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[07:49] Tim: Ok
[07:49] Tim: Nice to say hi
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Sexy long-haired ladyboy ToyThe ladyboy’s name is Toy and she’s wearing a tight, strapless satin gown that obviously looks marvelous on her body. You should visit the gallery at Shemale Asia to see that alone. On its own it will inspire arousal so imagine how much fun you’ll have when you get to see her naked. My favorite picture in the whole set is the third one where you can see her facing the camera in her shiny dress. Look down at her crotch and you can see an outline of her obviously big ladyboy cock pushing against the soft material. Isn’t that fantastic?

Halfway through the set she has stripped out of her black satin dress and she’s standing there in a thong and high heels. She sports one hell of a fantastic ladyboy body so you definitely want to have a look. You want to spend some time checking out her sexy titties that ride so high on her chest (and don’t have any visible scars). The heels obviously make her ass look great and then there’s the nice big ladyboy cock that she whips out.

It’s always an amazing thing to see a ladyboy with a big dick because most ladyboys are so damn small. Toy is no exception. She’s incredibly slim and with the tightest body you’ve ever seen. That’s why seeing a nice big dong between her legs is such a pleasant thing. The second to last picture is the one to pay attention to. She’s pulling her balls down to really enhance the view of the cock and it is at its biggest and most beautiful.

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