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[flashvideo filename=”http://www.transladyboy.com/videos/GorgeousZahara.flv” image=”http://www.transladyboy.com/videos/GorgeousZahara.jpg” linkfromdisplay=”true” width=”320″ height=”260″ streamscript=”lighttpd” /]From the moment I saw Gorgeous Zahara’s profile I knew I had to have a private webcam show with her. She’s just too beautiful to skip over and she makes an effort to look like a feminine dream come true, which I love in my shemale beauties. Check out the show video and you’ll see her sexy, slutty makeup and her long hair styled so sensually to make her look like the arousing beauty that guys want to fuck. At the very least you can dream of banging her as she plays with her cock and shows off that smooth all natural body.

She was more than happy to get naked right quick and after a little teasing she was there in front of the camera with that transsexual body fully nude and a great show getting underway. There were great views of her tiny titties and an even more arousing look at her ass, which she showed when bending over and pulling those cheeks apart to give a great look at the space between them. That’s when I first had a powerful flash of pushing my cock into her and fucking this beautiful tgirl right there on her office chair.

Don’t her lips look perfect in that pretty red lipstick? Don’t you want to kiss this t-girl or watch as she gets on her knees and parts those beauties to suck on your cock and make you hard as a rock? You could have so much fun with her and she counts on that in the beautiful video as she does everything she can to arouse. I had a genuinely good time just looking at her makeup and imagining all sorts of dirty scenarios, which only got better when she proved completely willing to chat dirty with me.
The naughty nature of the shemale webcam show went to the next level when it was time to play with her cock and tranny ass and she spread her legs wide to make sure I had a great view. What a smoking hot babe she is! Her entire body is shaved to look smooth and I’m sure she uses lotions to keep her skin soft and sexy for you. I also know she likes to rub her little rosebud with her fingers to stimulate the area and turn herself on a little bit more. Check out how she licks her lips sometimes, too? That’s pretty damn hot and will certainly make you horny with lusty passion.

My absolute favorite part of the shemale cam show comes towards the end where she starts masturbating for real and her tranny cock gets really big. She said in her profile she had a big cock but that thing looks to be at least eight inches long and it was a thrill to watch her site with her legs open and see her dick get nice and big. If you’re going to watch a tranny masturbate on camera you want her to be fully erect and fully functional. This tempting transsexual certainly does that and it’s why I’ll be going back again when I want to bust a nut to a super hot babe and I advise you to.

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Ladyboy Mint puts lube all over her body and cock and strokes it vigorously

Ladyboy pornstar Long MintSkinny, hot, and hung ladyboy pornstar Long Mint plays solo today and as usual she looks hot. She wears black lingerie in the opening clip from the video gallery and it’s a little piece that hugs her body in all the right places. She’s armed with lube and she’s not going to restrict it to use on her cock. The oil is meant for her whole body and if you’ve ever seen an oiled up babe you know that’s a good thing. A shiny, slippery chick is always great and she looks better than most thanks to the insane tightness of her body. She must work out all the time to stay that slender and fit.

Once she’s naked she goes wild rubbing the oil all over her body. That ideal look of slickness is soon achieved and the camera makes sure you get a great view. She has a sexy tattoo right under her belly button and the piercing there is an attention grabber that will have you staring and possibly drooling in lusty desire. Nothing will do that quite like her big shemale cock though. It’s the most impressive dick in the business and even when it’s flaccid it looks enormous.

It wouldn’t be a Long Mint gallery without her cock in a rock hard state and this one is especially arousing because she’s using so much lube and it all looks fantastic. The lubed up, sexy babe strokes her fat shaft with vigorous pace and the camera captures it from all kinds of angles so you can really get worked up for her. As always, her big Asian shemale cock is utterly breathtaking. Has there ever been a better or more beautiful tranny cock? She looks particularly feminine in the face today and it makes her video extra sexy.

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[flashvideo filename=”http://www.transladyboy.com/videos/stunningcock.flv” image=”http://www.transladyboy.com/videos/stunningcock.jpg” linkfromdisplay=”true” width=”320″ height=”260″ streamscript=”lighttpd” /]I was looking for some fun and an shemale webcam model named StunningCock seemed like a good choice. The tranny was cute with a pretty pair of eyes, tiny natural titties, and a set of luscious lips that she put to use really well in the arousing show we had together. The fun started with a little bit of typing back and forth as she chatted me up and I sent messages of lust and love to her. She blew me tender kisses to get the juices flowing and I can’t tell you how freaking sexy her lips are. They’re so soft and plump and they look so kissable. It’s pretty hard not to imagine her lips wrapped around my meat, either. What guy wouldn’t want a BJ from her?

