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[07:49] Tim: Ok
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Ladyboy Amy interrogating YouHere’s a photo gallery for the fantasy life brought to you by Ladyboy 69. Imagine you’ve been arrested and are in the interrogation room waiting for someone to come take your statement and hear your side of the story. In walks a beautiful Asian ladyboy named Amy. She’s wearing a tight blue top tied under her ample breasts, a short flirty skirt, black panties and thigh high leather boots. She looks like the embodiment of every police related sexual fantasy ever. She sits in a chair across from you and gives you a naughty smile, signaling that this interrogation is going to be unlike any other.

First she tosses her hat away, preferring to let you gaze at her long flowing hair. Then she shows off her boots by crossing and uncrossing her legs. They’re long and luscious and you’re hard pressed to look away. The skirt is relatively flimsy and she lifts it with ease, showing off her sexy black panties. Then she turns up the heat by taking off her top and displaying her tits in their tight bra. Even in her underwear and boots she looks authoritative. This is a girl that could play the role of in charge domina anytime. Finally she’s down to just her boots and her ladyboy cock looks stunning.

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9 Responses to “Ladyboy Amy, the police officer”

  1. amy lover says:

    Hi there
    Thanks for the Amy-feist – a fantastic christmas present!! However the link for this post does not work – please help!!

  2. amy lover says:

    Thanks for the prompt response and for sharing this fantastic ladyboy website! Happy New Year to all at!

  3. hornyboy says:

    i love your cock is just wat ay want

  4. stefan says:

    Wow! This is the police I like to be catch. I imagine how she put my arms behind me and I can hear the “click” of the hand cuffs. She push me on my knees so her lap is in front of my face. She will free her cock and I have to service her till she is excited enough and rock hard. Now she unbuckle my jeans and pull all down. She spew on my asshole to prepare me for getting entered. Strong she press into me and slide in balls deep. She is taking me hard and speeds up. Before she is coming ahe pulls out of my behind, turn me around on my hairs and shove her hard pecker down my throat. “This is the place I’ll shoot my load!” she yelled. Breathless I drink all her load. This should be happen to all criminal. Amy, you are gorgeous! Stefan

  5. Cookie says:

    I wish she were a police officer in my town. I would be in trouble all the time.

  6. Al says:

    Amy, you may lock me up and take me anytime. You are beautiful and soooooooo sexy. WoW!

  7. jojo says:

    So cute and hot! Jerked off many a time to her!!

  8. Thirsty Guy says:

    If I could date a beauty like her, I’d drop to my knees every chance I had, take her sweet, hard cock into my mouth & suck her till she orgasmed in my mouth & filled it with semen! Then I’d gratefully swallow it all!

  9. jojo says:

    She is the hottest shemale! First shemale I jerked off to!! Still do when I see her photos. Beautiful face and cute cock. Even before the breast implants I was stroking to her. Now she is even hotter than ever!!!Love her..wish I could do her for real!!mmmmmmmmmm

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