Small Penis size problem

Have a short penis? Be sure to read this piece of information

It’s not a secret that some of us guys suffer from a short penis problem. This doesn’t mean we’re bad or handicapped or something, this just means we sometimes lack confidence and want to make our sex life better.

I recommend taking a look at this article that can help You overcome your small penis size problem.

Update: the article has been removed from the target site. Well, try your luck somewhere else 🙂

15 thoughts on “Small Penis size problem”

  1. i would personally prefer a smaal cock shemale, yes that you could take all i n your mouth, balls and all and it wouldn’t hurt your bum when she did you from behind, but that’s my opium, lol

  2. Personally, I don’t think I could accommodate a shemale with a large penis. Actually intimidated by though idea of trying to. Personally, its how we click together thats more important.

  3. I love small cock ts. The smaller the better. I love the creamy cum and eating it all in my mouth. Personally I like nothing over 4 inches, 3 is my favorite. I haven’t had anything smaller than that, but would love to try. Message me in ym sometime.

  4. I met up with this trans one day thinking I was gonna get my dick sucked, but she was aggressive and turned the tables quickly and I ended up sucking and fucking her 3.5 inch cock.

    Never even got a handjob out of the deal 🙁

  5. i like that love being used and being talk to dirty like a fucking slut i am tell me r u going to fuck fist u got lovely cock like that nice hard in u u can call me all dirty slut u want

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    and fuck come mmm nice how big that cook or yours babes and does it come alot

    i have a small cock and the men love it i like dressing up like lady boy to

    my cock so small i get little panties on i always want to have 2 up on me but not had chace yet so that what look i need its turns me on so much thanking of just being used for a cum dump for a few men talk rely dirty to me the get the next cock up me and so on finsh night wiht all come driping out my pussy mm now thats a good night lol

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