I don’t like to rush into things with these lovely webcam shemales so there was no reason for StunningCock to show me her dick right away. I was more than happy to have her dance around, blow more kisses, and get really close to the camera with that pretty face so I could get a better look at her. The way she throws her hair around is hot too. Clearly this is a webcam tranny that knows how to arouse. For a little bit she had her panties off but she still wasn’t showing her dick. What a tease!

Finally she stood up, faced the camera, and shows me her ladyboy cock, which was soft but still beautiful. She has a nice dark covering of pubic hair around the dick and she really can dance. The way those hips move is fantastic! All that stuff only makes me think she would be even more amazing in bed and having a screw with her would satisfy every need a man could possibly have. For most of the second half of the webcam session she masturbated her shemale cock. It really is stunning. It’s the perfect length, it’s straight, and it gets hard as a rock when she plays with hit. It was great when she zoomed the camera in tight on the shemale cock so I could get a close up. The view of her asshole, which is mighty fuckable, was blissful too. This is one tasty piece of tgirl ass you should all check out without doubt

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Shemale pornstar Joanna Jet in a private webcam show, playing with her cock, fondling her balls and banging her asshole with a dildo

[flashvideo filename=”http://www.transladyboy.com/videos/joanna-jet.flv” image=”http://www.transladyboy.com/videos/joanna-jet.jpg” linkfromdisplay=”true” width=”480″ height=”282″ streamscript=”lighttpd” /]The lovely miss Joanna Jet sent me one of her shemale webcam show recordings so I could check it out and there’s no question this beauty is a great entertainer. She starts dressed in a skimpy skirt and a black top tied under her tits. She smiles and chats and she doesn’t waste much time because she knows you want to see her naughty bits. She brings out her perfect round shemale tits that sit high on her chest and fondles them. Next she slides her black panties down her legs and starts to play with her cock, stroking it lustily and fondling her balls.

She licks a finger and guides it into her asshole with ease, poking it past the hole so she can feel the stretching of the anus that is so delightful. Within just a couple of minutes she’s done all of this in her t-girl webcam show, proving to me that she is a terrific talent. When she rolled onto her back, pulled her legs up, and shoved two fingers into her asshole so it would stretch I was amazed. When the hot tranny brought out her dildo and shoved it into her ass from behind the video reached a new state of bliss.

After the toy came out it spent most of the rest of the incredible show in her asshole. She did her butt from behind while smiling and she flipped onto her back for more. It was so impressive to see how easily she could take something into her asshole. She is a true toy slut and if you check out her feet in the video you’ll see amazing shiny black high heels and a pair of ruffled white socks that are totally sexy. Her dick is hard as a rock at the close and it’s ready to cum. So, if you want to see this super sexy shemale performing exclusively to You, visit Joanna Jen in her webcam room.

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Meet lovely ladyboy Tai. Her ladyboy cock is small but that doesn’t stop her from showing it off, she just loves to play with it.

Lovely ladyboy Tai jerking offThe ladyboy checked into the hotel room with the camera crew and she’s already gotten comfortable as she prepares to pleasure that cock. She’s on her back and she’s wearing a little black dress with a white belt and a big silver buckle. It’s sexy and so is she. The lovely ladyboy model is showing off for your benefit and that means some very hot cock play. She plays with her dick and it gets hard. That makes her happy and hopefully it will make you happy too.

She is nicely made up for you because she wanted to look classy. She is your classy, sexy dame and she can make all the men out there feel wild with desire just by showing up and showing off. Her ladyboy tits are perky with these really puffy nipples that beg to be sucked and licked. Her ladyboy cock is small but that doesn’t stop her from showing it off. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with a small cock. Sometimes that can be the best kind to play with. You can suck it and lick it and have lots of fun with it.

