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Beautiful Asian ladyboy AmyLadyboy Amy has always been one of the favorite tgirls among our readers. Which is absolutely to no surprise, she’s so very beautiful and has one of the most feminine look among all Asian ladyboys. Just look at this kathoey, she is one of the most beautiful women you’ve ever laid your eyes upon. Her long dark hair, her deep Asian eyes, her cute smile, she’s all perfect!

She looks so innocent in her small white dress and those girlie panties, her body is unbelievable. When she gets all naked for you and smiles like that, it gives you this special feeling. You want to adore this divine tgirl, to smell her dark skin, to touch her hair, to kiss her eyes, lips, neck, nipples, belly and finally her small cute penis

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15 Responses to “Ladyboy Amy”

  1. Duane from glendora Ca says:

    I love the way Amy looking. , The words Beautiful! & perfect! Come up too short for me wen it cums to this LADY-boy.. I wood love to have her or a girl like her at MY side, as my lady. If she or her look a like can email me at

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  3. says:

    she look hotter then any of my girlfriends

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    Amy, you and the most beautiful thing than I already saw in my life
    and my consumption dream would adore to suck your beautiful one
    chick and to drink all your delicious milk.

  5. doug h says:

    you are the hottest not many females are hotter i love your pictures

  6. Knuffel says:

    Amy is the most beautiful and sexiest girl of the world. When i look too her pictures and video’s i always play with mysels ill i’m jerking. And she looks at me with such a adorable smile, unbelieveble. Kisses tot Amy.

  7. Steve.I.H. says:

    Amy is indeed a gorgeous ladyboy! She does look prettier and sexier than many women do. I’d love to meet her. I too enjoyed her x-rated clips and envy the men with whom she sucked and fucked until her cum exploded from her dick.

  8. Patrick Srader says:

    Amy is the best ladyboy i seen i would love to marry her now to live out the rest of my life with her forever.

  9. Daddy Bigcock says:

    Those pisc are old.. Now she has really nice tits too.. She is favorite ladyboy.. I would love to play with her….

  10. Sean Moorcock says:

    I’d love to take this beautiful girl in my arms & kiss her deeply! Then,
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  11. jojo says:

    She is one of the if not the most beautiful shemale I have ever seen. Even before the breast implants! Jerked off to her photos many times…mmmmmm

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    I would love to suck the cock of a girl this beautiful with my face under her skirt & make her erupt in my mouth! Then I would savor the flavor of her delicious semen before I swallowed it all!

  13. mike says:

    I love the way Amy look

  14. alyssa says:

    I would love to suck the cock

  15. vic says:

    She is cure n very sexy but like Sean said the pictures are old. Where do we find new pictures?

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