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Lovely Bianca Freire with a big cockThis shemale gallery is an oldie but goodie, I haven’t dedicated posts to Bianca Freire for some time, but it’s always a delight to see this hot shemale playing with herself for us again.

By the time this gallery kicks off this hot latina tranny Bianca has already gotten mostly nude. She’s hanging out in the spa and the bath tub is just a few feet away. For this gallery she’ll be staying dry, but when you see her cock you’ll be thankful that she’s not hiding it under water. Bianca is a girl that has to show herself off so we can all observe her beautiful body. She starts by playing with her dildo and the oral treatment it gets will make the rest of you jealous. How come I don’t get to be that dildo is what I was thinking.

Sucking the dildo actually inspires her to get rock hard and when the camera pulls back you can see Bianca’s big shemale cock! I can’t stop admiring it, it’s not huge, but it’s the perfect size for fucking a tight asshole and what more do you need from a good looking slut. She plays with her shemale cock, but the gallery hits a high point when she takes the dildo and directs it into her shemale asshole. It slides deep in there and rests comfortably. Tell me you’re not imagining it’s your cock up in there. I know that’s exactly what I was imagining when I saw it.

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Bianca Freire on live webcams

Bianca Freire now also performs on live webcams. Did you know that now can have your own private live webcam show with her?

Live webcam show of Bianca Freire Bianca Freire
Until today I didn’t know that my all-time favourite TS superstar Bianca Freire also performed on live webcams. Imagine what a surprise it was for me when i fould this thread at our forum where our member CreativeMind mentioned that Bianca Freire performs at Live Jasmin. Naturally, i had to see if she performs at multiple sites as well so I logged in to my webcam account and found a profile of Bianca Freire there! Yes, the ony and only Bianca Freire is also giving live shows now! This was simply incredible!!!

Boy, how come i still haven’t chatted with her? This girl is the real deal, i remember seeing a gallery of hers for the first time, and she was absolutely gorgeous! She was and still remains the sexiest and hottest looking tgirl for me, i think i have seen every single picture or video of hers available on the net. And now i find out she’s also available for a live chat, how’s that? Speaking of her room, she was offline all the time i was looking, perhaps i gotta save some money and schedule a video chat with her? 😉 Or perhaps some of our readers already did that and could share the details of their prvate cam chat with Bianca Freire.

Shemale Club, the site that offers huge amounts of shemale porn

A review of Shemale Club, one of the best tranny porn sites stuffed with tons of excellent picture and video content

Lovely tgirl Bianca Freire sucking some cowboy's dick at Shemale ClubWhen I joined Shemale Club I think it was mostly because of Bianca Freire, a hot Brazilian t-girl that I’m obsessed with. I was looking for pictures of her all over the net and as it turned out Shemale Club had one of the most impressive collections with a total of 14 picture sets and videos. Needless to say, that kept me busy for a very happy 14 days.

After I was through with Bianca I decided to check out who else they had on their site and I was pleased to discover a really huge shemale database. As of now there are over two hundred different t-girls awaiting you inside. And by “different” I mean Brazilian, Chile, Argentina, American, Ebony and Asian tgirls…

It was quite some time ago that I joined that site and I can proudly say I still love being a member of Shemale Club. This fantastic site delivers the best value for your money and it’s a true pleasure for me to do a review of it. Let us get started…

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See the dildo penetrating a tight asshole of shemale Bianca Freire

Lovely Bianca Freire toyingA good looking shemale isn’t a remarkable thing, but a good looking shemale with a great pair of tits, a perfectly female body and a big cock is pretty rare. And with that I present to you Bianca Freire from Shemale Club, arguably one of the finest shemales you’ll every lay eyes upon. In this fine gallery, presented to you by the folks over at Shemale Club, Bianca is putting her body in display. She’s wearing a cute red bra and panty set, although she’s topless within a few moments of the gallery opening. After that she poses for a few shots and then strips off her panties.

What’s remarkable is that as soon as her panties are gone her dick is almost instantly hard. Look at that six inch beauty and imagine your mouth wrapped around it, pleasuring this goddess in the way that she deserves. Or perhaps you can look forward a few pictures and see the dildo penetrating her asshole. Put your mind to work and imagine that’s your dick being stuffed deep inside her ass.

Doesn’t it feel good in there, so nice and tight? There’s much more of Bianca at Shemale Club so I’d pay them a visit to check her out.

