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Ladyboy Lee with a bulge in pantiesBeautiful Lee licking a dildo

First of all boys and girls let me remind you that it’s our birthday today. Yes, it’s hard to believe, but it’s exactly 2 years ago that TransLadyboy was started and just look what’s become of it now. I’m so happy it’s something more than just another free porn site, but more like a place for alike-minded people to communicate and educate themselves and others about their own sexuality, relationship with ladyboys and many other related things. Thank You very much my dear readers for helping make this what it is now.

In this glorious day let me treat you with a couple pictures of a young, beautiful and very promising Ladyboy Lee from LB Gold (more pics can be seen in a separate thread dedicated to Lee at the forum). I can’t argue that she was the great find for LB Gold, with such sweet girlish face, green eyes, small lovely tits, feet and dick, she surely is a beauty. How can one refrain himself from kneeling down before her, and kissing her hands, her little flat belly, her legs, feet and that adorable asian penis? I’m sure many of you would die to have a girlfriend like this, or even marry her… Enjoy the pics of this young angel and be sure to visit Ladyboy Gold for more

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6 Responses to “Our birthday and pics of Ladyboy Lee”

  1. SilentBob says:

    Happy bithday hope theres lot more to cum! Secondly wow! Lee is hot, does she hve a nice cock?

  2. Alan says:

    Happy Birthday sweetie . I wish you could lick me as you lick that cock ! I love your sexy body ! I would love to lick you all over and see you cum !

  3. adeel says:

    i want one shemale i want sex with her please help me

  4. Trevor says:

    Seeing this really makes me appreciate the difficulty trans must go through. She is obviously made for sex and coping with this must be so hard. We should all lend our help in any way we can to make it easier for them… our hands, tongues, and anything else that will help her get off like she obviously needs.

  5. nick says:

    she is so hot. Id let her do anything she wants to me. I want to see her cock

  6. salam says:

    hello i wanna meet u so how its possible first of all happy birth day to u be happy be in peace take good care of ur self

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