Would you eat cum?

More than 92% of 3204 people said they’d love to suck their own cock. Now please answer whether you’d eat cum too.

The poll that I made in November 2006 was given more than a warm reception from my readers. The question was whether you would suck your own dick and more than 92% of 3204 people that have voted to this moment said they do or would love to go down on themselves. And not only that, many people say they would love to swallow their own loads. Here’s a story that a guy named Billy Boy wrote:

I love the taste of my own cum. I especially like to eat it when I go 4-5 days without coming, though that is VERY difficult to do. When I do go days without jerking off or fucking my girlfreind, it is especially thick and gooey. This is when it tastes best and this is when I also like the consistency. It feels so cool when it’s so thick. When it is this thick, I like to swirl it around my mouth and squeeze it between my teeth; all the time watching myself do this in a mirror.

I’ll savor the taste and feeling. I then like to let it slowly run down my tongue and down my throat. I used to only have the guts to taste my pre-cum, but lately I have been swallowing my own loads more often and can’t seem to get enough. I have been told by many partners (all female) that my cum taste great. I had to try it. Now I’m a cum slut(my own). I then graduated to kissing my girlfriend after she sucked me off.

Sometimes I also eat my cum out of her pussy when she is really wasted and doesn’t really know that I came (even if it is just a lil oozing out and not a gigantic load.) This way I can eat it while having sex with her. But with her or without her, I have to have it. I’ve got to eat a mouthful of my own cum at least every couple of days. I love it and can’t get enough.

This made me wonder how many of you guys love the taste of cum too. So, please take your time to answer this short silly poll.


132 thoughts on “Would you eat cum?”

  1. yes i eat my own cum now i just love the way it tastes. if i was in a room masterbating and some t-girls walked in on me not only would i eat my own but i would eat their cum as well and ask 4 more.

    1. were a couple who love sucking shecock. We had two Tgirl friends over tonight and thay both shot huge loads in both our mouths ! And YES we both swallow and love it. also got my pussy filled with 2 or 3 big thick wads of shecum …

      1. I eat my cum and have been ever since I started materbating when the first load I ever jacked off went right in my mouth.. Have sucked many loads off dildos and licked it off my hands… Have had hard cocks shoot off in my mouth while ramming a fat dildo in my ass.Swallowed 9 loads not counting my own at a party before while my girlfriend watched..

  2. i spend hours dreaming of sucking a big shemale cock, having her spray a big fat load of fresh, hot salty spunk all over my face and down my throat.
    then id suck her lovely cock again, licking on the fat swollen purple bell end and all down her shaft sucking on her hairy balls and back to the dribbling throbbing helmet until she blasted another big creamy load all in my mouth. that would be great.
    any volunteers girls? i’m a very willing cock virgin and eager to please.

  3. Yes, I love to eat my own cum. At first it was not something I would recommend, but then the more I took in my cum, the more I loced the taste. When I met my first t-girl, I could hardly wait for her to cum in my mouth. It was fantastic and one of the best nights of my life.

  4. I like to eat my own cum. I like to jerk off and just before I cum, I’ll flip on my back in the and shoot my load in my mouth and swallow it. It took awhile to get the guts to do this because every time I tried, I wouldn’t go through with it. Now I eat my loads all the time and love the taste.

  5. There is nothing better than eating your own cum. I eat it many ways,just depends on my mood. Sometome I drop a load directly in my mouth. Sometimes I lick the cum off my hands. I find the smell and taste very sexy and it makes me horny. I would love to lock my lips around a shemale dick and never let go untill it gets soft.

  6. I have only tasted my cum. It was bitter and numbed my mouth like Novacane. Maybe I might like someone else’s. “They say” what you eat and drink changes the flavor. I think it’s like pussy, some taste light and sweet and some taste strong.

