Ladyboy Areeya in a spectacular live webcam show

Ladyboy Areeya stroking the length of her hot ladyboy cock with great enthusiasm in this recorded webcam show.

[flashvideo filename=”” image=”” streamscript=”lighttpd” /]It has happened!!!

Ladyboy Areeya is a babe that needs no introduction (I wonder if there is any true ladyboy lover that hasn’t seen her yet) and today I’m going to delight you with something more special and unique than the videos of her that you’ve already seen (and jerked off to) a hundred times. Today I give you a recorded live webcam session with the ladyboy goddess.

Breathe deep, you heard that right! Many of us have been dreaming about having a private chat with this most beautiful and sexy ladyboy and now it is finally possible. This weekend our forum member TrannyLick made his fantasy into a reality and had a 20-minute sexy chat with Areeya. Not only that but he was smart enough to record it! I have helped him edit the video and now it’s available here for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

Anyway, I’m going to let TrannyLick speak for himself..

After years of following her career and her chameleon-like appearance (she likes to dress in vastly different outfits and costumes in her photo shoots) meeting Areeya was a true honor and privilege! I was barely able to type as my hands were shaking uncontrollably with excitement. My session on webcam was easily the most incredible experience I’ve ever had on any live cam chat.

She was ready to get down and dirty right out of the gate. Her tight little black top came off almost immediately revealing her perfect boobs. As she started caressing and squeezing her titties, her nipples grew erect and longed to be sucked.

Areeya really likes to talk dirty and she used that talent to get me aroused quickly. Soon it was time to release her shemale cock that she had tucked into a pair of sheer panties. I could tell from the start that those panties were not going to contain her pulsing shaft for long. Erect almost immediately, Areeya began stroking the length of her hot rod with great verve and enthusiasm. Her flawless skin wrinkled ever so slightly with delight as her face contorted with pleasure. Yeah, she was ready to play.

It wasn’t long before she started to straddle the camera to display her sweet cheeks and tight round sack. All the time she had one hand on the stick shift and the other expressing her wants and needs via the keyboard. She knew exactly what to say and do to get me standing at attention. Then the nasty little girl knelt down in front of me with her fully erect cock in her hand and started to stream saliva down onto the tip of her engorged member. She iced her erection with the sugary stuff and slowly began to rub one out. The head of her cock glistened with tension and excitement and I could tell she wanted more.

She could have milked me for all I was worth but alas, the session had to end at some point. Regrettably I had to sign off and she was very sweet and understanding. I wish to see her again on webcam so I can go all the way with her. Areeya is without a doubt one of the nicest and hottest webcam ladyboys ever to grace the face of the Earth. My adventure of absolute joy and satisfaction with her will resonate in my memory (and hard drive) with for a long time. I have no doubt that if you have the opportunity to visit Areeya in her webcam private room you should do it without hesitation.

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  1. That was the most beautiful scene i’ve ever seen…. Areeyah is the most beautiful WOMAN i have ever seen…! The fact that there was surreal, alien-landscape-ish Musique Concrète playing that precisely co-incided with the jerky movement of the video capture made it that much more amazing!!! G0d, i could kiss her for the rest of mi life!!!!! i’d give damnear ANYthiNG to slide mi mouth around her perfect cock. if i were still skinny i’d want to fuck her sushi-sweet, perfectly-puckered asshole while licking that pretty groove under her glans — her angelic cock-head — and mi hands would roam joyously over the heavenly curves of her glorious body. Imagine waking up next to her every day; she’d be so sad because i died of happiness too soon and left her instead of never knowing mi so i live in misery until i’m 97 and dying neglected in a criminally filthy rest home…. AREEYAh!!! I NEEd YOUUUUU!! don’t let mi go on this way until i go out that way! PLLLEEEEEAAASE!!!!!!

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