Her whole scene is about showing off her ladyboy cock and playing with her cock. She fondles it and plays with her heavy balls. It looks like she’s probably moaning as she plays because nothing could feel better than this. She shows off her perky tits and she looks at us with those longing eyes where it’s clear that she wants it badly. If you had a chance would you put your meat inside this ladyboy and fuck her brains out? I’ll bet you would. Check out Ladyboy Wank and jerk with Toi today!

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Beautiful webcam ladyboy Mistress Doll strokes her cute cock with both hands and You can see it growing from limp to hard.

[flashvideo filename=”http://www.her-dick.com/videos/Mistress_DoLL.flv” image=”http://www.her-dick.com/videos/Mistress_DoLL.jpg” linkfromdisplay=”true” streamscript=”lighttpd” /]Mistress Doll is an I’m Live performer of the transsexual variety. She has cute little ladyboy tits that are all natural, a slim waist that looks great and a nice ass that will attract the man in you to get wild with. You’ll want to give her a good spanking and if you ask nicely she’ll bend over and give her own ass a light beating to turn you on.

Mistress Doll is naked when the webcam show begins. There’s a look of lust on her beautiful face and that’s from all the naughty things she’s doing. She can’t keep her hands away from her sweet ladyboy dick and the pleasure she’s giving herself is immense and powerful. I like it when she keeps the camera focused on her cute cock and You can see it growing from limp to its full erected length of probably 6-7 inches. You can dream about having your lips wrapped around that delicious dick and sucking hard.

Maybe you’re the kind of guy that wants to be fucked by this hot dominant shemale. You can bend over so she can pound you in Your ass. That’s all part of the fun that this chick gives you. She lets you have those naughty fantasies and she’s more than happy to get dirty.

Talk to Mistress Doll NOW to spend some time You will definitely enjoy!

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Webcam shemale Helena has a special talent for cumming. She already came in her previous webcam show and blew a load for me too!

[flashvideo filename=”http://www.her-dick.com/videos/Power_OF_10inch.flv” image=”http://www.her-dick.com/videos/Power_OF_10inch.jpg” streamscript=”lighttpd” /]Helena is a shemale webcam model from the Philippines. She works the camera with her naughty body and she absolutely loves to get her freak on for everyone’s pleasure. She’s a slender chick with a big penis (although i don’t think her shemale dick is 10 inch, like her imlive profile name suggests) that is really the star of her shows. She’ll whip out that big dick and really blow your mind. When she strokes her long shemale meat on a webcam it’s pretty hard not to get aroused because you’re thinking all these dirty thoughts.

The lovely Power of 10 Inch has a special talent for cumming. She can produce loads of sperm countless times a day and she really loves doing so on camera. If you’re a special guy and you treat her right she’ll jerk her cock meat until she explodes and make a nice big mess all over for you. Wouldn’t you like to see that sort of thing? If you know what you’re looking for with this gorgeous chick then you will get a great show. She will turn you on and turn your cock hard so you can feel the pleasure of orgasm. Give her a call now! Helena might just be online waiting for some fun with You.

Masturbation tips from our reader: more creative ways to wank off

Some nice jerk off tips from our reader Kenny: outdoor wanking, jerking off in a car, masturbation with a dildo, making a fuck doll and tons more!

The masturbation tips that i published almost 3 years ago have always been a very popular read with over 300 responses to them as of now. I equally, if not more, enjoyed reading all the comments of our visitors, however what our reader Kenny have recently posted deserves to be published as a separate article. Thank you Kenny for such a thoughtful and thorough insight into ways to masturbate 😉

I just found your wonderful wanking site and I’m having a nice standard wank while reading the items. Let me start out by saying that wanking is the greatest fun on earth, probably better than fucking, although the best wanks are with other people just watching or participating in any variety of ways. When I’m with girls I love to lick out their pooholes while I wank onto them, into their faces and mouths if they’ll let me, otherwise just on their stomachs. If I’m visiting a foreign city where no-one knows me, I love to open the hotel curtains and let people in other buildings see me wanking and fingering my poopipe. If I go to a short-time hotel with a girl or ladyboy, when the hotel lady comes back with my change and the towels etc, I love to open the door fully naked and let them see me wanking furiously.

Continue reading “Masturbation tips from our reader: more creative ways to wank off”

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Webcam ladyboy Kim jerks off, fingers her asshole and cums for me FOR REAL during her super sexy cam show. She even swallowed all her cum for me!

