Are you married?

Are you a shemale lover? Answer my poll whether you are married

I wonder if many readers of my blog are actually happy husbands dreaming of something more than their wives can offer them 😉

Please vote on my poll, that would be an interesting statistics.

18 thoughts on “Are you married?”

  1. I am married and have kids but i would love to have a tranny as my know that she has a cock and to be able to suck her and feel her cock up inside of my all the time your be my fantasy cum true. I have always had a love for trannies. I think they are so beautiful and sexy!

  2. I am single and i would love to have shemale as a lover, friend, soul mate. Knowing that i could have the best of both worlds, to be made love to and make love to a beautiful shemale will be beyound my fantasies. I could also dress up in my short skirts and pantyhose and heels and live as two lesbians. I just love shemales, when i visted sites i often wonder how it would feel to have their cock’s up my ass,mmmmmmm and have mine up their assmmmmmmmm.

  3. I was married in 1999 but it ended not too long into it. I was engaged to a girl for two years up until about three months ago. We would have been married right now actually. She was 10 years younger than me. I’m 31. She went for a kid with a bright orange mohawk, indecipherable tattoos on each side of it, and countless piercings. This kid has more metal in his face than Robocop had on his whole body. All my life my luck with women have been bad. And for years I’ve longed to meet a tranny. I think I’m going to swear off women and hopefully someday meet a special tranny that can change my luck.

  4. im married wish i could get divorce and bring beautifull gorgeous tranny so i can have sex with her everynite and morning and she can fuck me and i can fuck her backsucking each other

  5. I am married and I have great sex with my wife. Nevertheless, it is not enough. I dream about having sex with a shemale ever since I discovered them on the net. Especially the gorgeous ones with nice tits and big cocks turn me on. There is the gay part of me waiting to come out. I wonder if having sex with a shemale will be as satisfying as I imagine it. Can anybody give me some feedback on that?

  6. Yes, I’m married and been with the same man for 26 years. I would love to have sex with a tranny. The beauty of a woman and the cock of man. What’s not to love?

  7. I am married (23 years) with kids. My wife and I still have great sex but I find myself unsatisfied. I had sex with a beautiful TS before I was married and fantasized about her for years afterwards. Recently I have begun hooking up with TS’s for the type of sex and companionship that my wife can’t provide. I have never been more satisfied.

  8. scott, you lucky bastard!
    i’m not married but have girlfriend, bored now though, she’s lost some sex drive.
    i would love to suck shemale cock be sprayed with spunk, and have my virgin arse raped, tonged and fucked, and fuck her back while wanking her lovely big cock in my hand. wow.

  9. I am married, have a grown up family, and only discovered lb’s about 6 months ago. I can’t get enough of them, but i am paying as I don’t know where to find one to be my casual lover. I have a regular escort who has been patient enough to teach me sooo much, I now give and take. She is a petite asian with a six and a half incher, but we go like rabbits. I am so glad I have discovered this in later life, I love my wife no less, but my trysts have added a new dimension to my life. I am planning a trip to Thailand.

  10. yes I would marry a ladyboy in a heartbeat,, you would have the best of both worlds,, and they are loyal to their love one ,, only you would be the fool to break the marriage bond of a ladyboy I am available

  11. am married with kids been sucking cock ever since the wife started rationing our sex life, gays are easier to score love tranny cock but the really good ones cost$$$

  12. I’m married with kids been a CD my hole life would loe to be. A TS ever since I sucked my first cock I new that’s what I one friend was right I’m gay she new once I did it I couldn’t stop but ill never leave my wife I love her.messed up ain’t it

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