Asian ladyboy Suzuki

Exotic Asian transsexual lady Suzuki shows her more-than-average genital weapon

Delicious Asian shemale SuzukiOne may think this lovely Asian tgirl comes from one of well known ladyboy sites, such as lb-69 or lb-lb, and he will be wrong. This pretty Asian ladyboy (her name sounds Japanese) appears at Shemale Club and, although I don’t know what she’s doing there among all those Brazilians, her beautiful huge cock is certainly a pride of their collection.

The photographers did a good job presenting Suzuki in the most favourable light. This backyard with a pool and oriental building brings You in a specific mood and makes you believe Suzuki is a japanese geisha, a sweet lady with lovely pert titties who is there to fulfil your fantasies. But be careful, because she has a very powerful samurai weapon, and if you behave badly, she will turn it against you. Yes, i’m talking about that huge cock with a big ball pouch that she’s hiding in her panties. Oh my, what a dong it is! Can you imagine wrapping your lips around that Asian dragon and sucking it madly until you drain it dry… After that she’d turn you around and give you a serious fucking, and don’t tell me you didn’t want that 🙂

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  1. wow she does look extremely hot in this pic, makes me wana move 2 japan lol. say i know it must be hard 2 get in touch with these stars, but it would be nice 2 see some more interviews with these lovely shemales on ur site, just a tought

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