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Sweet face of a webcam ladyboy KimI was not too discouraged with my yesterday unsuccesful webcam chat, so, full of hopes, with my cock in my hands, I logged in to my Imlive account to see who’s online. And it didn’t take too long, this webcam girl momentarily hooked me with her sexy smile. Her name is xxSHEMALExx. If you’re only looking up top there’s no indicator that she was born a boy. She’s really gorgeous, and her face is so cute and feminine, in fact this is what drew me to her in the first place. Her real name is Kim and she began our show with a little tit play. I was pleasantly surprised to see a natural pair of A cups on her sweet and sexy body, which was totally naked by the way. After a bit of chat to start things off she panned the web camera down to her crotch and started stroking her lovely shaven cock.

Speaking of which, she was decently endowed for Asian. I’d say it was a good 6 inches with a perfect thickness. It was just the kind of cock that will give you a good fuck without causing any discomfort. You better believe I was dreaming of having that thing inside me while I was watching her stroke it. My own dick was raging looking at her go. I especially liked it when she would speed up her stroking and her hand would turn into a blur.

Her dick was nice and hard in no time at all and I started typing a stream of my erotic thoughts. All I could think about was wrapping my lips around her glistening purple head and swirling my tongue around it. It looked awfully tasty and I would have given anything to lick a salty drop of precum from her shaft. Things got even hotter when she zoomed out her camera and I got a full body view of the action. To me there’s nothing finer than watching a beautiful shemale stroke her cock. Kim has such beautiful tiny tits and by all accounts she looks like a woman, except for that schlong.

The fun was really just beginning at that point. Kim had quite a bit more in store for me. After her stroking session she leaned in towards the camera until it was close up on her face. Then she started working her tongue, running it over her lips and clearly trying to drive me wild with thoughts of that tongue working my cock. At one point she showed her little sexy feet and oh my, i was so close to cumming that moment. This sexy ladyboy was putting on one of the finest webcam shows I had ever seen and it promised to get even better.

I really wanted to see her ass, so she bent over and pointed it at the camera. Using her hands she spread her cheeks wide and let me have a look at her perfect pink asshole. It was ripe for penetration and my only regret was that I wouldn’t be able to do the penetration. After groping her cheeks and spreading them for me she got out her dildo and propped it up under her ass. It had a heavy base so it would stand up on its own and when she sat down on it half the shaft slipped into her ass without a problem. At that point I got lost in a fantasy of it being my cock that was penetrating her ass and I nearly came.

After the fucking she put the dildo away and proceeded to blow me away one more time. First she had the camera zoom in tight on her ass so I could have an up close and personal show. Then she took hold of her mostly flaccid cock and actually pushed the tip into her asshole!!! It was unbelievable! She was actually fucking herself, at least in a very minor way. You don’t see that kind of thing every day. Kim is really a girl worth visiting! I gave her a five star rating and I’d certainly go back again.

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