  7. I haven’t tasted my own, but I have swallowed several loads from t-girls, including my very first experience. I knew i wanted to suck on a cock to see how it feels and no way was i attracted to men, so a beautiful tgirl was always going to get a blow from me… just had to find her first! To cut a long story short, having Tammy’s cock in my mouth was an amazing turn on.. feeling it grow in your mouth and stiffen really got me going and when she started to cum I knew i wasn’t going to stop sucking until I had it all…i hadn’t really thought about what I’d do if she wanted to come in my mouth, but it just seemed kinda natural to me that this ws what I was sucking her for in the first place…I was too turned on to stop and it felt wonderful..the pulse from her cock as she unloaded, the heat from her cum was surprising and the taste not unpleasant…unusual..but the scent is of raw sex and turned me on even more..i slowly kept sucking her head as she said she was very sensitive and I was into giving her as much pleasure as possible…she returned the favour then we chatted…then I fucked her and she came again…I cant tell you how this made me feel…kinda like she really liked me ..one of the best experiences of my life, but I know i was lucky to find a girl like that…funnily enough, the most shocked i was through this whole experience is when she french-kissed me…I wasn’t expecting that !…but it was great!

    1. I’ve never even eaten my own cum yet but can just imagine a hottie blowing her load in my mouth. Do you have to be gay to want to do this because I’m not eventhough Shemales are Hot!!! I don’t mind that they have a cock and their face looks like a womans to me anyways anyhow!!. I’d love it if she said to me “Now smile like a doughnut” and I’d just lap up the goey load of man goe!!!

  8. Recently after a long blowjob, my girlfriend came up immediately and gave me the sloppiest, wettest kiss ever. Well, I didn’t think much of it at the time as we were both fucked up. Well, in retrospect, she gave me a big snowball. The more I thought about it though, the more I liked it. I really enjoyed the taste and have began swallowing my own sperm.

  9. While jacking off taste your pre-cum,this will give u an idea of what your load will taste like,although the real stuff has a stronger flavour.Better to try it first this way.

  10. i often thought about tasting my own cum, so i would jo into my hand but then lose interest and not taste it. one day i was slowly stroking, with my legs up over my head and my cock hanging just above my face and licking the precum off the end of my cock as it drippped out. it was sweet and i was getting more excited. suddenly the urge to cum came over me and i only had a moment to decide, should i or shouldn’t i? i opened my mouth wider and gave a final couple jerks and swallowed at the same time. mmmm, i luved it, and now i do it regularly. wish i had tried it many years earlier, to think of all the fun times and sweet cum i wasted.

  11. Wow. Reading these post’s got me to try eating my own cum. I’ve tried many times but couldn’t finish the job so to speak. Oh, every once in awhile I’d taste a little pre-cum or a bit of the real thing; but not very much.

    Well, I was deer hunting last month when I decided to jerk off while in my deer stand. I was so turned on while looking at a big buck that when I finally came, it was a huge load and I ate the whole damn thing. Then I knocked that deer down and jerked off again. There wasn’t as much come the second time, but it taste just as good. Now I eat my loads all the time. I started doing this in public places as this makes it even more exciting. I’m going to stop typing now and eat a big, thick, gooey load. Mmmmmmm.

  12. Ive tried it and i loved it! it was always a intrest to try it so finally i did, the thought of cum in my mouth was great, let alone my own, made the feeling incredible

  13. It’s thick,it’s hot,it’s sweet.I have drink my own cum so many times,but the most exiting is when it blasting from a hard cock.Come on big fellows,I want all of you to com in mouth and fill me with gallons of honey-cum!

  14. i have always been afraid of the taste but not to long ago i arched my back and took a load in my mouth and it was great i want to eat another mans cum now to see if the taste is different if i can find a man that will let me suck him off it is great

  15. I used to be able to take my cock in my mouth balls deep. The tasete of the cum wasn’t bad. The feeling of getting a BJ and feeling the throbbing dick in my mouth at the same time was awsome. Due to back surjery from a work related injury, I can’t even lick the head any more. I miss it and have not been inclined to come in my own mouth without actually receiving the oral stimulation. If you can reach your own I highly recommend it.

