Would you fuck your clone?

If you had your 100% identical clone, would you fuck him/her?

A tgirl at our forum, Mandy, mentioned that one of her fantasies would be fucking her own clone. This was something i never thought about and i decided to ask my readers what’s their opinion on this idea. Seriously, many girls and almost all guys masturbate from time to time. Also, as it was revealed in one of my previous polls, many guys would love to suck their own dick. So all in all our own genitalia do not seem repulsive to ourselves.

So, if you had your 100% identical clone, would you fuck him/her? Don’t tell me the poll is missing “i’d only love to be on giving/receiving end“, since the clone would be the exact copy of yours, both physically, mentally and emotionally, so if you are not going to get topped, neither your clone is!


44 thoughts on “Would you fuck your clone?”

  1. I’ve always thought it be great to have a twin. From what I have seen and heard about twins is that they almost always think and act alike. So haveing sex with your twin/clone would be as natural as breathing.

  2. Oh yes,i would love to fuck an exact copy of myself.I would go all the way with my clone,my double would know every single little thing that turns me on so yea,that’s a definate plus.

  3. Now me and myself are fucking each other while two other duplicates of us are simultaneouly also fucking each other right beside us! I’m ontop of Brian with our throbbing swollen dripping hot cocks rub against each while Brian and Brian next to us are doing exactly the same thing as us!We never have t be alone ever again!When me and Brian finish fucking then we can exchange partners and each fuck one of the other two of me!

  4. While we were all fucking four more duplicates of us just came into the room! Now we’re duplicate octuplets! Us four four all stand up face to face with the other four of us to marvel at this amazing sight!

  5. Yes! Now we’re double four of me! I’m standing with two of me to my left and one me two my right! Each of me is standing directly face to face with another me! All of have identical duplicate swollen throbbing dripping hot cocks! Each facing pair step toward each other to embrace and FUCK AND FUCK AND FUCK AND FUCK AND FUCK AND FUCK! And while we’re all fucking eight more of us enter the room! Now there are 16 of me! 16 DUPLICATES! Each pair of the other eight joins a pair of us so that there are four sets of four of me in absolute sexual ecstasy!

  6. While were all fucking suddenly we each reduplicated twice so that there are now 64 DUPLCATES of me! We’re having a duplicate orgy! There are me’s ass fucking and me’s sucking cocks and me’s jerking each other off!

  7. Correction:I’m ass fucking a duplicate of myself while simultaneously sucking the cocks of two other duplicates of myself! The Brian’s are shouting in unison “Suck us Brian! Suck us Brian!”while Brian wrihthes in ecstasy beneath me and moaning with my every thrust!

  8. Brian and I are duplicate twins. We are both totally naked downstairs in the kitchen. Our wife Vesna is upstairs taking a shower. She is unaware that I have become duplicate twins! Brian and I have decided that we will use our duplication machine to also duplicate our wife Vesna while she is naked taking a shower! Brian says to me,”Okay,Brian,go upstairs and duplicate Vesna while I wait downstairs here.””Okay Brian.”,I reply to him. I walk up the stairway and into the bathroom and click on the duplcation machine. There is a sudden flash and two identical women scream simultaneously in the shower. “Oh my god!(Oh my god!)” ,they scream simultaneouly in stereo! I fling the shower curtain open and standing there are two identical duplicate twin Vesnas staring at each other. I step into the bathtub and I start fucking the Vesna on the left and my own duplicate twin rushes into the bathroom and starts fucking the other Vesna simultaneously!

  9. If I don’t how can I expect anyone else to. I’d suck his cock, lick his balls, give him a good rimming, and fuck missionary style while sucking his boobs, and long tongue kisses, cum inside him and eat his asspie, I’d lick him clean. Now you know the kind of lover I am.

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