Bianca Freire’s exclusive set

Gorgeous Bianca Freire in this exclusive photo set from Brazilian Shemales Club

A picture from the exclusive set of Bianca Freire at Brazilian Shemales ClubWho here asked for new pictures of Bianca Freire? Here they are! I borrowed them from the famous Brazilian Shemales Club and believe me it was not easy to convince the owner of the site to let me post them here. Let me remind you, it was there where she first appeared back in 2004 when she was only 18. Anyway, all is settled now and here she is, pleasing us with her new exclusive set.

Noone will object she looks gorgeous here. Heart melting smile, black shining eyes, luxurious body, adorable dick… I’ll leave looking the gallery over up to you while i’m going to dive under her and suck on her awesome titties. What a girl, really, what a girl!

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10 thoughts on “Bianca Freire’s exclusive set”

  1. Must have more of Bianca! She’s the most beautiful tgirl alive. I’ve often dreamed of meeting her and offering myself to her. Perhaps it sounds pathetic but she’s the one who made me realize my true desires and come to accept things about myself. She’s adorable. Sweet lovely face. Great body. Great cock. I love that little curve to it. She’s everything I’d want in a woman. And I cannot praise her enough. Give us more!

  2. Hey Ogryn1313, you are insatiable, you know that? Hehe. Bianca is truly exquisite and very popular, however i’m having a hard time finding new content of hers. Will keep on working on that.

  3. WAHOWZA! I get hard just looking at her face! Oh man i’d want her to be my shemale lover for sure, damn she is so exquisitely fucking hot! Where do such perfect cocked women come from? Geez i so wanna stuff her ass hard and get stuffed by her!

  4. Bianca:
    Et’s la millior noia que hi ha per tot el mon. Et’s un somni per mi.
    Ya me la torno cascan pensant amb vos (Bianca).
    A on et puc trovar ???

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