  16. being married and when i feel horny i have to be quick when wanting to have a wank. the first time i ate my own cum i was so shocked but boy it tasted lovely.
    i was pulling on my dick and was just shooting my load when my eldest came in through the front door i had no choice but to put it straight in my mouth. I didnt swallow at first. but when is saw my eldest i swallowed straight down the taste was so salty and slighty tangy but it was mmmm.
    as i am typing this my cock is so hard i am going to eat it now again

  17. I just started to eat my own cum. I started with licking it off my fingers and it got me so HOT I came more and more to the point I couldn’t keep up. Now I’m trying to suck myself and eat it all the time. Trying to find a hot shemale here so I can suck her off and taste soomone elses cum..any offers?

  18. I love licking my cum off my fingers each night. I’ve sucked a few t girls off in the past and can’t get enough now. Love to suck a cd or smooth fem boy too, even a bi guy with a smooth big cock. Love to hear from someone like that here, email me at tglvr4u@yahoo.com

  19. I have tried my own cum but can’t get my cock to my mouth anymore. I do love sucking another guy and love when he shoots his hot load in my mouth. I do swallow

  20. i just pump my cock and suck a dildo until i shoot my load into a champaine glass . then i make a quick toast, smearsome on my dildo and slurp down the rest

  21. i like when i suck my ladyboy dick just before they come they take both ther hand pull my mourh down ther dick so i can’t pull off till they come like when they do that.

    1. I love to cum on the crotch of a pair of real dirty panties and eat the shit out of it.I also love to put on these panties and piss in them into a glass and drink it.

  22. i used to see all the porn videos in which those pretty girls gulped down a big load, it was a huge turn on for me. and since then i have always wanted to know how cum would taste like. and sometime when masturbating i would get so turned on that i decided to eat my own load. but i would loose the urge just when i came. all i could ever manage to do was taste my precum. and i fell in love with that.
    after a long time i discovered ways to taste my own cum. i learned about prostate milking and found that i could cum without orgasm. man that changed my life. since then i have been totally in love with myself and my cum. i have discovered many kinky ways to eat my cum. i just love the taste of cum.
    i wish i would be able to suck a pretty shemale and make her cum in my mouth and swallow it all. i am not interested to do this to other guys thought.
    writing about this is giving me a huge hard on, i think i’ll go pump up som e jizz and eat it.

  23. I’ve been curious about sucking and swallowing shemale cum for ages. I had an opportunity not long ago when a gorgeous ladyboy moved to my area. It wasnt long before we met up, we started by french kissing for ages and she gave me a small bj. Then we met up again, again we french kissed for ages, i felt her getting hard and it wasnt long before we were lying there wanking each other off. I put on some porn and took her in my mouth. I sucked her, and when she said she was gonna cum i made sure her cock was right in my mouth. The moment she came in my mouth was pure bliss, feeling and tasting her shots of wet cum. I swallowed the lot. Unoftunately she had to move from my area so i never got to do it again or try anything else with her.

  24. I hope, if a shemale allows myself the good fortune of servicing her orally, she might consider the act?, of me swallowing her pearls of love! my proof of devotion to her.

  25. ive almways wanted to try it but i cant seem to do it but i love the taste of my precum. i want to try it bad but every time i cum i lose intrest but seeing all the comments from other people i think i can finally do it

    1. I love to masturbate and while doing so occassionally I would lick my precum off my finger, the more often I tasted it the more I wanted eat my own cum. At first I would loose the desire to eat my cum after I shoot off a load, but I tried various ways to collect the sperm and later when my desire to eat cum returned, I could taste it from my stored cum shot. The first time I actually eat my cum I had ejaculated into a small zip lock bag, I opened the bag and lick some of my cum out. That was it! I turned the bag inside out and licked every last drop of cum out of the bag. The more I licked, the more cum I tasted the more excited I became, I started to think of more ways to collec cum for my later consumption. One way that I enjoy is to cum in a condom, tie off and remove the excess rubber and pop he tip with the cum in it into my mouth to chew like chewing gum. The condom was strong enough that I could chew it for a very long time, finally I had to tastemy cum, so I bit a small hole in the tip of the condom and sucked out the cum to swallow it.I have devised many other wasy to collrct and distrubite my cum shots, to my enjoyment. Now I eat my cum as often as I can.

