Ladyboy Amy toying her asshole with a beaded anal toy

Ladyboy Amy working her asshole with a beaded anal toy with vigor and desire

Amy plays with a beaded anal toyHow are you doing tonight my dear readers? Are you feeling exhausted after the holiday to the point You can’t even get yourself to jerk off? Do not worry, I have something up my sleeve that will help you get refreshed and bring You to Your usual horny mood again. And mind You, that “something” is another ladyboy Amy’s gallery, this time from Ladyboy Gold.

Ladyboy Amy is naked and lying on the couch. The blinds are shut behind her and the room is intimately lit for what’s bound to be a high quality scene. Amy’s tits are impressive, perfect round and they sit awesomely high on her chest, just like a good ladyboy boob job should. At first she’s working her dick with her hand, trying to get it to a full erection before proceeding with the second part of the masturbation plan. She’s looking into the camera with such lust filled eyes it’s hard to resist her charms.

After her dick gets hard she grabs her beaded anal toy and begins working it into her ladyboy asshole. Those toys are all about stimulating the anal ring, and it’s actually quite amazing the pleasures they can bring as they slide in and out of your rectum. I’ll bet Amy’s feeling that pleasure as she performs for you. The camera pans up and down her body, catching hot penetration and hot looks at her tits and her pretty face. She really goes to town on herself, working her asshole with vigor and desire

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