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[07:49] LadyboyLover130: well its my bedtime... chat another time TIm
[07:49] Tim: Ok
[07:49] Tim: Nice to say hi
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A ladyboy in a schoolgirl skirtThe petite Asian ladyboy is dressed in a schoolgirl skirt and a cute blue t-shirt and she looks positively arousing. She’s pretty with a sweet smile and she seems like the kind of cutie pie that guys want to spend the night with. She has a slim waist and no tits at all, which only serves to make her look more youthful. She wanted to go with the totally natural look and it’s a good one, as you can see. The view in the gallery gets progressively better as she takes more of her clothing off in an attempt to arouse all the men watching in the audience.

Imagine that you’re sitting in a chair just a few feet away from her and she has told you to sit still and watch her strip. She knows you want to fuck her and play with her cock and kiss her and all that good stuff but you’re going to have to be patient because she wants to tease you a little. She wants you on the edge of your seat practically bursting with desire by the time she lets you have at her body. She takes her top and her bra off first and then you can see her tiny little nipples and her feminine body. It’s amazing that without any breasts she still looks feminine.

She pulls her skirt up and takes her panties off next and of course she looks stunning whipping her cock out. It’s small and cute at first and she wants you thinking about sucking it. It will get hard eventually and then it looks like even more fun.

What would you do with her dick? Would you want to suck on it or stroke it? Would you want to get fucked by it? Would you prefer to bend this ladyboy over and pound her asshole with your meat? Do that @ Ladyboy-Ladyboy!

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10 Responses to “Short dicked ladyboy in a schoolgirl skirt”

  1. Gravious says:

    She looks good in the schoolgirl skirt and panties. She’s got a nice face, but it’s a pity she’s so flatchested (I know that’s an unkind remark); however, that doesn’t stop me finding her very attractive. She does turn me on and I would definitely be willing to perform oral sex on her.

  2. Dean says:

    She is OK with me. I don’t mind if she “flat” and have a small dick. I have a small dick too. I like them all

  3. CazzoNellaTuaFigaAnale says:

    I’ll pound her ass. You don’t even need to ask. That’s what any real man would do.

  4. Teady Bear says:

    Iam a straight man. But I have a fantasie and as far as I see it is you!!!!

    • Teady Bear says:

      Iam desperate, Want to hook up with a trannie, can someone get back to me on that issue please!!!!

  5. Teady Bear says:

    Were are the tranneis.

  6. joe says:

    i have seen your photo if i had the chance to be with you, i would only want be with you for about 3 yrs and then see if i like you,i would take care of you and make you happy, i want a long term with a ladyboy

  7. joe says:

    if only i could meet some one like you or could i meet you

  8. Back Alley Guy says:

    OK! One more time! Why I like trans? They have a cock an tits! I have a cock an can take there cock an have them dancing to any thing I want. Make them bend to what ever I so like for them to please them self’s. I live in Hayward CA. Here call 510-688-3046. The Back Alley Guy.

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