Some New Sex Positions To Try

Read about these hot sex position and be sure to give them a try – you are going to love it!

Most everybody knows the sex positions, so why read this? Well there maybe a few that you don’t know or some that you may can improve on. Read on and you will be pleased with what you learn. New things are essential to keeping your sex life alive. Don’t fall into the rut of the same ole position and technique night after night. Here are some sex positions that might help spice up your intimate life, and, although there were originally intended for sex between a male and a female, with a little imagination you can apply this to a shemale sex as well. Enjoy!

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Should I sleep with a Ladyboy?

I have seen pictures of very beautiful ladyboys and I’m wondering if I should to to Bangkok to sleep with a ladyboy.

This was written by our reader Dave, and, I believe, needs to be seen by more people.

Is this one of life’s more tricky questions or am i giving it too much thought? Should I sleep with a ladyboy when I go to bangkok in a few weeks? I have spoken to lots of my friends who have been over to asia and some of them have had tranny sex and others say no way would they ever do that. As a western man from europe I was thinking about trying it out, you only live once right so why not? Does any one here have any advice or points of view as to whether I should take on this fantasy? I have zero experience with ladyboys having never even spoken to one so sleeping with one just for fun seems a little bit wrong, almost taking advantage of thier situation.

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