3, 120 torrent users busted for downloading Avatar XXX 3D illegally.

3, 120 torrent users who allegedly downloaded the porn remake of Avatar are getting sued.

The news came out last Sunday that Larry Flynt Publications sued 3, 120 BitTorrent users who illegally downloaded Hustler‘s “This Ain’t Avatar XXX 3D”. So far, this suit is the second largest in terms of numbers of users sued over porn thievery with the largest suit having as many as 5, 011 people who allegedly downloaded and distributed the heavily pirated celebrity sex tape “Danielle Staub Raw.”

This news made me wondering how many of Internet surfers watch stolen porn videos from time to time. We reassure You that Your vote will be totally anonymous and no bits of information will be stored at our servers in regards to Your voting, including your IP address. See our Privacy Policy for details.


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