Ladyboy Mint demosntrating her huge shecock again

Ladyboy Mint poses solo demonstrating her huge she-dick and sucking it afterwards

Ladyboy Mint wanks and sucks her giant schlongI know that ladyboy Mint is one of your favourite t-girls, guys. It’s one of my favourite too. You can imagine how excited i was when i saw this new promo gallery from Ladyboy 69 that features Mint. And as you see, she’s gorgeous as usual.

She poses solo demonstrating her huge she-dick. What a perfect staff she has, it can be looked at for ages. And of course you can expect her doing her favourite trick – sucking her own dick.

Enjoy this new cock-bulging picture set. I must admit the quality of images is much better now than in earlier Mint’s galleries.. guess the guys at lb-69 are working hard to improve the quality of their site. 😉

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  1. zengoth say > mint izz a w e z o m e _ my 7inchhardrod izz waitin 4 mintz snaketongue _ 2 kiss amd suck and fuck with mint will bii a dreamcummtruu _ this superiorcoxx,this snaketongue,this eyez_ gonna try 2 meet mint in da near phuture _ luv mint 4ever ___-:)

  2. Mint is very cute, I dont think she is too skinny,in fact I think that she has a beautiful body and a really pretty face. That tool of hers would make anyone drool. She has a pretty smile and a kind of mischevious look in her eyes which which I think is very attractive.

  3. Mint’s cock is enormous. It comes to 21 centimeters, or 8.2 inches. He measures it in one of his videos.
    And that’s just the shaft. So add another two inches — from the base of the balls — and Mint’s overall cock size is 10.2 inches long.

  4. her cock is HUGE…its almost twice as long as mine…its so sexy to see a woman with a bigger cock than you. its almost as if ur manhood is being stripped away but that is sexy to me

  5. Mint is truly a jewel. She is not too skinny at all. What she lacks in weight she makes up in “Meat” Look at that cock and tell me that you are not wanting to get busy in some delicious way …. That’s my girl! I will be there soon honey! Just keep your cock hard! Later Baby.

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