Cool menthol smoke and a blowjob from a ladyboy

The feeling of her lips and cool menthol smoke while this ladyboy was sucking the head of my dick was absolutely incredible!

Another little lovely reader submitted story. Thanks for sharing, Frank Carson 😉

A few years back I was in Pattaya on hols from Aussie. I met this chick, well I thought she was a chick anyway. Too many beers maybe at the time! When we got back to my hotel we sat on the balcony having a brandy before what I thought was going to be a night of fantastic sex. This chick takes out a packet of Menthols and asks for a light, no worries she smokes there and we natter over shit various. After a period of time her hand moves over to my groin and old fella starts to get excited. In no time she has him out of the jeans and he is getting a very slow but pleasurable hand job.

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A shemale nurse in a dentist’s office

I met this shemale nurse in a dentist’s office and the oral sex she gave me was amazing. There’s nothing better than to fuck a shemale in a dentist’s chair!

In this little story by our reader Jim, he met a beautiful nurse in a dentist’s office and asked her out for a drink. Little did he know that this special lady had a surprise for him 😉

I am employed in maintenance of medical/dental equipment in the greater LA area. Last year I checked in at this Culver city Dentists office to do some work. I knocked at the door and heard this voice telling me to come on in. I opened the door and saw this blond honey out on a balcony having a smoke. After introductions I went about my work as she chatted to me from the balcony over her coffee and cigarette. I asked if she was the dentist as she was setting a poor example regarding the health issues and smoking etc. I have to say she was cute, damn cute. She explained to me she was the hygiene nurse and did the cleaning/scaling on patients teeth, she was also the assistant to the main man.

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