  26. ive done it. i love it. i only do it every now and then though, makes it more special. I Do it when im watching shemales, i pretend its CARLA RENATAs CUM.I can suck my own cock, I get down about 3 or 4 inches on it sometimes. im very flexible. i do it in a shot glass,on food or in a drink. sometimes it tastes bitter, but sometimes its so good!. I wish i could eat CARLA RENATAs cum.

  27. as a shemale i have not and do not wish to eat my own cum,i save that for o
    ther people to do.i enjoy sucking cock and taking their load of cum downmy throat.i have sucked a cock and made him cum twice because it tasted so good.i have found that i like black cock the best,they seem to have loads that are very large and fill my mouth.there are times all i will do is suck as many cocks as i can get.in the adult book store there is no shortage of waiting cocks to be sucked.dressed as i am i have no trouble getting all the cock i want.my be the stockings and heels or my ass or my breast in a sheer top,make them hard but what ever it is they bring their hard cocks to me to suck on and take their loads.

  28. I’ve only tasted my own cum, and I really liked it. I would not suck another man off, but a beautiful, feminine shemale, I definitely would. I guess that’s my fantasy. I’m very curious about being with a shemale and it’s the only way I would suck cock. I am turned on by pictures of well hung shemales, especially Brazilians. I can only imagine what it must feel to have a big cock in your mouth and then feeling her hot cum in my mouth. Oh well, it’s only a fantasy. I wouldn’t know where to start looking.

  29. I wish I was multiple identical duplicates of myself so that we could ass-fuck myselves! I’d love to suck a duplicate of my own cock and swallow his cum! I’d also love to watch a duplicate of myself suck a third duplicate’s cock while another duplicate sits beside me masturbating himself like me!

  30. I have tasted my cum three times. like full blew a load into my mouth. it was okay. I stopped doing it for awhile and recently got the intrest back. soo im slowly moving back. everytime i jack off i always taste my pre cum. i love it. cant get enough of it. 😉

  31. about a week ago i got fucked by a shemale and LOVED it, the best part was when she cumed in my mouth, all the hot gooey cum was the best thing i’d ever had during sex

  32. I love everything about my own cum. I am not able to self-suck but that doesn’t stop me from swallowing every drop for each cum load I blow. My favorite ways to enjoy it are straight into my hand, into a glass, scoop it off my chest… Any way I can get it works for me.

  33. I’ve tried to put my legs over my head and shoot the cum right into my mouth but have chicken out. A mistress had told me to do it on web cam for her and with her watching I couldnt chicken out and shoot my load right into my own mouth. I now love doing it on web cam for others. You would be surprised how many people have requested me to cum in my own mouth. I love doing it with people watching.

  34. I want my wife to tell be to roll over on my back and put my legs over my head. Then she would tell me to open my mouth and she would force my back down and my cock in my mouth. She then would start stroking my dick and tells me to get ready to eat your own cum. I would want my wife to tell me to eat all of it and we will do this every night for now on so get use to the idea. That is my fantasy and I HOPE IT COMES TRUE!!!!!! I have never tasked my cum or sucked another guys dick but would love to one day. BUT I ALWAYS DREAM ABOUT EATING MY OWN CUM EVERY NIGHT.

  35. I love cum too!!! I started with pre-cum…..but moved onto my big loads!!! I eat alot of pineapple and celery. My female friends love my huge loads, and I do too!!! It’s best is I wait 5 days but sometimes that is wicked hard. Sometimes I play with it on my lips, and sometimes I just take the whole load.