Bianca Freire, the Ultimate tgirl

Lovely Bianca Freire with her nice big tits, a slim waist, flared hips and a plump ass, simply the Ultimate Tgirl

Bianca Freire appearing at Ultimate TgirlFor me, the ultimate t-girl is one that appears in every way to be a woman, with the exception of the cock hanging between her legs. She’d have nice big tits, a slim waist and flared hips. She’d have a plump ass but not a huge ass; I’d like it to be smaller than mine at least 😉 . On top of all that she’d have a nice functional cock so we could have some fun in the bedroom. What’s amazing is that I’ve found the girl of my dreams, Bianca Freire, and she makes her home at Ultimate T-Girl, the site dedicated to exotic chicks with dicks.

I can’t help but admit that Bianca is mind blowingly beautiful in this gallery. Tell me that you wouldn’t hit on this girl if you saw her in a bar, even if you have no desire for chicks with dicks. She’s incredibly beautiful with a stunning female body including the aforementioned slim waist and flared hips. Her tits are big and perky and when she takes all her clothes off there’s a beautiful cock waiting there. She even manages to get her cock most of the way hard so you know if she needed to she could certainly give you a good fucking.

Bianca is certainly one of my favourite tgirls, and you can dig the archives of this blog to prove me right. Also, you should certainly check out her goodies at Ultimate Tgirl, i just love her at that site.

Bianca Freire shows her best features

Gorgeous Brazilian shemale Bianca Freire plays with her delicious curved she-dick

Lovely Bianca Freire stroking her curved dickJust as i thought i’m not going to find any more pictures of hers in the near future, I have stumbled upon another great photo set of Bianca Freire at Shemale Club. All i can say is WOW, this girl can’t stop amazing me. Beautiful and sexy as always, she shows her truly best features here. Just look at her delicious curvy dick, would you like to hold it for her while fondling her sweet round perky titties? 😉

Enough for today, the weather is hot and even shemale bloggers need a rest. I have uploaded several more pictures of hers to a forum thread, check them out.

Bianca Freire in a threesome

Beautiful tgirl Bianca Freire and her shemale friend Dani in a threesome with a hairy man Jean

Bianca Freire in a threesome with Dani and JeanWatching a gallery of Bianca Freire in hardcode action is like watching your lover being fucked by a stranger. You feel envy that some other guy (not You) gets to fuck her shemale pussy, but at the same time you can’t help but adore her beauty…

This gallery from Shemale Club has only recently been made public, so You are welcome to enjoy it. As usual the complete set is only available for the members of the club (which I believe You already are).

A burly man Jean has succeeded in fucking two trannies at once, our love Bianca Freire and a blonde chick Dani, and oh my, he gets as much as possible out of this threesome. Watching Bianca Freire is always so much a turn on, imagine if it was Your dick she was sucking, while you played with her yummy shecock and balls. And what could be better than sucking her balls into your mouth just after you just pounded her sweet asshole and another chick is riding your cock like crazy now. Or feeling the hot wonderful dick of Bianca Freire reaming your anus while you fuck the shit out of her tgirlfriend? This is something You’d never forget doing! Visit Shemale Club to see more!

Bianca Freire

Bianca Freire,  one of the most desirable shemales on the webToday I am going to win heavy applause from all admirers of Bianca Freire. I have just found a gallery of hers at Shemale Club that i don’t remember posting, and, although it doesn’t look very fresh and many of you have probably seen it somewhere, it’s the first time that it’s appearing at Trans Ladyboy.

So many words have been said about this adorable tgirl, Bianca Freire is probably the most beautiful brazilian shemale on the web. Just look at her posing here for You. So great body and so lovely face, it makes you want to kiss every inch of her body, tits, legs and of course her great cock with that little delightful curve. Yet another picture set of hers to admire… Enjoy it and make sure to check our Shemale Club for more of hers. There are whopping 14 sets of Bianca Freire there as of now!

Bianca Freire’s exclusive set

Gorgeous Bianca Freire in this exclusive photo set from Brazilian Shemales Club

A picture from the exclusive set of Bianca Freire at Brazilian Shemales ClubWho here asked for new pictures of Bianca Freire? Here they are! I borrowed them from the famous Brazilian Shemales Club and believe me it was not easy to convince the owner of the site to let me post them here. Let me remind you, it was there where she first appeared back in 2004 when she was only 18. Anyway, all is settled now and here she is, pleasing us with her new exclusive set.

Noone will object she looks gorgeous here. Heart melting smile, black shining eyes, luxurious body, adorable dick… I’ll leave looking the gallery over up to you while i’m going to dive under her and suck on her awesome titties. What a girl, really, what a girl!

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Bianca Freire at Shemale Club

A picture of Bianca Freire from Shemale Club archive

bianca freire in a new photo set from shemale club

Looks like Shemale Club, one of the oldest shemale sites, now has a new set of Bianca Freire for its members. I could not find the whole gallery, and this is about the only picture of hers i’ve got. Isn’t she beautiful? 🙂