThe ladyboy is going to play with a toy today. First she wants to leisurely masturbate though. She’s in bed resting on the soft white sheets and she’s happily playing with her cock. Her dick is hard and awfully beautiful. She has balls that are held tight against her body and a great pair of titties that are perky and round. They don’t have any obvious scars from the surgery, either. The gallery has all the makings of a hugely entertaining romp so tune in and check it out.

For the first six pictures she’s just stroking her bone and enjoying the pleasure of it. She doesn’t get too deeply into it, instead just enjoying how good it feels to idly play with her cock. Then she brings out a blue dildo with balls at the bottom and she starts fucking her lubed ladyboy asshole. The rectal entrance is ready to receive a nice plastic cock and the chick keeps on playing with it. She drives it in a little further each time and judging by the look on her face she is having a great time.

I really like the white high heels she’s wearing. Those are awfully sexy and for some reason make her look even sluttier. I suspect that’s what a lot of heels are supposed to do. They’re designed to arouse men and these are definitely getting the job done. The chick fucks her ass and gives us a smile and purses those plump lips while no doubt thinking about giving a man a super hot blowjob.

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Short dicked ladyboy in a schoolgirl skirt

An Asian ladyboy in a schoolgirl skirt spreads her legs and shows her cute and very suckable dick

A ladyboy in a schoolgirl skirtThe petite Asian ladyboy is dressed in a schoolgirl skirt and a cute blue t-shirt and she looks positively arousing. She’s pretty with a sweet smile and she seems like the kind of cutie pie that guys want to spend the night with. She has a slim waist and no tits at all, which only serves to make her look more youthful. She wanted to go with the totally natural look and it’s a good one, as you can see. The view in the gallery gets progressively better as she takes more of her clothing off in an attempt to arouse all the men watching in the audience.

Imagine that you’re sitting in a chair just a few feet away from her and she has told you to sit still and watch her strip. She knows you want to fuck her and play with her cock and kiss her and all that good stuff but you’re going to have to be patient because she wants to tease you a little. She wants you on the edge of your seat practically bursting with desire by the time she lets you have at her body. She takes her top and her bra off first and then you can see her tiny little nipples and her feminine body. It’s amazing that without any breasts she still looks feminine.

She pulls her skirt up and takes her panties off next and of course she looks stunning whipping her cock out. It’s small and cute at first and she wants you thinking about sucking it. It will get hard eventually and then it looks like even more fun.

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Ladyboy Em wanking her delicous cock

Ladyboy Em strokes her big ball sack and her hard cock till she squirts her cum all around

[flashvideo filename=”” image=”” linkfromdisplay=”true” link=”” width=”480″ height=”340″ /]Ladyboy Em, our talented babe from Ladyboy Gold, is here to show off for us today, with a hot wank off video. When the video begins we see this cute ladyboy playing with her semi-hard dick. Em takes her time, her fingers wrap around the shaft of her ladyboy dick, stroking and tugging it slowly, sensing it getting bigger and harder with each stroke.

Her fist slides up and down every inch of her pulsing ladyboy cock and around her swollen dickhead in increasing rhythm, her big balls bounce up and down. Ladyboy Em enjoys every moment of her wank, her hand starts moving faster and faster, and eventually her cock erupts into a volcano of her delicious creamy ladyboy juice.

Ladyboy Bir teasing with her cock

Ladyboy Bir beckoning you towards the bed to join her and check out her cute ladyboy cock

Ladyboy Bir posing on a bedThe cute ladyboy is posing in a stunning strapless dress that hugs her body so beautifully and she wants you to come and check her out. Look at the way she’s beckoning you towards the bed with her finger. Just imagine you’re sitting a few feet away from her after you found her at a club and she agreed to go back to your place for a night of pleasure. She’s told you that you can’t touch her quite yet. This ladyboy wants to tease you like crazy to make sure you’re dying for her by the time she actually invites you to come and bone her.

She starts by letting you scope out her legs, inching her dress ever higher until she has shown off her beautiful ass and her long, sexy legs. Then she wants you to back up a little bit so she can start getting naked without you jumping on the bed trying to fuck her ladyboy ass. She wants you to take your time so the passion is at a fever pitch by the time she’s prepared. It’s going to work too, because this naughty ladyboy is freaking fantastic. She has what a man wants and what a man needs.

Take the picture where she’s on her knees showing us her ladyboy ass in the black lace panties. That’s a great picture and it’s totally worth getting a boner over. Later she’ll be fully naked and you can ogle the ladyboy ass and the perky ladyboy tits. You can think about how badly you’d like to fuck her and how you want to caress her while you’re doing it. You can think of how much fun it would be to kiss her and taste her sweet mouth. You can also check out her ladyhboy cock, which is the perfect little size.

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Ladyboy Tai pleasuring her cock

Meet lovely ladyboy Tai. Her ladyboy cock is small but that doesn’t stop her from showing it off, she just loves to play with it.

Lovely ladyboy Tai jerking offThe ladyboy checked into the hotel room with the camera crew and she’s already gotten comfortable as she prepares to pleasure that cock. She’s on her back and she’s wearing a little black dress with a white belt and a big silver buckle. It’s sexy and so is she. The lovely ladyboy model is showing off for your benefit and that means some very hot cock play. She plays with her dick and it gets hard. That makes her happy and hopefully it will make you happy too.

She is nicely made up for you because she wanted to look classy. She is your classy, sexy dame and she can make all the men out there feel wild with desire just by showing up and showing off. Her ladyboy tits are perky with these really puffy nipples that beg to be sucked and licked. Her ladyboy cock is small but that doesn’t stop her from showing it off. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with a small cock. Sometimes that can be the best kind to play with. You can suck it and lick it and have lots of fun with it.

Her whole scene is about showing off her ladyboy cock and playing with her cock. She fondles it and plays with her heavy balls. It looks like she’s probably moaning as she plays because nothing could feel better than this. She shows off her perky tits and she looks at us with those longing eyes where it’s clear that she wants it badly. If you had a chance would you put your meat inside this ladyboy and fuck her brains out? I’ll bet you would. Check out Ladyboy Wank and jerk with Toi today!