  36. I love cum, I like sucking a guys hard cock and love it when he shoots hot cum into my mouth, even better when we sucking each other and both take each others loads into our mouths. I have started to eat my own cum
    Hmm cant get enough and do dream about sucking cock and eating cum more often
    Hope im normal

  37. I have never taste my load of cum. When i am thinking about a load of hot cum it make me crazy but when i am cuming after that i am loosing the feelings to eat my own cum. I need someone to understand me. I am in Greece at island Crete if someone come here at summer holidays and want to meet me please write viktor_4_you@mail.ru

  38. mmmmmm i love to suck a shemale cock and her shoot inmymouth .i ve tasted my own several times but love others cum too..shemales and hung guys im on y at tellme8393

  39. I’ve tasted my own pre-cum but not the actual ejaculate. Not sure why, probably not sure about the taste etc. However I did eat and swallow sperm about 4 years ago when I was with a shemale in Japan. She was very cute, very feminine and it just happened as I wanted to suck her cute little cock, she got very ecited quickly and came before I could pull her cock out of my mouth. It tased o, but nothing great to make me want to do it again.

  40. I love the taste of my cum, however I am afraid I will want to suck cock so I can get more. I have already pictured myself on my knees and sucking simply to eat more cum. Is this right?

  41. yeah i love to eat my own cum and shemale cum to push it hard into my mouth i love cum test some time im in office and i feel i want to cum i go to bathroom and i jrekoff then im eating my own cum in any where in puplice place i love shemale cum in my ass please more load of fresh cum in my ass and mouth

  42. my wife and i used to try to see if i could get limber enough to suck my own dick..but my dick is very small….as we laid in bed or on the floor…She’d hold my legs and push my ass downward towards my face…i was still a long ways from suckcess…lol…but each time She had me in this position, She’d jack me off into my face and mouth…i was always embarressed about Her seeing me with cum on my face…But She Loved it!…: )

  43. I suck a dick but he has not cumed in my mouth it make 5 times i suck and jack him tonight he cum in my mouth and its a frist for me but I ben eat my cum for a time and it salty i like it..

  44. I would love to try and suck a big cock and swallow some cum ilike eating my own cum. I likje to put my legs ove my head and shoot my cum in my mouth and swallow th wholee load, yum

  45. I have a 9 1/2 in. cock and it is nice and fat. I love to jerk off and I love to watch other men jerk off and cum. I always eat my own cum, I love the taste. I keep it in my mouth and really taste it. i am going to eat my cu right no. I love to jerk off while I am driving down the road and cum in my hand and eat it.man I am so fucking hard

  46. iiiiiimmmmmmmmmm cccccccuuuuuuuummmming oh man am I cumming fill my mouth with cum oh yes baby it taste so nice. I just swallowed every drop of my cum. I wish it was your cum. give me a big load of hot juicy cum

  47. Ass toy myself and then eat my cum from milking prostate! Tastes better and looks whiter too. Never been with a TS or man but would be curious to try it. I have jacked off eating my cum too! mmmm

  48. I too always wanted to try eating my cum but would chicken out after I blew my load. I started by laying on my back with my legs over my head and shooting directly on my face, but would always miss alot of it. I now like to jerk it and stop right before I really blow it all over, alot of cum will leak out into my waiting hand, I will then hold it in my mouth, start jerking again and as I swallow it down I finally blow the rest of my load and then lick up whats left. Its like having two differnt loads to enjoy. I really want to try another guys or transexuals, but am worried about them being DD free and clean. Anyone in the Chicago area that is clean that wants to swap loads??? I got a nice thick 7″er!

  49. yes i luv sucking cock the best part is he cums in my mouth and i swallow his warm load i just luv eating cum so if you have sum for me let me know ill drink it all up

  50. I have been eating my cum for years and love it it is a real turn on
    and i have sucked a few cocks to find out if all cum tast the same
    it dose not i like my cum best now my own cum and my girlfriends are the only cum i eat and i allwase lick and suck her pussy clean after fucking her
    and my cum tast different when mixed with hers
    me and her fuck every night and i lick the cum out of her and eate it
    except now and then when she wants to eat my cum and we do a 69 and eat each other cherrs to all cum eaters

  51. I like when you first start sucking and taste the precumm, yummy, it is true some cumm tastes better than others I have this sexy femboy friend and his cumm is the best I will lick it all sweet and sticky.

