Ladyboy Amy at Ladyboy Gold

Stunning ladyboy from Thailand Amy appearing at Ladyboy Gold

Beautiful ladyboy Amy from ThailandPrecious Amy is one of my top 3 asian tgirls and i think i really have a crush on this ladyboy. Yo me it’s always a big excitement to see her new pictures and videos, and not only to me i reckon. It was just yesterday that i jerked off to a wicked movie of hers doing 69 with ladyboy Max (from LB-69) and now here arrives new kick ass solo photo set. And that girl didn’t disappoint.

She, again, looks so tempting, cute and innocent, you can’t take your eyes off of her, and the mere thought of being with her and kissing her gives you a boner. I love her eyes and her new lovely firm round tits (in fact, it’s so great she didn’t go too far with her tit job, and these C sized cups look absolutely amazing). Looking at her slim body, her dark skin, watching her undressing slowly for you, will sure as her get your dick hard and your panties wet, and the only thing that you could think of would be your growing desire to get in her panties, jerk off her little asian dick and bury your swollen cock in her shemale pussy…

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  1. This woman is by far the most amazing creature that I have witnessed. From her face to her legs, it is impossible to mistake her for anything other than a woman. I think that i have now got a secret and I love my little secret. I showed an image of her face to a mate who does not know that i like shemales and he is well and truly straight and he fell for her. He thinks that she is an absolute stunner. She is just so beautiful, sexy, gorgeous, sensuous looking woman that I have ever laid my eyes on. I would choose her over all women.

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