Webcam ladyboy eating her cumHer name is Luscious Kim and she’s easily one of the prettiest ladyboy webcam hosts I’ve ever seen. You can find her on LiveJasmin and a show with her is going to be a fantastic experience guaranteed. She’s a totally hot webcam ladyboy and she knows how to put on a show too. If you like a nice pair of natural tits hers are fantastic and after a little bit of teasing she shows them off in this sexy webcam show. They’re so perky and cute and you know they would be fun to suck on.

It was hot seeing those sexy tits but the fun really got started when she whipped out her beautiful ladyboy cock and started stroking it for me. You can tell from the beginning that she’s going to go all the way, not just stroke a soft cock until the man on the other end of the line cums. It would be pretty hard to hold out during a show like this one though. She looks amazing in her black stockings and Kim is playing with her asshole while she strokes her ladyboy meat.

As she gets closer to cumming she realizes that I would like to see her dick up close and personal. That’s why she pulls the camera in tight on her cock and lets me see just how beautiful it is when she strokes it, gets it nice and hard and shoots a load FOR REAL. Her ladyboy cum leaks from her dick and it looks delicious, and she doesn’t let every single drop of her delicious juice go to waste and swallows the whole load. Boy, this was fantastic, and I didn’t even have to ask her to do it!

Wouldn’t you like to have a taste of her sexy ladyboy juice too? Check Luscious Kim out on LiveJasmin.

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Ladyboy Areeya stroking the length of her hot ladyboy cock with great enthusiasm in this recorded webcam show.

[flashvideo filename=”http://www.her-dick.com/videos/Areeya_Thai_TS.flv” image=”http://www.her-dick.com/videos/Areeya_Thai_TS.jpg” streamscript=”lighttpd” /]It has happened!!!

Ladyboy Areeya is a babe that needs no introduction (I wonder if there is any true ladyboy lover that hasn’t seen her yet) and today I’m going to delight you with something more special and unique than the videos of her that you’ve already seen (and jerked off to) a hundred times. Today I give you a recorded live webcam session with the ladyboy goddess.

Breathe deep, you heard that right! Many of us have been dreaming about having a private chat with this most beautiful and sexy ladyboy and now it is finally possible. This weekend our forum member TrannyLick made his fantasy into a reality and had a 20-minute sexy chat with Areeya. Not only that but he was smart enough to record it! I have helped him edit the video and now it’s available here for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

Anyway, I’m going to let TrannyLick speak for himself..

After years of following her career and her chameleon-like appearance (she likes to dress in vastly different outfits and costumes in her photo shoots) meeting Areeya was a true honor and privilege! I was barely able to type as my hands were shaking uncontrollably with excitement. My session on webcam was easily the most incredible experience I’ve ever had on any live cam chat.

She was ready to get down and dirty right out of the gate. Her tight little black top came off almost immediately revealing her perfect boobs. As she started caressing and squeezing her titties, her nipples grew erect and longed to be sucked.

Areeya really likes to talk dirty and she used that talent to get me aroused quickly. Soon it was time to release her shemale cock that she had tucked into a pair of sheer panties. I could tell from the start that those panties were not going to contain her pulsing shaft for long. Erect almost immediately, Areeya began stroking the length of her hot rod with great verve and enthusiasm. Her flawless skin wrinkled ever so slightly with delight as her face contorted with pleasure. Yeah, she was ready to play.

It wasn’t long before she started to straddle the camera to display her sweet cheeks and tight round sack. All the time she had one hand on the stick shift and the other expressing her wants and needs via the keyboard. She knew exactly what to say and do to get me standing at attention. Then the nasty little girl knelt down in front of me with her fully erect cock in her hand and started to stream saliva down onto the tip of her engorged member. She iced her erection with the sugary stuff and slowly began to rub one out. The head of her cock glistened with tension and excitement and I could tell she wanted more.

She could have milked me for all I was worth but alas, the session had to end at some point. Regrettably I had to sign off and she was very sweet and understanding. I wish to see her again on webcam so I can go all the way with her. Areeya is without a doubt one of the nicest and hottest webcam ladyboys ever to grace the face of the Earth. My adventure of absolute joy and satisfaction with her will resonate in my memory (and hard drive) with for a long time. I have no doubt that if you have the opportunity to visit Areeya in her webcam private room you should do it without hesitation.