  52. I love jacking off and eating precum. It makes me so hot and bothered. I jack myself off to the point of an orgasm and stop. Many times I’ll cum alot and shoot alot of cum all over my fingers, hand and belly which I lick off clean. It tastes great but still after I have an orgasm I won’t drink my own cum. I had several near orgasms the other night and spewed a great deal of cum. I’ve tried others suggestions and shot it in a cup and tried to drink it from the cup but couldn’t do it. Anybody have any suggestions. I’ve ate alot of my cum and its delicious so why is it that I can’t shoot it in my mouth and swallow. When I was younger I was able to suck the head of my cock and several times I shot my entire load into my mouth and swallowed it. Why can’t I swallow every load? I hate wasting it.

  53. I love to lick cum out of ass. I cum in my wife’s pussy then lick every drop out. She tells me I’m nasty but she doesn’t stop me, and now she expects it all the time, she’ll even say aren’t you going to clean-up your mess, ” yes dear”

  54. Since my last post in August last year, I’ve been jacking off alot more and several times my wife almost caught me and I had no choice but to lick if up off of my chest after I shot a big load. No matter how many times I’ve eating my own cum, I still can’t seem to do it every time I jack off. Its not that the taste is bitter or anything. In fact, there’s not much taste at all. I’m hinting around to some friends about the scenario if they ever did it themselves or sucked another dick of a friend, etc. Haven’t gotten any positive replies but hope I do one day as I think that’ll break the ice and encourage me to eat more of my own in the future. I’ve been on female hormones for several years and have a nice set of boobs with huge nipples and golden brown rings around them. If they continue growing, it’ll be almost impossible to hide them which is my goal. Does anybody have any suggestions to help me in my quest?

    Love you all,

    Karen Kay

  55. ive been tasting cum since i was 16 my own but mainly others and no that i am a transexual i find that men want to taste my cum more and more. of course i always taste theirs and they fill my arse with their sweet love juice too. i like men coming on my tits and holdong me by the head whilst they jerk off and come all over my lips and chins and i lick it off with glee.

  56. If I had the opportunity to, I’d do it. I keep hoping my wife thinks I’m kidding about wanting to suck cock and swallow the entire load and will bring home some lucky guy (or group of guys) for me to service. I’d love her watching as I suck one after another and swallow every last drop of their sweet nectar. I don’t know why she doesn’t like sucking my cock anymore. I keep asking her to suck me off and then kiss me giving me back my entire load to devour. Maybe one of these days my dreams (hopes) will be answered. What I’d give right now to have a young black stallion sitting at my desk cumming in my wet mouth feeding me his load. One thing for sure is that not a drop would go to waste. I know I’m a cum addict but don’t know how to go about enacting on it in real life. Any safe suggestions?

  57. I had the opportunity to visit a glory hole and what an experience it was. Naturally, the first cock I saw was a black cock and was it ever big and was still flacid. I got scared but the nice gentleman told me not to be scared and that he’d give me a real treat if I sucked it good. My first lick of his pre-cum got me hooked and I sucked him like a pro and when he told me he was about to cum, I clamped my lips around his hard cock to ensure I would not loose a drop and when he shot his first volley of hot cum and I had my first taste, I was hooked. He rewarded me with the biggest loat of cum I’ve ever had and I kept sucking his delicious cock til I was sure I drained every last drop. My wife couldn’t believe what I had just done. Yes, she was in the stall with me. She wouldn’t suck any cock but after sucking at least a dozen cocks (all black but one Oriental) I was hooked. My wife videotaped me in action and we have watched the tape over and over. I am now a regular there and my first black cock is a regular at our home. I particularly love eating his cum from either his wife or my wife’s pussy. Both women get off when I eat them out. I’m hooked and love it.

  58. I almost forgot. I now know why white women get hooked on dark meat. White men do too. I’ve increased my dosages of female hormones and my tits are gorgeous. When I wear a push up bra, my breast are the envy of all women. I love the fact that they also make me horny for more cock. Not interested in women anymore except to eat their pussy after they’ve been fucked. I really enjoy living now. Too bad it took me so long to get started but better late than never. Give me more black cocks — can’t get enough.

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