Ladyboy sailor shows her small bollard

Ladyboy in sailor outfit pulls out her yummy looking small ladyboy cock, then takes off her top and we get to see her big round tits!

Lovely ladyboy posing in sailor outfitI heard that in Japan the sailor outfit is a big sexual theme. The guys go crazy for it, probably because it’s been modified heavily and it’s more like a naughty girl sailor. I mention that because this fine gallery from Shemale Allure features a lovely ladyboy posing in that very outfit. The top is loose fitting and still very sexy and her skirt is incredibly short and with just a little bit of movement she finds herself completely exposed to the world. That’s how it’s supposed to be and that’s how she wants it. I like it when she spreads her legs and we can see the bulge of her cock pressing against the fabric of her panties.

When she does that we also get a chance to see her sexy ruffled socks and her black patent high heels. This girl has chosen the perfect outfit and watching her pose in it gets me going in a big way. Even better is when she begins stripping from it. First she pulls out her ladyboy cock (or is it bollard as they sailors say?) and strokes it to half size. Then she takes off her top and we get to see those big round tits and ogle them to our heart’s content. Go ahead, visit Shemale Allure and dream about what it would be like to fuck that sweet body.

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