Sucking own cock – poll results. And another webcam cutie!

Suck Me Hard TS performs a self-fucking show live on a webcam

suck me hard - a tgirl giving herself a blowjobI have logged in to check the results of the poll i opened abolut a week ago, whether you would suck your own dick or not. 650 men have voted so far. It appears that the majority (91%) of us find the idea of giving ourselves a blowjob very appealing! And 16% of the voters can actually do it (but 5% of those don’t for some reason).

Reading this brought me in a horny mood and i went to live cams to look specifically for a shemale who can perform this show for me. And i have found Suck Me Hard TS, the Filipino Mistress. She really is a cutie and her cock is awesome! Looks very big and yummy. And when i asked her to suck it for me and she did that.. Wow man, that was something!

Check her out and cum together with her!

20 thoughts on “Sucking own cock – poll results. And another webcam cutie!”

  1. man i wish i could do that! Are there any good auto fellatio shemale sites? I know Mint and Adrieli Pinheiro can but she is so hard to find. And if you ask me thats one of the hottest things i have ever seen. A shemale who can suck her own cock! man i tell you I’m only 21 and i am in my my prime to find a chick who can do that.

  2. i could when i was young 18yr old. loved doing this dream about it now had 8″ but not only have 6″ over 60 over weight and no longer limber any info on male enhancements that really work and get be bigger again.

  3. I have always wanted to be able to suck my own cock. If I could do it I wouldn’t have to jackoff. I do love jacking off with my legs over my head so I can catch all that creamy cum in my mouth.

  4. I always want to cum in my own mouth but always lost the nerve. I hocked up with a mistress and told her about it and she said she would help me accomplish this task. She made preform in front of others and itt was unbelieveable. People were shock to see me cum right into my own mouth. I knew I could back out with my mistress there and others watching. She now has me do it on webcam for others on demand.

  5. i usually spend about 2 or 3 hours watching porn and doing naughty things to really make me horny. then i throw my legs over my head and slowly push my cock into my mouth. if i can hold my cum long enough i have time to stick 2 fingers in my ass. i keep them in there when im shooting hot sticky cum down my throat coz it makes the orgasm so intense that i nearly pass out! i love it and always will!

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